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Hi ! Welcome! Thank you so much for writing me a story! 

This is epically tl-dr. Fandoms are in alphabetical order.

I like fusions (transplanting the characters of one fandom into the world of another) but not crossovers, banter/wit/snark/awkward babbling, hopeful endings, referencing to backstory, referencing canon, slice-of-life, making up anecdotes about characters, themes of family (the difficulties of blood family, family-of-choice, mentor+student relationships, legacies), class issues, rebellion, embracing the fucked-upness that attracts me to most of the canons, not shying away from the problems the characters are likely to run into in their everyday life, relationships that defy categorization, rivalry as friendship or love, puns, cameos from other characters, heroes being vulnerable/wrong/angry/failing, anti-heroines and anti-heroes, cities, shippy pretending to be gen, cities, stories within stories, wacky AUs and post-apocalyptic/cyberpunk worlds, identity issues, fucking with gender-roles, characters holding themselves to impossibly high standards. I like both imagery and clear-and-concise. I like snappy dialogue. I'm more character-driven than plot-driven as a rule.

I do not like setting fictional stories in actual, RL genocides or using WW2/Rwanda/Yugoslavia/etc as a backdrop for star-crossed romance (I’ve been triggered in the past, so I mention it even though it’s very specific). I don’t like conspiracy theories explaining real life disasters/wars/etc. Slave AUs. Sexual assault as a basis for h/c, or sexual assault between the main pairing. Cross-generational incest. Prophecies and/or predetermination, especially the biological kind. Character-bashing. I don’t particularly like the following tropes: characters realizing their love because their friends informed them (or a character realizing they were wrong/etc because a minor character talked them through). I don't like marriage fic and holiday fic and kidfic. I'm not a fan of high-school AUs and genderbending.

-Isms: I dislike casual misogyny/homophobia/transphobia/etc (“don’t be such a girl”, “that’s so gay”, “haha, can’t believe you didn’t see she was a man!”). Casual racism of the "you don't look like a X" is the same, but I can see where you might want to tackle the issue in order to skewer it if you're writing Rose Wilson, who consistently gets drawn as though she was Caucasian.

Ships: I talk about them not because I want them but because there are some I don't want, and so you'll know which are guaranteed to make me squee if you give them a nod/banter. OPTIONAL DETAILS ARE OPTIONAL. I'm perfectly able to squee at things that are 100% gen! I love gen! It's just a question of where I prefer to find my subtext. But don't worry: I am a shipper, and subtext is more than sufficient to keep me aflail for a while.

Brenda Miller
What I'd like best is a fic about Brenda post-Blüdhaven, preferably where she finds herself involved with the Batfamily in some capacity.

What I love most about Brenda and her role in Cass' series is that's she's somehow like Jim Gordon: she's a friend, and maybe she doesn't know what's up, exactly, but she can feel there's something going on. What I'd like best, I think, is a fic about Brenda post-Bludhaven. Does she meet Cass again? Or Batgirl? Does she move to Gotham? Maybe she works as an intern for Wayne Enterprises at some point. Maybe she finds herself on the outskirts of weird stuff again – whether she realizes there's more to the young blond woman or the snarky lady in a wheelchair than meets the eye is up to you. Was she even out of Bludhaven when the city was destroyed, or did she help people out? Maybe she finds herself recruited by the Batfam – working out of costume, sure, but a Bat adresses her to Leslie Thompkins, or she's recruited by an association calling themselves Oracle's agents and claiming they've been active since No Man's Land. Maybe she bumps into that old guy she thought was Cass' sugar-daddy at first. Maybe she's travelling across America and she bumps into/is saved by this Asian lady who turns out to be an incredible fighter and who tells her she's from Detroit (does Shiva tell her of her relationship to Cass?) One thing I adore about the Bats and their supportive cast is how involved they are – they don't come forward and claim it, but Dick and Cass actively get Wayne scholarships for the people they meet, Bruce sends his lawyer defend Montoya or Bullock, Oracle puts info in the GCPD's network. And the relationship between Brenda and Cass was clearly friendship, so even if Cass disappears, there are bound to be Bats and Wayne money around. Or maybe, way in the future, Brenda is one of the civilian members of the Batfamily. Maybe not the Alfred, but you get the idea. Basically, I want Brenda to keep doing her outsider-pov thing on Bats or people associated with Bats, and the more she finds herself involved, the merrier. Up to you whether she realizes the truth about them. Also, feel free to include Brenda's family issues if you want!

AU wise: a change-the-setting for the period when Brenda and Cass were friends would be awesome! Or maybe she learns Cass' secret identity because of shenanigans (Cass saved her and lost her mask, or Alfred or Bruce told her because they thought Cass needed someone to rely on...) and she becomes basically her Alfred/confidant/what-have-you. If you choose to write an AU, I'd like you to include Cass in some manner, please.

