Title: Better than the Fall – part 5
Fandom: Original (superheroes)
Rating: PG
Summary: The journey to badass normal.
Notes: teen team series. Issues #19 and (obviously) the other part of #24 are particularly of interest.

Issue #24 )
Title: Better than the Fall [Part 4]
Fandom: Original (superheroes)
Warning: violence and the consequences thereof
Rating: PG
Summary: Nothing like strife in the middle of an oh-shi-fight to say “teen team”.
Notes: teen team series. The tropes of B-rank teen team series are hard on the characters. I also need a title for the series, I’m thinking, even if the team remains unnamed.

Issue #24 )
Title: Better than the Fall [Part 3]
Fandom: Original (superheroes)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Promise: code-names are important.
Notes: the teen team series. Also, I've changed Promise's first name. Because.

Issue #21 – starts in Issue #18, actually, but finishes in #21 )
Title: Better Than the Fall [Part 2]
Fandom: Original (superheroes)
Rating: PG
Summary: the continuing adventures of my teen team.

Notes: I already know some of these themes I’ll reuse because I know what happens else with them. Sorry about that. And also if you want to make comments/theories/whatever I am ALL EARS.

Issue #4 – “code-names are important” )

Issue #14 – “villain is so subjective” )
Title: Better Than the Fall
Fandom: Original (superheroes)
Rating: PG
Notes: for the prompt “original, superheroes, this feeling of flying”. Pretty short, but long enough that I wanted to post it.
Summary: Before, she used to be able to fly.

I don’t know what happened, I wrote it. The way I see it, it takes place in the series of a teen team.
Issue #13 )

Issue #19 )
Title: Translation Difficulties
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Characters: Artemis, M’gann
Rating: PG
Summary: Artemis isn’t having the same conversation M’gann is.
Notes: for the prompt “Artemis & M'gann, never leave you”

Artemis shrugs. Her shoulders look thin and pointy; it makes M'gann hurt to look at them. )
Title: Staring Straight
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Characters: Mystique
Rating: PG
Summary: You could call it growing up.
Notes: for the prompt X-Men First Class, Mystique, always only myself. Title from Disney’s Mulan’s “Reflection”.

First she followed Charles' advice. )
Title: Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Characters: Wally, Artemis, M’gann, Kaldur, Conner
Rating: PG
Summary: for the prompt “Robin and the team, they know Gotham is killing him slowly”
Notes: mwahahaha all the Gotham-eats-her-children prompts all of them.

“He didn't get any sleep last night,“ M'gann says in hushed tones, pulling on her fingers one after the other. )
runespoor: close-ups of naruto and sakura's face as sakura looks up and breathes sasuke-kun's name; the word bubble is empty. (sasuke-kun || narusaku is all about)
Title: And then we’ll make the rules
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura parading as gen
Rating: PG-13
Warning: mention of child abuse and ephebophilia
Summary: Sakura’s parents run a foster home. Guess which orphans they take in. AU.
Notes: two parts. Title from the Nields’ “This Town is Wrong”; I’ve been sitting on this song for five years, knowing it to be Ino/Sakura, and when I ransack it for a title, it’s T7 OT3. Go figure.

It started like this: )

And then, I was asked questions. )
Title: For I have sinned
Pairing: Bruce/Jason
Rating: PG-13
Warning: mention of past Batman/Robin stuff that some readers may find disturbing.
Summary: Emotionally fraught conversations only happen, like love, when Bruce falls into them, unavoidably.
Notes: for [livejournal.com profile] moetushie’s prompt “DCU, Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne, we are the sons of no one”.

Red Hood's tinny laugh rings in his ear, courtesy of the earpiece Jason made sure to leave behind. )



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