runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Give me a character (and a more detailed prompt, if you like) and I'll write them in a ~generic magical girl universe.


Sep. 27th, 2012 02:53 pm
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I will give you 1-3 sentences from or about it.
1. Put your mp3 player on shuffle and take the first 25 songs it gives you. (you can pick alternate songs if you think the language barrier might come into play. which I did.)
2. Pick a lyric that speaks to you
3. Let your friends assign you a lyric to write a drabble. Parts of the DCU you can choose from: Gotham, Titans, Outsiders, Others.

lyrics here )
My impulse control is notoriously bad. (If you didn't know, you must be new.)

Inspired by the tragically non-fitting to my fandoms ficathon on lj.

Give me a character (or grouping of characters) and a prompt inspired by the webcomic “a softer world”, or several such prompts, and I'll write you something about it.

archive: a softer world
(you may want to take a look at the a softer DCU tumblr for inspiration, but you can give me other fandoms if you’d like.)
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It's been making the rounds of my flist wrt: Robins and Batgirls, so here's my take.

terrible life choices )
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I think that given all the layers and layers of idendity in canon, it can be done about a gazillion ways and all be interesting. I kind of really really want this to be a thing that happens and I have no idea where to start, so.

The setting: Gotham. (or, well, the DCU.)
The fusion: His Dark Materials's daemons.

Give me one (or two) characters, and a prompt if you're so inclined, or a canon event/moment, or tell me what form you think a character's daemon would take, and I'll write you something short about it. Give me several prompts if you'd like! Go wild! No promises but I want to write it so very badly.
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Stolen verbatim from [personal profile] petra and coddled over for months. (original entry here)

If you would like to play, comment with something you have never written or drawn, and skim through the other suggestions. If someone else has proposed something you have written or drawn, write a snippet -- anywhere from ten words to a novel -- proving that you have done so. If you're an artist, feel free to scribble something and post it.

If you catch someone claiming not to have written or drawn something that you can prove they've done, you can request a snippet from them.

ETA: In an actual game, the point is to get drunk, but we're getting drunk on words, here.

For every three snippets you write, you may make another "Never have I ever" declaration. Make sure you won't get caught!
Day 7

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Drop a link to your wish-list in this post. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

stuff I want )
The challenge for day 2 is to rec at least three fanworks (fic, art, meta, recipe, tattoo, joke) that you didn’t create, the lesser known the better. I’m not very good at the “the lesser known the better”, I don’t think, but have some anyway.

First of all, I would like to recommend [ profile] __marcelo’s fic to anyone interested in DC fandom. His fics are short and amaaaaaaazing. They can be hilarious (Group Think), heartbreaking (Domino), adorable (Trébuchet), or just plain creepy (Inspiration). He writes awesome quasi-meta fics (Perfect) about people in Gotham (When/If), great crossovers between the DCAU and the DCU (Visit) and lots of clever AUs (Truth, Justice, and the American Way) – no, seriously, lots. One of my favourite bit of DC meta/fic ever is this fic about Robins: Prodigies. I’ve missed many of my favourite fics of his there, so take it as a blanket rec.

Also by Marcelo, this Q & A regarding Bruce and Jason, which I heartily recommend to anyone who likes Jason, but especially shippers. No, it's entirely gen-like-canon. *grin*

Take a minute to read one fic, or take an afternoon to go through ALL THE FICS. You won’t be disappointed. (Oh, and check this out: one more thing Cass and Steph have in common about their dads, y/y?)

While on the subject, I am going to pimp again [personal profile] katarik’s fics, but most especially The Red and Running Life, as one of the best perspectives on Cass’ ability to read body language. Like Cass, it is short and amazing. Also by Katarik, this rant/review on Devin Grayson’s contribution to the Batmythos. Written in 2006, it’s almost entirely positive and I read it when I want the fuzzy feelings.

And a last:
Wonders to Perform by [ profile] rubynye: a tree grows in the city, and Robins fly through her branches. Because fic about the love story between Gotham, its inhabitants, and the Bats, make me very happy.
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The challenge for day one is to rec three of one's own creations.

Have three fics:
Storgê - Gotham loves Batman, Batman needs a Robin. PG-13. Bring your own subtext.
Still my favourite of my Gotham-eats-her-children fic. It's Gotham's PoV, it's meta thinly disguised as fic, it's subtext gone wild, and I love it very much, and consider it one of the best things I've written.

Why Stir the Memory - Tim never tried to clone Steph. PG. Tim/Steph, Cass/Steph.
It's almost a rule that everyone involved in Batfandom must write a fixit tackling the issue of War Games and the treatment of Steph. I came unto Batland late to feel the shock and aftershocks of it, but this is mine. Specifically, it focuses on the erasing of Stephanie Brown from Tim's world.

