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1. [ profile] trobadora and [personal profile] sholio are gauging interest in a Meta Month of March.

2. [personal profile] seekingferret is brainstorming about a fest for fic forewords.

3. [personal profile] schmevil is thinking about a possible revival of the fic-reccing community for comics, [ profile] sequentialcrack.
I have this thing about the timeline. I snark about it making no sense and stretching for untold amount of years as much as anyone else, but the truth is, I love that. I love that Dick was a teen in the seventies, that Jason lived on the streets during the middle 80s, that early Tim and Oracle didn't have a facebook. Helena has been a teacher since the late 80s. Jason and Steph were dead/"dead" for several years, inhabitants of Gotham didn't see the release of the Sixth Sense because they were in No Man's Land at the time. The chibi Titans wouldn't have pretended to have laser sabers, Jason didn't watch Scream nor theLion king before he died, none of them played Pokemon as children, and Dinah most definitely didn't have a poster of Kurt Cobain as a teen.

But it brings to mind several issues. I'm not an American, and I have no idea what classes existed during these time periods. Occasionally, it bothers me, because I like little details in fic. I can make semi-educated guesses about music and movies, less so about how the school system worked. I'm stuck on the school thing here, but are there other obvious things I've missed, things I can't find out on Wikipedia?

So. What books would each of them have studied? What kind of classes existed? Were there school shrinks? How were teachers regarded during these time periods, and what tools were common/uncommon?
It struck me recently that one of the many (many, many…) reasons why Bruce is my One True Character is the eternal issue of “How sane is he?”

That’s something we talk about, both fandom and creators and occasionally in the text. Often as a joke, most often by me. It’s never done in a serious fashion in the text, because if they did acknowledge it, they would have to deal with it. But it’s true all the same, even if we don’t always accept it.

In my mind, Bruce is high functioning, but he’s not entirely mentally healthy. He’s got PTSD, which we all know but no-one in canon seems to realise or I sure hope Alfred or Leslie would’ve advised him to find a doctor. In times of high stress, his dislike of guns blooms into full-fledged phobia. He has hallucinated Batman as a separate being and he has talked to him – at a time during which he was neither wounded nor under the influence of any drugs.

That makes him relatable to me for a variety of reasons. How much do I love that a hero doesn’t have to “sane” to be smart, rational, driven, concerned about others, heroic?

I wish creators would admit it, though. His not being a model of mental health does not make him not a hero, not any more than Cass’ learning disability prevents her from being one.
Title: You can check out any time you like
Characters: Bruce
Rating: PG
Summary: Something has changed in Gotham; Bruce doesn't know what. Reboot!fic.
Notes: Title is obviously from Hotel California, because there are obvious songs and then there are songs that are made for a specific fandom.

Protecting the city has become... difficult, over the past few months. )
I cannot possibly be the only person on the Internet thinking that Aqua spoiler )
DC 30 Days Meme
favorite character )
Okay, so I was thinking about the Andromeda Table and I wondered... What does "Character Death" means, exactly? So yes, someone dies. But when do you warn for character death?... All of this is, of course, purely hypothetical.

Say it's a Blaise/Pansy fic in which Sirius falls through the veil. He's not important to the main pairing, but he matters to the reader of the books, so do you mark character death? Say the fic is Remus/Sirius - do you warn for character death or do you assumes the reader knew what he was in from?

Do you warn for death if it's canon death? If it's AU but the character died in canon anyway? For any character - disregarding his or her importance in the fic and/or the original material? Do you take the "character death" warning to means only the mains characters of the fic?

Do you warn for death if the character comes back, for instance as a ghost? Is it any different if he or she is somehow brought back to life, or if they appear as an Inferi, or as a vampire, or as a portrait, or as something like Riddle's diary?

Personally, I take "character death" to mean that I'd better not get too attached to the main characters of the piece, because one of them is going to eat it. Then again, I like a warning if the SO of the main character of the fic is already dead. And I think "character death" is not too much to ask when half the wizarding world as we know it bites it in a final battle of any sort. It's all very relative, I suppose.

Please comment, I'd love to read your input.



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