Title: pieces of the life I had before
Characters: Tim, Steph (Tim/Steph)
Rating: PG
Summary: War demands sacrifices, and oracles that don't sleep.
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] au_bingo, theme 'Future: Post-Apocalyptic'. Title from Muse's 'Unintended'. Crit welcome.

If Oracle could, he'd suppress all the bad news that don't directly interfere with Gotham's situation, and he'd only release those bad news that do if there was some way for the public to contribute. )
Title: You want more and you want it fast
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: References to underage prostitution and child abuse.
Summary: In which Jason dons a classic Batgirl costume for sexy reasons.
Notes: Current-ish. Terrific Table of Robins, Jason to Tim; [livejournal.com profile] dc_kink, “Tim/Jason, Jason begging for it”; [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo, theme 'hookers'. Title from Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel'.

Entering Tim's apartment the normal way takes less time than breaking into it, and that's the best Jason can say about this approach. )
Title: (Never Did) Run Smooth
Characters: Dick, Jason
Rating: G
Summary: It's not just about the insecurities.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Dick to Jason. Very much not Dick/Jason, other pairings implied.

“Oh, I know he loves me,” Jason says softly. He's holding his gun loosely enough that Dick could make it jump out of his hand with one batarang. He's looking at the ground, too; not at Dick anymore.

Well then, Dick doesn't say. He can't keep it out of his body language, and it's enough of an obvious question that it wouldn't change anything if he did. In this case the silence speaks for him.

“How are you and Barbara these days?” Jason asks at the ground.

All Dick can do is watch Jason stare at the floor, looking lost in a body too big for him, and wish that he could tell the kid that sometimes love is enough.
Title: Delusions
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: Bruce and Tim never saw the same thing in the Case.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Tim to Jason. Title from the Black & White story in Gotham Knights #34, the Delusions of Alfred Pennyworth.

For a long while, when Batman was training him as Robin, Tim considered Jason his best friend. )
Title: Why Stir the Memory
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim never tried to clone Steph.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Tim to Steph. Post-War Games, pre-Infinite Crisis, AUish. Title from Paul Verlaine's An Exchange of Feelings.

Blüdhaven isn't Robin's place. )
Title: Home in another country
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: Luthor's Tower renders all kinds of realities possible.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Dick meets Pre-Crisis Jay. Set during Infinite Crisis.

I knew you'd recognize me! )
Title: The great Batcave in the sky
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: The afterlife looks like the Batcave.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Steph meets Pre-Crisis Jay. Set during War Games. Crit on the characterization more than welcome. (You have no idea how hard I've had to fend off the temptation to title this 'Retcon'. I'm keeping it for something that's either snarkier or more meta.)

Until her, there was only one dead Robin. )
Title: Identity Document
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: A dark alleyway, a gang of thugs, a victim who won't be victimized, Batman.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Jason meets Steph. Set during Battle for the Cowl.

hey fucker with the big knife, why aintcha running? )
I like Robins. I like fic about Robins. I like fic where Robins get together and chat and have awesome adventures of awesomeness. However, some meetings between Robins are harder to find fic for.

This is my crazy attempt to provide one fic for each meet-up.

All Robins, ex-Robins, dead Robins, fired Robins, I-only-was-Robin-because-a-supervillain-cast-a-spell are fair game - so long as they were Robin in comic canon. The table doesn't take into account Dark Knight Returns or the DCAU.

Terrific Table under the cut )



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