runespoor: in the background, dick doing a stand-up while in the foreground Babs faces the reader, frowning, eyes narrowed. (babs/dick otpotpotp)
Title: Neither Fate Nor Fortune [on the AO3]
Characters: Barbara (Jason, Bruce, Jim; Bruce/Jason)
Rating: PG-13
Series: Bring on the Night
Warnings: character death, ableism, violence, depression, offscreen underage, and all the content warning that comes with only mildly sanitized vampirism.
Summary: Barbara becomes Oracle, and Gotham's dead Robin is a vampire.

Canon timeline: I'm going with the idea that The Killing Joke takes place some months before Death in the Family. I'm playing loose with the chronology of some of the post-Death in the Family pre-No Man's Land storylines because of reasons.
Inspiration: I made canon soup from sources as diverse as Gotham Knights #43-44-45, Batman: Turning Points #3, Batman Chronicles #5 (Oracle Year One: Born of Hope), the DCAU, the Elseworlds Thrillkiller and Supergirl & Batgirl (spoilers for the latter two), Batman #424, and Gotham Central. I may be forgetting some.

Thank you to Discowing for betaing and cheerleading, to [personal profile] salinea for bearing my regular whining, and to [personal profile] moetushie whose remix of the first fic made me want to go on.

written for the [ profile] dcu_bang 2012, this fic is accompanied by a fanmix made by [ profile] ecto_gammat whose link is pending due to the hurricane.

In Greek mythology, the bearer of bad news has no name. )
runespoor: 8-year old bruce looking creepily calm, with the quote "what makes you think I was alone". (the lesson is always canon)
Title: zero is an even number
Characters: Bruce, Tim
Rating: PG
Summary: Tonight, Bruce is Robin.
Notes: zeen gave me the prompt of this softer dcu strip, itself inspired from the softer world strip, the ravages of puberty leave nobody unscathed. Takes place during the Sins of Youth event that switched the ages of the teens and the adults in the DCU, and which happened before Steph was Robin.

The Batman costume is his. )
runespoor: an extreme close-up of jason's maskless, emotionally open face. (oh jay | took me away from you)
Title: Breaking Pedestals
Pairing: Tim/Jason
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Tim can't reconcile the boy from the Case and the one who broke into Titans' Tower.
Notes: porn battle, prompt Tim/Jason, The Case.

The first time Tim meets Jason, in Titans Tower shortly after Jason's returned, it's like a dream hopped up on Scarecrow fumes. )
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Title: Committing Fornication
Ship: Dick/Tim/Steph
Rating: NC-17
Summary: I wrote tentacle fic. Shame is a thing of the past. (porn battle, prompts: tentacles, identity, Robin, smooth)
Notes: this is very much for [personal profile] minoanmiss, because the fic she wrote in DC fandom made (makes) me happy.

Post-OYL setting of a War Games AU where Steph really did die. (alternatively: a never-written fixit fic from when Steph hadn’t been retconned yet to be alive.) The title comes from The Jew of Malta: "Thou hast committed/ Fornication: but that was in another country,/ And besides, the wench is dead.". The more things change.

“Does—does this happen very often?” )
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Title: Violet Converse
Characters: Steph, Tim
Rating: G
Summary: the DCnU is lacking in eggplant.
Notes: for the Never Have I Ever Written meme.

“I’m Steph. You’re Tim, right?” )
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Title: In Dreams, Every Kiss
Ship: Cass/Steph/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Really, that’s it. Wait, I guess there’s a smidgen of identity porn? But yeah, no, idek, 1.5k of Steph/Cass/Tim porn.

Atop a rooftop, because I like my fandom classics. )
Title: Morale, chum
Character: Tim, Bruce
Rating: G
Summary: You let Barbara choose our costumes.
Notes: for the Halloween comment thing prompt “Batman and Robin dressed at each other”. I produced this.

This was less awkward when we’d switched ages. )
Title: It’s not a game
Character: Tim
Rating: G
Summary: Halloween was always his favorite holiday. When else could he dress up as Robin and not be laughed at?
Notes: for a comment fic prompt over on dreamwidth.

Two years ago, his father had looked up from his newspaper and asked in a surprised tone if Tim wasn’t a bit too old for that. )
Title: Mistakes for souvenirs
Pairing: Stephanie Brown/Alvin Draper (Steph/Tim)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: You haven't changed a bit.
Notes: for [ profile] glymr's request in the identity porn meme; takes place in handwave time, around early Red Robin, pre-Batgirl. Title from No Doubt's Ex-Girlfriend.