If you want to include ships, I OTP Steph/Cass and/or Cass/Steph/Tim, and the thought of Brenda hitting on Babs or Dick or both at one point makes me laugh, but honestly I mostly want gen. (Incidentally: I do ship Babs/Dick.) I Do Not Ship Dick/Tim or Cass/Tim or Babs/Dinah or Jason/Tim. (My other Batfam OTPs are Babs/Dick and Bruce/Jason.)

Canon notes: I... sort of have issues with BQM's Batgirl, and the way it did away with Cass' legacy. So if that's the time period you're going with, can you remember that Cass was Brenda's Batgirl? Or set it just post the ending. Bring back Cass in Gotham, even if she doesn't appear on screen and you just have someone mention something about a hero with a raggedy cape. Also, DCnU needs not apply.

Fire Emblem : Radiant Dawn
I'd love something about Micaiah's growth as a character and a person, and the difficult choices she's had to make. I'd be very interested in seeing her interact with someone like Elincia, or Sanaki, or Pelleas.

Micaiah is my favorite FE character. I love anti-heroines and characters heading for doom and girl disasters, and Micaiah's storyline is breath-taking in those respects. She starts out as this parallel to Ike – basically she's Joan of Arc – and then you realize that she's got Soren's moral compass (ie, a very specialized one) and then she finds herself doing these terrible things, and she knows they're terrible, and she still does them. It's a big tragedy, and it's damaging.

Of course, canon then drops the ball in Act IV, but we still get intriguing glimpses. Micaiah's never been the most honest protagonist to the player (we only learn she's a Branded because other characters bring it to light, and we only learn that she thought about leaving Daein after the end of the conflict when she tells Ike she's changed her mind about that.), and a lot of the game builds her up as a Joan-of-Arc/Fanatic-Guru figure, and fic could equally smash that or play on it.

Basically, post-canon would be my favourite setting. Micaiah dealing with the things she's done. Micaiah-the-outcast, Micaiah who led her countrymen through hell, as Queen of Daein. How does she deal? How do her friends (I'm most interested in Sothe, Pelleas, Jill) deal? The other Beorc queens? Outsider PoV on Micaiah reaching the throne would make my day, especially if it included a heart-to-heart from Elincia or Sanaki. Or awkward bonding with Sanaki. Elincia too had to make hard decisions. Pelleas handing Micaiah the crown. Sothe trying to get Micaiah to confide in him. Micaiah's conversation with Naesala in Part IV, and the obvious parallelisms between them, also made me crave more. Anything about post-canon Micaiah and the reconstruction of her country and her psyche!

AUs: look, I wrote a Prohibition-era AU and I just think mob-boss Micaiah is rad. But she also works well anywhere there's a disaster and a resistance and anywhere vows have powers – in a fairytale or as a magical girl or something along these lines.

Ships: Micaiah/Sothe (I also like Micaiah/Sothe/Pelleas and Micaiah/Naesala, and Micaiah/Jarod for the badwrong) and Ike/Soren (plz don't break them up). I like Elincia with Lucia and/or Geoffrey.

Rose Wilson
The AU where Nightwing mentors Rose for real after the Renegade arc. Or the one where Rose and Cassie kiss. Or pretty much anything about Rose and I wax into more details in my letter.

Here are a few ideas of stories I'd like to read about Rose: any AU where she becomes part of the Batfam (the one where she becomes Nightwing's sidekick/partner after the Renegade arc; the one where she gets to Gotham earlier/later and maybe she takes/is given one of the identities laying around – all I'm saying is, if you want to make her Robin/Batgirl/Spoiler/Red Hood and play musical masks with the identities, I'll probably enjoy reading that; one of my favourite things in the canon World Without Young Justice event/AU was that Steph was Robin and Tim was Spoiler.). Bonding with Cass over the "awesome kids of evil fathers who tried to control us" bit of their life, and dealing with the fight they had in Batgirl, when Rose was drugged – if you'd even like to tackle somewhat the fact that Cass was drugged by Deathstroke too, that's be all right (disclosure: I never read that arc because Beechen, but I like the idea that Deathstroke basically "stole" Cass as equivalent to his daughter being "stolen" from him). Getting together with Cassie Sandsmarck, whether in the Bat!Rose AU or in canon. More of Rose trying to find her mother, especially if you can work in Rose/Cassie or Bats or Titans or stuff. A Day In The Life of a Teen Titan.

But really, pretty much anything about Rose would fill me with joy.

