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Sailor Moon

Just finished the first season (we haven't watched all the episodes, having skipped most of the pre-Mercury & non-plot-advancing Kunzite episodes due to doubt and low tolerance for filler) and I like it lots.

- favourite arc: it's a toss-up between the Naru/Nephrite thing, which is the arc that made me sit up and realize that wow, this show had more than fun stuff, and the Zoisite arc. Because Zoisite.
- favourite villain: Zoisite.:D look, all I'm saying is "death by beauty" is less convincing than "death by curtain" anyway.;)
- favourite one-shot character : plenty I liked, but my favourite is probably the ninja paparazzi Youma (Catwoman by night, Evil Lois Lane by day!), for being funny, smart, competent, and very pro-active. I'm also extremely fond of the lesbian animators from the Nephrite arc.
- best plans: Zoisite's cosplaying and Sailor Moon pretending to be on the outs with the other Senshi. I sense a theme.
- my shipping senses are tingling: Usagi/Rei Usagi/Rei Usagi/Rei. Usagi/Mamoru is cute as all get out. Also I can basically ship everyone/everyone, because this show is not stingy with the lesbian subtext.
- NO U things: Minako's introduction. I'm not fond of characters that are established as more competent than the characters we've been following from the start. Artemis NOT BEING NICE WITH USAGI.
- most underestimated move : Bubble Spray may not have as many destructive applications as the other Senshi's attacks (read : any), but it saved their asses more times than I can count. Anything that adds stealthiness and allows to come closer to your enemy or run away is most excellent in my book.

Code Geass

I'm on 2x08, and I am pretty much enormously entertained. More to come when I have time, but I have to say that if the series finished on 2x08, I would not be upset. It's the highest point in the series since... before Britannia invaded Japan. Which means I'm terrified of what will happen later. (making [personal profile] salinea laugh in the process, because when there's a cliffhanger I'm "OMG FUCK YOU SHOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT OH SHIT" and now I'm "AAAAAH FUCK YOU SHOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN OH SHIT".)

Anyway, my moral stance in one sentence: better a leader of the resistance with terrible motivations than collaboration(ism).

I think Lelouch is my favourite character at the moment, and Kallen has been consistently the winner of my personal "Best Person" award since the beginning, with a few fumbles.
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