Scans from Secret Files & Origins: Joker's Last Laugh.

there is surveillance and Dick coaxing Babs and Babs being a scary mofo and it's cute )

And in another story, a DEO agent was interviewing people who the Joker had victimized - random people, but it also included Babs (pic for another time, maybe), and finally runs into Batman, of course, because you can't talk about the Joker and victims without the shade of Jason.

this happens )
I want to hang enlarged scans on my walls as posters.

looking for Batfamily scans to use as posters )

So. What are your favourite scans? Is there any you'd like to rec me?
In [ profile] icon_uk's words:

A celebration of those moments which just define a character.

Here's your chance to post the scene which, to you, summarises what makes a particular character work!

Here are my suggested guidelines.
It could be a single panel, it could be a scene, but the emphasis should be on "moment", so let's say.... two pages absolute maximum, and they have to be from the same issue of a title.
No fanfic, it has to be canon from a published title. (Sadly that precludes the Black Cat's output :( )
It can be a hero, villain, supporting character or whatever. They've all had magnificent moments.
And it doesn't have to be from superhero comics of course, the perfect Little Nemo moment, the scene with the Cryptkeeper which gave you PROPER nightmares, the Bash Street Kids summarised in a single panel, or whatever.
And of course, we can have multiple moments for the same character.”

By Character )

AU: Elseworlds, what-ifs, and other parallels earths. )

Groups )

Non superhero comics, by title )

BONUS: One Non Canon Perfect Moment )

[DC] Scans

Jun. 20th, 2009 02:12 pm
Posting the links to the scans I posted over at scans_daily in the past two weeks.

One Perfect Moment
Last week was the One Perfect Moment week. Basically, post a moment that you defines and celebrates a character or a relationship, the longest recommended length of the 'moment' being two pages. There were 166 posts in all, many of which being absolutely wonderful, so if you've got a free afternoon I encourage you to give it a look. When I have more time I think I'll do a full post of every perfect moment by character.

My moments tended to be a little controversial, I think.

[Batgirl #50] Cass: This.

[JLA #65] Bruce: What makes a good father.

[Batman #650] Jason: And doing it because--

[Superman/Batman #7] The Bats: Two words on trust.

[No Man's Land #3] Cass: Establishing Character Moment.

Non DC
I was going to post more Franco-Belgian comics, but then I tore my hair out trying to find Perfect Moments and then I wept tears of blood and disillusionment when I found out many comics haven't been translated into English.

Asterix and Obelix: Those Gauls are crazy BFF!

Comment scans
I've also posted some pages in comments, when I deemed they were appropriate.

[BoP #90] Bruce is more than the Well Done Son Guy. (the narrative is done by Black Canary.)

[Gotham Knights #45] Cass is one of Bruce's kids.
This scan will make a lot of lovely sense if you read this post by [ profile] lipsofpoison, running from Gotham Knights #42 to Gotham Knights #45 and covering the arc where Jason's death is being investigated by a social worker new to Gotham.

[Nightwing: Year One] Jason got tied up by Bruce. Yeah, those scans.
There were two people requesting Nightwing's rape on scans_daily. I really didn't want to post it because just thinking of the backdraft makes me nauseous, but I figured it was either me posting the scans I wanted and making no disparaging comment or letting the issue wide open for someone else to go.

So yeah, if you want to see.

I didn't post anything from Nightwing #95, since the rape issue is mostly subtextual there, but there are 7 scans each from Nightwing #93-#94. From an aesthetic perspective, I love the art and each page is beautifully constructed.



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