runespoor: in the background, dick doing a stand-up while in the foreground Babs faces the reader, frowning, eyes narrowed. (babs/dick otpotpotp)
Title: Tale of the City
Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Rating: R
Summary: You know what they say about Batman and Nightwing.
Notes: porn battle, Bruce/Dick, rumors, view.

If I know Batman? Course I know Batman. In my bizness it’s, watchacallit, inevitable. )
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Title: Committing Fornication
Ship: Dick/Tim/Steph
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I wrote tentacle fic. Shame is a thing of the past. (porn battle, prompts: tentacles, identity, Robin, smooth)
Notes: this is very much for [personal profile] minoanmiss, because the fic she wrote in DC fandom made (makes) me happy.

Post-OYL setting of a War Games AU where Steph really did die. (alternatively: a never-written fixit fic from when Steph hadn’t been retconned yet to be alive.) The title comes from The Jew of Malta: "Thou hast committed/ Fornication: but that was in another country,/ And besides, the wench is dead.". The more things change.

“Does—does this happen very often?” )
Title: When I grow up
Characters: Damian, Dick (gen like canon: I think it subtexts everyone/Dick.)
Rating: PG
Summary: What do you mean you've never gone trick or treating?
Notes: So sweet I need to go brush my teeth.

It's easy to recognise when Damian has been patrolling with Steph; he always comes home grumpier. )
Title: Eggshells
Characters: various Batfamily
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Five times a Robin was never born.
Notes: For [ profile] au_bingo, theme 'Alternate History: Someone was never born'. Crit welcome.

You obviously need some help. )
Title: (Never Did) Run Smooth
Characters: Dick, Jason
Rating: G
Summary: It's not just about the insecurities.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Dick to Jason. Very much not Dick/Jason, other pairings implied.

“Oh, I know he loves me,” Jason says softly. He's holding his gun loosely enough that Dick could make it jump out of his hand with one batarang. He's looking at the ground, too; not at Dick anymore.

Well then, Dick doesn't say. He can't keep it out of his body language, and it's enough of an obvious question that it wouldn't change anything if he did. In this case the silence speaks for him.

“How are you and Barbara these days?” Jason asks at the ground.

All Dick can do is watch Jason stare at the floor, looking lost in a body too big for him, and wish that he could tell the kid that sometimes love is enough.
Title: Venn Diagram
Fandom: DC
Pairings: non-graphic Batfamily identity-porn issues aided by Deathstroke.
Rating: R
Summary: Slade has been a witness of the push and pull between Batman and his partners since the beginning.
Notes: I've been trying to write this fic, or something like it, for a year and a half. I've come to realize that I'll only manage to write another version if I post this one first.

Takes place during the nebulous before-Bruce's-death that includes such fun as Nightwing One Year Later, Cass being an evil drugged-up murderer, and Rose in the Titans. Title from the Nightwing #80-#82 arc.

With the first, it could have been a coincidence. )
Title: Five Times: Boy or Girl Wonder
Characters/Pairing: Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, Damian, Bruce, Babs, Cass, the cast of Young Justice
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Dick is suddenly a girl, Jay has always been, Robin is trans, Steve woke up to find his dick missing, and Regan wants to be like her mother. Five AUs.
Notes: For [ profile] au_bingo, theme 'Other: Genderbent'. I promise one day I'll be able to write a fic which contains both male and female characters that isn't entirely about the female characters, god I promise even if I have to spend the next sixty years of my life fighting my gender issues for every word. Also: I never imagined writing genderbend could be so fun. I hope you like reading this as much as I loved writing it. Crit of all kinds welcome.

I'm a girl! In Robin's costume! )
Title: The lover we never had
Fandom: DC
Pairing: Cass/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Batman has no inclination for his protégés' touch.
Notes: written for the [ profile] dc_kink. Request: “Dick/Cass - Post-RIP angst-ridden sex. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to some "fucking Bruce through you" overtones from either or both of them.” Identity porn.

They don't talk about it. )
Title: Home in another country
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: Luthor's Tower renders all kinds of realities possible.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Dick meets Pre-Crisis Jay. Set during Infinite Crisis.

I knew you'd recognize me! )
I like Robins. I like fic about Robins. I like fic where Robins get together and chat and have awesome adventures of awesomeness. However, some meetings between Robins are harder to find fic for.

This is my crazy attempt to provide one fic for each meet-up.

All Robins, ex-Robins, dead Robins, fired Robins, I-only-was-Robin-because-a-supervillain-cast-a-spell are fair game - so long as they were Robin in comic canon. The table doesn't take into account Dark Knight Returns or the DCAU.

Terrific Table under the cut )
Title: The Elephant In The Room
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jason and Dick dance around Jason's issues.
Notes: Crit would be appreciated. Especially on Dick.

So this is where little Dickie grew up, huh. )



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