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I don't kill

but I don't lose, either

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Birthdate:Jan 20
Insert (life) here.

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"brotherly hug" my arse, animorphs, avatar: the last airbender, axel/roxas, babs/dick, badass normals, batfamily angst, batman needs a robin, batman/gotham, batman/robin, batshit crazy aus, beauty/beast, bitch!sasuke, bruce/jason, cass/steph, characters that are dooooooomed, cities' souls, damian crushing on steph, dinah/ollie, discworld, dragaera, even robins, failure heroes, fire emblem, good omens, gotham eating her children, grace/anissa, gunnerkrigg court, happy polyamory, harry potter, homestuck, ike/soren, ino/sakura, kingdom hearts, legolas/gimli, lemme tell you about..., magical girls, mai/zuko, mario/aliera, meta masquerading as fic, micaiah/sothe, molly/jordan, molly/jordan/aikka, narusakusasu, narusasu, naruto, nejihina, nightmare pairings, ninja wizards ftw, oban star-racers, oh *god* bruce, oh my ot3, outsider pov, remus/sirius, renji/rukia, ron/hermione, sayakaaaaaaa, scary bat god, sheena/zelos, shippy parading as gen, shut up loiosh, snape/harry, sora/riku/kairi, stories about stories, tales of symphonia, taltos, team seven ot3 forever, team seven's pretty heartbreak!faces, ted/andromeda, temashika, ticky box!, tsunderes, vaguely suicidal atoners, vriska serket: girl disaster
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