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By which I mean: it's all well and good that you think the canon is problematic. Congrats on realizing it's sexist!

But here it is: you don't get to take the moral high ground if you don't do better in your fic.

ranty ranty rant )
You know you're reading a fic by Runespoor when...

1. The sentences are too damn long. With lots of propositions. Alternatively, sentences beginning by "which" that I've relented and let go, because I less-than-three them, and I can't out more than four-fifths.

2. It had more adjectives and adverbs than should be legal, generally in binary or tertiary rhythms that sound like they've really been reflected too much upon.

3. Ditto with the far-fetched comparisons.

4. Stream of consciousness and rememberance of things past.

5. Third limited narrator who is constantly second third one thousandth-guessing himself or herself.

6. Denials. Lots and lots of denials. Mostly concerning love, but if even if it's gen, there's going to be denial somewhere. I don't do it on purpose, I swear.

7. Get a dialogue - with the characters' thoughts for free! And reaction! And way too much analysis for the two words that have been uttered!

8. Conflicting loyalties. And treasons. And politics.

9. You're not sure if what you're reading is supposed to be fluff, or angst, or humour, or something else entirely.

10. A propension to turn anything - and, most likely, anyone - into teeth-clenching sarcasm.

And Andromeda Black, but, contrarily to Andromeda, these 10 elements can also be found when I'm writing orginal, too.



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