That Mission I Volunteered for - Naruto and Sakura run to rescue Sasuke; Ino tags alongs. PG-13. Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke, Ino/Sakura.
The writing probably (certainly) could be better, but I love it because it's an actual story, with a beginning and an end, it features many characters that I love, and it's about some of my favourite narratives tropes. It's got Ino, who is judgemental and superficial and vicious and loyal and in love with Sakura; it's got Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke and the formers' efforts to get through to the latter; it's got Itachi's presence and Sasuke's uncomfortable team. It's got loyalty and heroics and heartbreak, all things that I am extremely fond of. It's been years since I read it, and there's no doubt it could be better written, but I'm still very much in love with the idea.
Fandoms are: DCU, Naruto, Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Harry Potter, Tales of Symphonia, AtlA, LotR.

1. Made me feel like I have a heart. - Axel/Roxas, guessed by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
2. And they sailed together into the sunset. - Legolas/Gimli, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
3. Rooftop tag and guiding spirits. - Steph/Cass, guessed by [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
4. War tears us apart, and we grew old but never grew up. - Remus/Sirius, guessed by [ profile] malkavianlove & [ profile] etrangere.
5. But I always thought you were a good person at heart. - Sheena/Zelos, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
6. Need: partner, control optional. - Batman/Robin, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
7. Seven years of bicker. - Ron/Hermione, guessed by [ profile] malkavianlove
8. If the light at the end of the night turns out to be hell, I'm glad that you stuck by me. - Micaiah/Sothe, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
9. The dark lady and her knight. - Gotham/Batman, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
10. Flowers and friendship, haircuts and heartbreaks, ribbons and rivalry: it was never about the prize. - Ino/Sakura, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
11. Even if all the cities burn and the seas swallow the world. - Ike/Soren, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
12. Our destinies intertwine.
13. Took me away from you. - Bruce/Jason, guessed by [ profile] kermitfries00 & [ profile] shiny_glor_chan.
14. Teenage rebellion goes a long way.. - Ted/Andromeda, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
15. Machiavelli was wrong.. - Mai/Zuko, guessed by [ profile] smashboom
16. Teammates mean break all the rules, break all your hearts. - Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura, guessed by [ profile] luvsanime02
17. Smile for the cameras. - Babs/Dick, guessed by [ profile] etrangere
Give me the identities and I'll give you the porn. So long as it's understood that identity porn isn't necessarily smut. And it may be quite short.

"identity porn" is the idea that a character isn't going to be written the same way depending on what they call themselves. (or the other way around.) For instance, Bruce, Bruce Wayne, Batman, and Matches Malone aren't going to be quite the same character; Dick/Babs isn't the same thing as Dick/Oracle or Barbara Gordon/Officer Grayson.

You can leave up to three requests, I'll work through the requests through the week, I probably don't do everything you ask but I promise I'll try to fill at least one request out of your three.

A helping of headcanon would probably help: Batfamily is rife with identity porn, Superman less so unless in Gotham, and the Arrowfamily thinks the Bats have thought way too much about this.


Aug. 16th, 2011 10:38 am
Give me a character/ship/fandom, and I'll give you ten facts of my headcanon.
I'm missing out on such a lot of great horrible mothers due to my not knowing the canon. Even I know that Mystique and Cersei Lannister and Sonia from FE7 are considered terrible mothers, but I don't know them well enough.

I'm unhappy to say that all the mothers on this list are mothers of sons. I considered Mother Gothel and Precia Testarossa, but Tangled is too fresh on my mind for me to be sure Mother Gothel will pass the test of time for me, and I don't actually remember much about Precia Testarossa beyond HORROR.

top five worst fictional mothers )
ganked from [ profile] etrangere

top five worst fictional fathers )

Bonus: Spencer Reid's father (Criminal Minds)

Leaving your wife because you can't take her mental illness is entirely within your rights. I respect your right to lead your own life, and I respect your right to get out if you're in a situation that is damaging to yourself.

Leaving your ten-year-old kid with someone you think can't take care of herself anymore?...


Edited again because I had to add Hyuuga Hiashi (Naruto) on this list. I forgot him yesterday, but I don't know how I did it, as he's definitely one of the top five to me.

Hiashi is such a terrible father it pains me to have to select an adjective at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, and he in no way, shape, or form reaches redemption as far as Hinata is concerned.
How the game is played: you give me a character in a fandom I know (or a group of characters, or a fictional place, or something like that), and I give you two truths and a lie about them.

Variant: I have these awesome AU and H/C bingo cards that I'm not filling out as efficiently as I'd like. I currently have 31 squares I have no fic started for; I gave each a randomly chosen number between 1 and 31.

If you'd like, you can give me a character (group of characters, location...), a number between 1 and 31, and I'll give you two truths and a lie.

Examples of things non-characters you could ask for: Threesomes in Konoha. Gotham. Keyblades. Any type of a team. No promise of any kind on how long they'll be.

EDIT: you can ask for as many as you want.



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