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I read Elizabeth Bear's New Amsterdam yesterday, and I am currently aflail in currents of ALL THE FEELINGS.

There are several things there people might like (not necessarily that which I latched onto like, y'know, a monofannish fan):
- steampunk.
- a millenia-old vampire detective and a Crown Investigator middle-aged sorceress, the latter being the main protagonist for most of the short stories.
- older female bluestocking characters having sexualities! And relationships!
- mysteries.
- gorgeous love letters to cities.
- Batman/Robin. In which Batman would be said millenia-old detective vampire who hurts when his people leave him, and Robin is his ward, who's a clever, capable, flirtatious and jealous mix of Dick and Jason, and aklsdjldsk. And I mean that not in the "sticky and hot" subtext sense or the "took me away from you" one. I mean that in the sense that it's kissing-on-the-page text. FEELINGS.
- complicated relationships, because yes, a vampire needs to eat and they can't take too much blood from a single human otherwise they'd kill them, so that means sharing, and neither the Robin nor the sorceress are naturally polyamorous. (vampire detective just wants them to ~get along~) And just because there is something between two characters doesn't deny there can be nothing else elsewhere.
- politics (in an alternate history kind of way).
- choices and loyalties.
- the most fabulous depiction of Paris I've found under the pen of a writer who isn't French. (usually I cringe, but Elizabeth Bear can write Paris whenever she wants.)
- a cameo by Nikola Tesla.
- lush and beautiful language.
- I can't deal with all these feelings.

The first story starts with the vampire detective on a zeppelin to America (in this world, still British Colonies) and a description of each of the passengers. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS, RIGHT?

It's 246 pages! YOU CAN READ IT AND WE CAN MAKE A FANDOM OUT OF IT. (There are two sequels, but I haven't read them yet, and am fully prepared to launch AU fic-things for reasons.)
I have this thing about the timeline. I snark about it making no sense and stretching for untold amount of years as much as anyone else, but the truth is, I love that. I love that Dick was a teen in the seventies, that Jason lived on the streets during the middle 80s, that early Tim and Oracle didn't have a facebook. Helena has been a teacher since the late 80s. Jason and Steph were dead/"dead" for several years, inhabitants of Gotham didn't see the release of the Sixth Sense because they were in No Man's Land at the time. The chibi Titans wouldn't have pretended to have laser sabers, Jason didn't watch Scream nor theLion king before he died, none of them played Pokemon as children, and Dinah most definitely didn't have a poster of Kurt Cobain as a teen.

But it brings to mind several issues. I'm not an American, and I have no idea what classes existed during these time periods. Occasionally, it bothers me, because I like little details in fic. I can make semi-educated guesses about music and movies, less so about how the school system worked. I'm stuck on the school thing here, but are there other obvious things I've missed, things I can't find out on Wikipedia?

So. What books would each of them have studied? What kind of classes existed? Were there school shrinks? How were teachers regarded during these time periods, and what tools were common/uncommon?
I'll pick up the memes where I've left them off when I've got more time, but I do intend on picking them back up, because there's rambling I want to do, dammit. In the meantime I've written gushy reaction-type thingies for the new comics I've read recently, because I was in that kind of mood.


Red Robin #15 )

Batgirl #13 )

Red Hood: the Lost Days #2 & #3 )
Am bemusedly watching the BBC's Merlin. I haven't watched past 1x10 yet.

In helpful possibly spoilery bullet-point list, mostly Morgana-related. )
Okay, no-one on this flist is going to care, but this is the game I've waited to be released in Europe for a year and a half, and it's finally been released last week, and it is awesome.

Oh, spoilers for both Tales of Symphonia and the beginning of Dawn of the New World.

Short presentation of the game and its main characters )


Intro )

I'll find pretty pictures to post to give you ideas about what the characters look like later.
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*Disclaimer: I haven't read regularly Naruto since some point in the Pain fight, one chapter or two after Hinata's confession - because Akatsuki = not my drama*

Disjointed, ill-organized thoughts of the OH MY OT3 bend )


Oct. 29th, 2008 11:17 am
I'm taking the opportunity that I have five free minutes to put my Theories into words, so that when they don't get utterly Jossed I'll be able to dance and obnoxiously sing "I TOLD YOU SO / SO CALLED IT."




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