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Request 1 : Vriska Serket, Magical Girl

Some things I love about Vriska are : she's terrible and she's a disaster, and you rarely get female characters who have that basis for their personality. She tries too hard and she gets everything wrong, and she's blunt and she thinks she's doing well, and she's got high ideals of what she should be, and she's secretly pretty down on herself. Maybe she's the dark magical girl, but she thinks she's the hero (Aradia might be the actual hero). Her home life sucks (please include an equivalent of what Vriska has to do for Spidermom), but being a Magical Girl rules ! :D (and maybe she's doomed.)

I'd love to see a series of snippets about that (feel free to expand the cast as you see fit! shipwise: I ship Vriska♠Terezi as “kismeses who are everything” and Vriska♠Aradia and I like Vriska♦John - I'm also fond of Vriska♥/♠Tavros as either red or black), especially if you play with the rules of the genre. Is there a price to being a Magical Girl? Like canon, I think this trope/genre can be very meta and very fun. Being as this can be done humanstuck, I'll mention that I don't like when Vriska's blonde! I see my Vriska Middle-Eastern.

Two things that evoke Vriska to me are the Marina & the Diamonds song "Oh No" and this asofterworld strip.

Request 2 : Rose Lalonde + Roxy Lalonde

I'd like to see them adjusting to one another, and bonding. Mommy issues, a zest of wizards, and it'd be fantastic if they set out to break or rule the game. Or at least, Rose might try to break the game, and Roxy might want to stop her. What does Rose think of Roxy's drinking? How does Roxy cope with Rose's destructive tendencies? I'd rather this took place with everyone else around, even if they only get mentions, rather than in a place/time where Rose and Roxy are isolated. I'd love to see the inside of their heads, and their conversations. (If you want to know about what ships to include/not to include, I like Rose-hearts-Kanaya, and please don't make Rose and Roxy kiss.)

Request 3 : Feferi Peixes ♦/♥/♠ Vriska Serket ; Feferi Peixes, Vriska Serket

In a world without SBURB... Feferi is the Empress, or trying to be, and Vriska is... a pain, or an asset, or a pirate, or the one who volunteers for all the most dangerous missions. I ship every flavor of them, and I think they'd be good for each other, and terrifying for the rest of the world. They get each other, and they could have fun while being pretty catty to one another. So that's what I want: them being good together in ways that look weird or worrying to the rest of the world, without being WAFF. (frex: you're not supposed to kiss your moirail, or your kismesis isn't supposed to be the one who knows best how to calm you down, or pick a quadrant already, or please stop sneaking off to kill trolls and take a vacation with no warning.) It doesn't have to be all explosions either! Something more subdued, where they talk (or not) about their issues, about the masks they have to wear, about their lusii, would be awesome.

Alternatively, I'd read the hell out of an AU where Vriska and Fef have a band, and you don't have to pair them for that, though sweet biting kisses are always awesome. If you do go that route and you settle on writing humanstuck, please consider not making Vriska blonde? I see her as Middle Eastern. Also I picture Feferi brown-skinned, if you want the full disclosure. (If you wish to include Eridan, I ship him black or pale with Fef and pale with Vriska, because the potential for hilarious terribleness makes me laugh and laugh and laugh.) One song that's Feferi/Vriska to me is Metric's Gimme Sympathy.

Request 4 : Terezi Pyrope♠Vriska Serket ; Terezi Pyrope, Vriska Serket

The one where they hate-get together. That's it, that's all. I want them to realize they are in glorious hate with each other, in that ~meant to be~ ~epic~ way, where they're each other rival and best enemy. I adore the "everyone can see it but no-one says anything because it's going to be really unfortunate." Here are some asofterworld comics that I find relevant: here, and here.

I want them to realize how long they've been dancing about the issue and in denial and what an unquadranted mess they were/are and that they've been wanting to be kismeses since they were the Scourge Sisters. (Or maybe later, because they couldn't stand how they fell apart?) I want the realization process, and it can be sweet or it can cruel or exhilarating and maybe Vriska's hate-flirting with everyone and it annoys her terribly that Terezi doesn't seem to care or maybe Terezi just saved Vriska's life and she has to admit to herself that she just hates this girl *so much* or or or. Whatever you want, just - HATE-GET TOGETHER ALREADY.

If you want to set it in canon, I'd like if it took place post-now, when they meet again the dream-bubbles. If it's in canon, please give them a happy ending? (If you want to include smut, I like Vriska begging, but the smut is totally less important than the rest.)

Request 5 : Kanaya Maryam, Rose Lalonde, Porrim Maryam – (Kanaya/Rose/Porrim)

In which Rose and Porrim proceed on romancing/hitting on the heck of anything comes their way. Hide your humans and your trollfolks! They are HBICs and they get on like a hive on fire, and it gives Kanaya weird feelings. I have no set opinion on what color I want it – I like Rose♥Kanaya, maybe Rose is testing out how she'd feel about having the other available Maryam lady as hate girlfriend?

If you wanted to include a gloriously decadent threesome of the seduction of Kanaya Maryam (or how Rose Lalonde manoeuvered to get her aw-yiss dream threesome), that'd be totally fine with me.

I can go for the PG or the NC-17 version of this: banter and ~eyebrow-waggling are awesome, and so are begging, banter, tentabulges for trolls and Outer Rings tentacles for Rose, hands/tentacles as retraints.



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