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Aug. 16th, 2017 02:02 pm
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I don't generally play games on my phone - I have a sordid history with computer games going back to the days of Police Quest and the Indiana Jones game, where I would stay up all night playing and then be unable to get up for class. So I've made a conscious choice to just not go there again, though I have been known to waste some time playing solitaire or bubble spinner or Tetris of an evening.

And then I discovered 1010! Which is like Tetris but without the blocks dropping - instead you place them wherever you like/they'll fit to make complete rows etc. And I have spent the past few days enthralled and exhausted because I've stayed up way too late doing this. I even paid $1.99 so I could have it ad free!

And then last night when I looked up from my phone after many, many games, and it was 12:45 am, I deleted it, because I can't be having with that. I was seeing it behind my eyelids while awake, and dreaming about it when I was asleep. Ugh. It was so nice and soothing too. But since I can't control myself, I had to get rid of it. Sigh.

Anyway, Wednesday means books, so buckle up!

What I've just finished
Babylon's Ashes, the last currently available Expanse novel, which I liked a lot. Are these books perfect? No. There's still too much Holden, though I did like that spoilers ) Avasarala, Bobbie, Naomi, and Amos are still my faves, and Alex makes a good showing here, too. This and Nemesis Games are really one long arc, and should probably be read together.

Buried Heart by Kate Elliott, the conclusion of the Court of Fives trilogy. I enjoyed it, though I still think maybe Jessamy made some assumptions that she had no real basis for which turned out to be true (this happened in the first book too), which is a downside of first person POV, because I kept waiting for her to be wrong about some things and she wasn't (well, she was wrong about a bunch of things, but not some of the things I thought she might be wrong about). Anyway, I found it a satisfying if slightly pat conclusion, and as with the Cold Magic trilogy, I found the revolution a lot more interesting than the romance.

Bombshells vol 3: Uprising - after Recent Events, I decided to go back to this and finish it, and the titular uprising made me tear up on the subway. Also, MIRI MARVEL!!! I don't know if I knew about that? But I LOVE IT. ♥♥♥ I can't wait to pick up volume 4.

Star Wars: Kanan: The Last Padawan volumes 1 & 2. These were fine. I enjoyed them, but they were somewhat repetitive when read in trade - there was a lot of catching up in the narration, which is good for a monthly comic but less good when reading it all in one go. Also, every other page, he's like, "Don't call me kid!" which got a little old. Mostly interesting to me for sad Jedi details, like Caleb saying Styles was his first friend even though we see him with Tai and Sammo - were they not friends? That's so depressing. Unless he meant first non-Jedi friend, which is better. I'm just going to pretend that's what he meant so I can be slightly less sad.

Also notable for explicitly referencing the "Jedi code" which I hear a lot about in fic but am not sure I'd ever seen in any currently canon material, and it was "emotion, yet peace; chaos, yet serenity; death, yet the Force" which is interesting to me because it makes so much more sense than the other formulation I see in fic a lot: "there is no chaos, there is serenity" etc. I mean, you know me and my "take what I like and ignore the rest" approach to canon, so it's nice to have it there as needed, but as always I find the way things get flattened in fanon so interesting.

Because I mean, yeah, the Jedi were certainly culpable in both Anakin's fall and their own demise, because they were hidebound and corrupt the way any millennia-old organization made of people would be, and they definitely had some blindspots about a variety of things (providing therapy to members who needed it, using a slave army, being co-opted by the Senate, etc.), but they didn't deserve what happened to them. Let's not ever actually grace Anakin's horrific dumbassery ("from my POV, the Jedi are evil!") with any validity. Like, sure, Yoda gave him some poor advice, and Mace Windu was critical sometimes, and they made some compromised decisions, but that doesn't justify slaughtering anyone.

Anyway, it was also nice to see Rae Sloane, despite her poor life choices.

