Feb. 13th, 2012

runespoor: an extreme close-up of jason's maskless, emotionally open face. (oh jay | took me away from you)
Title: Tomorrow For Today
Pairing: Bruce/Jason
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: blood, underage, descriptions of violence, character death, possible dub-con, disturbing content? (that's a very wholesome story I just wrote right there.)
Summary: emotionally crippled billionaire seeks dead sidekick to make him whole again, and succeeds. (Basically, Bruce had a convenient vial of vampire blood to inject into Jason's veins when Jason died of crowbar. It failed, until three days after the funeral Jason crawls out of the grave and stumbled to Wayne Manor.) (italics in the sentence also a quote from Zeen.)

Notes: [personal profile] moetushie requested VAMPIRES at the porn battle. I pillaged your scenario, dear. Hope you like?
Canon notes: Garzonas was the son of a diplomat who walked after raping and abusing his girlfriend, who killed herself when she learned he wasn't convicted. In a fury, Jason went to confront Garzonas, and-- the confrontation ended with Garzonas falling to his death. The question's never been answered whether Jason pushed him or, like Jason told Batman when he arrived, “I guess I spooked him. He fell.” And after that, Jason wasn't benched as Robin.

“Bruce. Bruce, what did you *do*?” )
runespoor: in the background, dick doing a stand-up while in the foreground Babs faces the reader, frowning, eyes narrowed. (babs/dick otpotpotp)
Title: Tale of the City
Pairing: Bruce/Dick
Rating: R
Summary: You know what they say about Batman and Nightwing.
Notes: porn battle, Bruce/Dick, rumors, view.

If I know Batman? Course I know Batman. In my bizness it’s, watchacallit, inevitable. )



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