Medium: fanmix
Title: Batgirls Inc.
Characters: Babs, Cass, Steph
Notes: I tried to keep this as non-affected by the reboot as possible. This is why it ends the way it does, and also why there are pics I haven't used. I didn't want this to be bittersweet, I didn't want this to be a summary of their stories; I wanted this to be a presentation of their selves. There's no end at all.

fanmix & picspam )
Title: Rewiring
Characters: Cass, Barbara, Bruce, minor cameos of others (Babs/Dick, implied Bruce/Jason)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: David Cain decided raising a cyborg was a better idea than having a daughter. (The inevitable “Man vs Robot War” AU.)
Notes: For [ profile] au_bingo, theme 'Future: Cyberpunk'. This is a Christmas tale. I started writing it after Christmas, but it's still a Christmas tale, somewhere between Pinocchio and the Nut-Cracker, I think.

I know a guy who knows a girl )
Title: You want more and you want it fast
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: References to underage prostitution and child abuse.
Summary: In which Jason dons a classic Batgirl costume for sexy reasons.
Notes: Current-ish. Terrific Table of Robins, Jason to Tim; [ profile] dc_kink, “Tim/Jason, Jason begging for it”; [ profile] hc_bingo, theme 'hookers'. Title from Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel'.

Entering Tim's apartment the normal way takes less time than breaking into it, and that's the best Jason can say about this approach. )
Title: The lover we never had
Fandom: DC
Pairing: Cass/Dick
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Batman has no inclination for his protégés' touch.
Notes: written for the [ profile] dc_kink. Request: “Dick/Cass - Post-RIP angst-ridden sex. I definitely wouldn't be opposed to some "fucking Bruce through you" overtones from either or both of them.” Identity porn.

They don't talk about it. )
Title: Shared Ownership
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The difference between Batgirl and Robin.
Edited 18/03/2011, because of that one sentence I've been wishing I'd cut that's been bothering for two years now.

Robins are for Batman. )



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