I also read Star Wars #34 this morning, which is mostly a standalone issue featuring Sana Starros swindling everyone in the galaxy from pirates to Hutts to Imperials and back. I would watch a whole movie about her. She might be Han Solo's fake (ex?)wife, but she's also Aphra's ex-girlfriend, so that would be amazing to see on screen. You could cast Nicole Beharie as Sana and Arden Cho as Aphra, and let them go be con artists together and I would line up multiple times to give Disney my money. Especially if Hondo showed up, too.

What I'm reading now
The Stone Sky by N.K. Jemisin, the third book of the Broken Earth trilogy. But I'm only a few pages in and it's taking me a little while to get back up to speed, especially since my brain isn't working so well today because of my lack of sleep. *g*

What I'm reading next
The next Craft Sequence book comes out in a couple of weeks, but before that, I dunno.


salt water meets with the skies, dear

Aug. 15th, 2017 02:02 pm
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Yesterday, I saw a t-shirt that read, "I don't trust atoms. They make up everything." and I grinned for the rest of my walk home. I love terrible puns.

Anyway. There's a meme going around somewhere? where you post the first lines of some of your works in progress? so I thought, why not? I sure have enough of them. So here are the first lines from a few of my wsip:

Half-Truths and Hyperbole (Star Wars; Obi-Wan/Satine Regency AU)
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a planetary ruler being targeted by assassins must be in need of a Jedi bodyguard.

how strangely my life is curved (Star Wars, Ahsoka unfrozen in the TFA-era)
"There's a message from Lando," Leia says.

How Soon Is Now (Star Wars, sequel to Sing a New Song)
Time moves differently on Malachor.

nobody move, nobody get hurt (Star Wars, Anakin/lady!Obi-Wan au)
Obi-Wan learns two things in the immediate aftermath of the disaster that is the mission to Naboo: one, it's harder to be a master than she ever thought, and two, she cannot--will not--replace Anakin's mother, and the boy won't settle down and learn until he's assured of his mother's safety.

the movement and the spin (Star Wars, Anakin/lady!Obi-Wan au, companion piece to nobody move, nobody get hurt)
Maybe one day he'll look back on this and laugh, but right now, Anakin hates being fourteen.

The Bonds That We Save (Peggy Carter & Etta Candy crossover)
A secretary leads Peggy through a bewildering series of corridors that are clearly meant to confuse the unobservant; even she might have a difficult time finding her way back out.

Drive It Like You Stole It (Star Wars, Han/Leia)
Leia's back hits the mattress, Han's body a warm weight above her, and she thinks, I don't deserve this.

That seems like enough to be going on with.


i'm gonna drink that sun

Aug. 14th, 2017 02:22 pm
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Miscellaneous Monday:

= thank you to everyone who commented on my post about the offer being accepted! I'm still working on replying, but your cautious yays are much appreciated. *g*

= One of my co-workers recently left for another job, and upon her departure, she gifted a number of us with tiny succulent plants in tiny plant pots. I dutifully looked up how to care for a succulent, because I have a black thumb and have never succeeded in keeping any plant alive (my mother was so good at plants, you guys! and I have always been terrible at them), so last week I watered it as directed, and this morning when I got to my cube, it looked like it had given up on life. It was all slumped and faded. Boss3 was out on vacation last week, so her little plant got no water, but lots of light. It had actually grown by a visible amount! So I just gave her mine to put on her windowsill. *hands* We'll see if it survives, or if my black thumb has claimed another hapless victim.

= I have been in contact with my new loan officer (the one referred by my broker), and she seems very on the ball. She sent me a list of required documents and I diligently attached all of them to my response. She also asked for two forms of ID, and since I have a valid in-state driver's license, according to the instructions, I could use my work ID as the second form. Alas, when I went to scan it, I discovered that my last name had been spelled incorrectly. I've had this ID card for 8 1/2 years, and never noticed that before. Not even last summer when I lost it and found it and had it replaced. (I knew my name was spelled wrong in ADP, but since it's right on my pay stubs, and my money gets deposited every two weeks, I don't really care. Of course, it's spelled wrong in a different way. idek.) So I couldn't use it. I thought I might have to wait until tomorrow, because my passport is at home, but they say they'll also take a utility bill, so I downloaded the latest one from ConEd and sent that along.

