And then I ruined the evening of an anti-gay marriage militant by refusing to take her flier and engaging her in a 30-minutes long argument. No minds were changed, but increasingly desperate glances were thrown at the other passer-bys as they walked by without her being to hand them her fliers. I also feel about myself for arguing back this time. I'm gonna call this a win.

I also went to see a nice movie.

This was not a bad evening.

PS working on the magical girl meme.
Can this latest week-end be the end in this depressing trend of "lolz ur gonna be sick now"?

Because this is taking the "I'm mildly feverish basically one-fourth of winter" way too literally for my taste on all accounts, except on the "mildly".

silver linings )
Today work involved an impromptu presentation of Batman to a girl I'm tutoring. For an hour and a half.

And by presentation I mean mostly "Batman = fucked-up" and "Bruce/Jason = canon OTP canon".

And Saturday I'm bringing her a few comics, and she told me she'd like psychological stuff. So I'm thinking Gotham Knights #1, Under the Hood, the Tec issue where Joker has a little girl tied up in the trunk of a car, and... I'm probably going to check through my other Gotham Knights. I'd rather not lend her any more trade paperbacks, UtH is long enough as it is and she's far from fluent in English.

I'm such a proselyte.
Sarkozy as president FAIIIIIIIIIIIIIL. RANT. )

...Now I've got it mildly out of my system, I bring you the scheduled fic.

Title: Things that could have happened had Hizashi been the older son. (or: a cage is a cage is a curse, dammit.)
Author: [ profile] runespoor7
Rating: PG-13
Summary: series of unrelated drabbles/fics on the AU premise stated in the title.

previously: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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