Alvin! I can't believe it! )
Title: pieces of the life I had before
Characters: Tim, Steph (Tim/Steph)
Rating: PG
Summary: War demands sacrifices, and oracles that don't sleep.
Notes: For [ profile] au_bingo, theme 'Future: Post-Apocalyptic'. Title from Muse's 'Unintended'. Crit welcome.

If Oracle could, he'd suppress all the bad news that don't directly interfere with Gotham's situation, and he'd only release those bad news that do if there was some way for the public to contribute. )
Title: You want more and you want it fast
Pairing: Jason/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: References to underage prostitution and child abuse.
Summary: In which Jason dons a classic Batgirl costume for sexy reasons.
Notes: Current-ish. Terrific Table of Robins, Jason to Tim; [ profile] dc_kink, “Tim/Jason, Jason begging for it”; [ profile] hc_bingo, theme 'hookers'. Title from Bowie's 'Rebel Rebel'.

Entering Tim's apartment the normal way takes less time than breaking into it, and that's the best Jason can say about this approach. )
Title: Delusions
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: Bruce and Tim never saw the same thing in the Case.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Tim to Jason. Title from the Black & White story in Gotham Knights #34, the Delusions of Alfred Pennyworth.

For a long while, when Batman was training him as Robin, Tim considered Jason his best friend. )
Title: Five Times: Boy or Girl Wonder
Characters/Pairing: Dick, Jason, Tim, Steph, Damian, Bruce, Babs, Cass, the cast of Young Justice
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In which Dick is suddenly a girl, Jay has always been, Robin is trans, Steve woke up to find his dick missing, and Regan wants to be like her mother. Five AUs.
Notes: For [ profile] au_bingo, theme 'Other: Genderbent'. I promise one day I'll be able to write a fic which contains both male and female characters that isn't entirely about the female characters, god I promise even if I have to spend the next sixty years of my life fighting my gender issues for every word. Also: I never imagined writing genderbend could be so fun. I hope you like reading this as much as I loved writing it. Crit of all kinds welcome.

I'm a girl! In Robin's costume! )

[DC] Scans

Jun. 20th, 2009 02:12 pm
Posting the links to the scans I posted over at scans_daily in the past two weeks.

One Perfect Moment
Last week was the One Perfect Moment week. Basically, post a moment that you defines and celebrates a character or a relationship, the longest recommended length of the 'moment' being two pages. There were 166 posts in all, many of which being absolutely wonderful, so if you've got a free afternoon I encourage you to give it a look. When I have more time I think I'll do a full post of every perfect moment by character.

My moments tended to be a little controversial, I think.

[Batgirl #50] Cass: This.

[JLA #65] Bruce: What makes a good father.

[Batman #650] Jason: And doing it because--

[Superman/Batman #7] The Bats: Two words on trust.

[No Man's Land #3] Cass: Establishing Character Moment.

Non DC
I was going to post more Franco-Belgian comics, but then I tore my hair out trying to find Perfect Moments and then I wept tears of blood and disillusionment when I found out many comics haven't been translated into English.

Asterix and Obelix: Those Gauls are crazy BFF!

Comment scans
I've also posted some pages in comments, when I deemed they were appropriate.

[BoP #90] Bruce is more than the Well Done Son Guy. (the narrative is done by Black Canary.)

[Gotham Knights #45] Cass is one of Bruce's kids.
This scan will make a lot of lovely sense if you read this post by [ profile] lipsofpoison, running from Gotham Knights #42 to Gotham Knights #45 and covering the arc where Jason's death is being investigated by a social worker new to Gotham.

[Nightwing: Year One] Jason got tied up by Bruce. Yeah, those scans.
Title: Why Stir the Memory
Fandom: DC
Rating: PG
Summary: Tim never tried to clone Steph.
Notes: Terrific Table of Robins, Tim to Steph. Post-War Games, pre-Infinite Crisis, AUish. Title from Paul Verlaine's An Exchange of Feelings.

Blüdhaven isn't Robin's place. )
I like Robins. I like fic about Robins. I like fic where Robins get together and chat and have awesome adventures of awesomeness. However, some meetings between Robins are harder to find fic for.

This is my crazy attempt to provide one fic for each meet-up.

All Robins, ex-Robins, dead Robins, fired Robins, I-only-was-Robin-because-a-supervillain-cast-a-spell are fair game - so long as they were Robin in comic canon. The table doesn't take into account Dark Knight Returns or the DCAU.

Terrific Table under the cut )



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