= My attorney received the new contract, so hopefully one day later this week I'll be able to sign it and get the ball rolling in earnest on this whole process. The contract lists a closing date of 'on or about' October 14, which would be amazing if it actually happened that quickly. I can be hopeful but I don't really expect it to happen like that. (Of course, after closing, I would still have to have some painting done and also the floors, but that shouldn't take too much time, right? *meep*)

= Last night, I was looking to watch something easy and comforting, and I remembered The Toast's recent take on The Hunt for Red October, and it's available streaming via Amazon Prime, so I put it on. I have a fondness for submarine movies in general, and this one in particular - my dad and I saw it together, as we did many other movies over the years. For a while in my teens and twenties, we had a standing Sunday movie date (in the 80s he was even okay with going to movies on opening weekend, and occasionally even on opening night - I'm pretty sure I saw ESB and ROTJ as well as Temple of Doom and Last Crusade with him the weekend they opened), and even in later years I could sometimes chivvy him out of his recliner to go to the movies - especially once reserved seating with in-theater recliners started being available. The last movie we saw together was CATWS, which seems right to me.

= And now, lunch.

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So, I went to an estate sale today! Didn't mean to go to an estate sale today, but saw the signs and ended up going. I bought a doily, a brioche pan from West Germany, and silverplated platter. It was sickeningly hot and the house -- a colonial built in the eighties -- was stifling. Estate sales are so weird. It feels like picking over the stuff of dead people -- which, of course, it is. Well, they might not be dead. They could be in Florida, after all.

A fate worse than death ... Just kidding, it got them out of Atlanta. )

In addition to the estate sale, I swung over to Goodwill (Sundays are the best time to go to Goodwill, true facts) and bought some books -- The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood (yes, I will read something else by her besides A Handmaid's Tale), All the King's Men by Robert Penn Warren (my beloved Criminal podcast recently did an episode about the death of Huey Long from the angle that maybe Dr. Carl Weiss *didn't* kill him -- unsurprisingly, it is a theory mostly pushed by the family of Carl Weiss (including his son and his grandson, both confusingly named Carl Weiss) -- and of course, the story of a cruel and vindictive demagogue who promised everything to everyone and is eventually brought down by his own machinations (or his own bodyguards, if the Carl Wiesses are to be believed) is pretty relevant today. I also got the complete works of Emily Dickinson. No reason why except I love her.

I spent the whole weekend glued to Twitter, following what's happening in Charlottesville. It's very hard to live everyday without paralyzing fear and impossible to live without any fear at all. I'm trying to keep my fear to a reasonable level -- keep my senses sharp and be aware of my surroundings. When I was young, I was very much into The Diary of Anne Frank* (which was the first book I ever bought with my own money -- twenty-five cents at -- where else? -- Goodwill when I was eight) and other Holocaust stories. I always wondered what I would do if I lived in such morally perilous times. Would I stick out my neck and hazard it getting chopped off, or would I keep my head down and hope not to attract attention? I guess I know the answer now, and it would be a disappointment to my younger self.

* There was a flap about the Anne Frank Center on Twitter before C-ville. (I read the Atlantic article that wasn't nearly as much of a gotcha as the people linking to it seemed to think it was) and I wonder how many people who criticized TAFC for being too 'political' are horrified with Trump's palsied response to the violence in C-ville? Call a spade a spade, guys, and a Nazi a Nazi. We live in dangerous times, and there is no time for quibbling.
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Orphan Black: To Right the Wrongs of Many

spoilers )

The show often got lost in its own convoluted plotlines, but the story of the clones who became sisters for real was great and I'm sad there isn't going to be any more (though I would totally watch a half-hour sitcom spinoff of the sestras going about their 'normal' lives, with occasional visits from Krystal or one of the many clones we never got to meet). I hope Tatiana Maslany goes on to even greater things.


nothing else around me looks the same

Aug. 12th, 2017 04:26 pm
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Last evening, I was minding my own business, answering Star Wars meme questions and talking with [personal profile] silveronthetree on tumblr, when I got a call from the realtor saying my offer on the apartment I'd seen on Tuesday was accepted!