Things I wouldn't enjoy: the fic being all about Slade issues. Heroes killing (Huntress has longed stopped thinking it's A-OK to let the bad guys die, Rose killed one guy in her mini... Rose being violent and thinking some people don't deserve heroes getting out of their way to leave them alive is perfectly fine, especially if she's arguing that perspective with Dick or Cassie or Bruce, but more than that hits me square in the Do Not Want zone). Rose not being queer.

Ships: Rose/Cassie OTP! If that's not your thing, I also liked her relationships with Eddie and Bart, and I think she'd be cute with Miss Martian. Or I could live with Rose hitting on Steph – she canonically Has A Thing for Robins. My Batfam OTPs are Babs/Dick, Steph/Cass (or Steph/Cass/Tim) and Bruce/Jason, btw.

Canon notes: Let's keep the DCnU out of this, okay? Also, let's keep in mind that Rose Wilson is mixed race. (she and Jason should start a club: mixed-race kids who get so white-washed canon forgets they're part Asian.) Also, Bruce is my favourite character, so... don't hate on him, right?

Oban Star-Racers
I love this show and anything relating to it would fill me with glee.

Some of my favourite things about this show are 1)the character driven drama and 2)the issue of conflicted loyalties/trust etc. On top of the aliens, the scenery porn, and the world-hinting. My favourite character is Molly; I'm fascinated with her relationship with her father. I adore worldbuilding and politics (the moment I started loving Aikka was in the Oban Cycle, when he's shown taking orders from the Krogs – how he must have suffered!) and character-driven drama. One thing about the ending of the series is that it made me bawl like a fan. Don't get me wrong, it's a really good ending – but it tastes so bitter! And at the same time, a simple fix-it seems to me like a cop-out. So, if you have a fix-it fic you've always wanted to write: go nuts. You've probably thought about this more than I have. If you don't: I'm not asking you for one. (Maybe the Avatar finds it easier to take human form if they have to investigate INTERGALACTICAL POLITICS SHENANIGANS – I mean, Satis did it – and so Molly and Jordan and Aikka can have adventures in the stars? Maybe they're exploring! Or there's spying and politics and stuff!)

Or you can write about the canon time period. Satis' PoV on things, maybe on Molly's chances. Aikka weighing his chances vs the situation at home. Jordan and Aikka accidentally rivalkissing and then boom, OT3. Don Wei being torn between his orders, his morality – and being a fish out of water on such a planet – and his prickly relationship with his daughter – or is it the team's pilot? Molly's moods, her resentment, her identity issues, her training, her adventurousness. More of Molly's Issues – some dream stuff, some family stuff, some alien stuff – would be pretty much awesome. Post-canon with no fix-it involved: maybe Molly and Don Wei's relationship, how they settled into a family life. Maybe she grows up to become a pilot and she looks at Rick for a mentor. Hey, maybe Don is the one looking for Rick. I've talked a lot about Molly, but post-canon Jordan (or pre-canon Satis) writing a travel-guide of the places he's seen would be awesome too. So would Earth Team being LOLOLOL gently teasing about Jordan's failcrush.

AU wise: there's always the good ol' apocalypse standard. THE BAD GUYS WON (up to you whether it's the Krogs during the Earth/Krog Empire war or Canaletto) and now Our Heroes are struggling to survive/resist. I think Molly would make a fantastic resistance fighter-- her father is working for the Krogs or pretending to or she thought he was killed by the Krogs but in fact he's their prisoner! Jordan just joined the resistance and Aikka is, well, the visiting alien prince (maybe his planet tried to resist the Krogs and were destroyed! Maybe he's working for them! Tension! Drama!). (Or/and—the great Race starts on Oban, the Earth's last hope for freedom! It's up to Our Heroes, etc.) Or you can always go "fuck this alien bullshit" and write the AU of Molly's life as a runaway punk biker queen, and the cute boys who fall in complete and utter love with her (I do mean Aikka and/or Jordan, here. I have no interest in OCs.)

Ship wise: I ship Molly/Jordan and Molly/Jordan/Aikka and I'm not a fan of Molly/Aikka, and I don't ship Molly/Rick, but if you want to write about Aikka falling in love with Molly, that would work for me! Just no post-canon fluff. (Aikka-realizing-he-loves-Molly-through-the-maelstrom-that-is-the-series is the only scenario I'm interested in canon as far as that ship is concerned.) While we're on the subject: I ship Don/Rick a lot. My working theory of them is "they were together and had a nasty break-up when/and Don fired Rick". Please don't smash it to bits? Just don't mention it if it's not your thing. There's a lot of shipping done here, so I'll repeat: NON-SHIPPY WILL DELIGHT ME. Don't worry about including my ships: I will bring my own subtext. :3

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The AU where Nightwing mentors Rose for real after the Renegade arc.

I am totally crossing my fingers that someone writes this story!



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