TBH, I had given up. I hadn't heard anything, so I just figured he didn't want to ruin my weekend, and that on Monday I'd get a call with a rejection and an email with new listings to look at. So you can imagine my shock. I notified my lawyer and then proceeded to text everyone I know with the news. I can think about accent wall colors and sofas! Dinette sets! I can look at my pinterest again without being depressed!

I mean, I still have to 1. get a mortgage approved and 2. get approved by the co-op board, but since this apartment costs a lot less than the other one did, my DTI ratio is where they want it to be, and the realtor referred me to a lender who hopefully handles mortgages of less than $100K, since that is what I'll be seeking, and the lady I worked with before doesn't handle them. I emailed the new lender this afternoon, to get that ball rolling, so we'll see what happens.

So I'm cautiously optimistic this time rather than filled with rapturous glee, because now I understand just how easily it can evaporate. But even so. It was nice to get good news at 6:30 pm on a Friday night.

Then I had to run out the door to meet L., since we were going to see Girls Trip, which we both enjoyed and found hilarious. I for one will never look at a grapefruit the same way again.


still so easily ignored

Aug. 11th, 2017 12:30 pm
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Hey hey, I actually wrote something yesterday!

On the Day Before (@ AO3)
Star Wars; Vader, Leia; AU; g; 905 words
Darth Vader eavesdrops on a very interesting conversation.

It's just a brief revelation scene, because that is the part that interests me, though one day maybe I'll follow through and write the actual story of Vader teaming up with his kids and overthrowing Palpatine. It's just a lot more plot than I generally find workable as a writer, though I love reading it.

I also realized that in December it will be TEN YEARS since I started the West Wing Title project. And I still have 65 unused episode titles. How even is that possible? I do have current wsip for two (or is it three?) of them, but even so. 151 episode titles is a lot (note: I used parts 1 and 2 of "Inauguration" for one story, hence the count being one off). (The original explanation is here, but I moved the index post to DW when I stopped posting to LJ.)

I also wrote a little bit on one of my other wsip and sketched out notes for a new idea, so I guess the focus to write isn't completely gone. I feel like it's been overwhelmed recently by everything else. *hands* But I still love my works in progress and want to see them done!


Today I completed my last two required workplace training modules, and the one on workplace violence was 1. terrifying to contemplate as an employee even though 2. it was not really applicable to my work situation (we do have clinics where this could be an issue but I work in the main office, where we don't see clients; much like the Medicare/Medicaid fraud training was inapplicable because I don't do any kind of billing); but also 3. the checklist of warning signs for violence in the workplace read like a summary of Anakin Skywalker's character, which proves that a. the Jedi probably should have seen it coming, and b. a fangirl's mind is never far from the object of her (unfortunate) affections. #the most problematic fave


Given my penchant for purses, I feel obligated to link you to this adorable dinosaur purse. It's Kate Spade, so it's ridiculously expensive (nobody needs 14K gold plated hardware on a pink dinosaur purse!), but if it weren't I might conceive a mighty need for it.


Two more hours of work until it's the weekend! I plan to sleep in! Whee!

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I was starting to think I might never write again, but then this happened. Let's call it another variation on a familiar theme. *g*

On the Day Before
Star Wars; Vader, Leia; AU; g; 905 words
Darth Vader eavesdrops on a very interesting conversation.

Written for the West Wing Title project.

Read it at AO3.

On the Day Before )


Feedback is adored.

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Aug. 10th, 2017 02:28 pm
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The Flash (DC) Big Bang

Author Sign up open: August 1st 2017
Artist Sign up open: August 1st 2017
Author Sign up close: November 1st 2017
Check in # 1: November 15th 2017
Artist Sign up Close:Febrary 28th 2018
Summary and Rought Draft Due: January 15 2018
Artist Claim opens: January 22 2018
Check in #2: February 28 2018
Posting begins: April 1st 2018
Posting end: April 30th 2018

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Aug. 10th, 2017 02:26 pm
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WIP Amnesty.

From the post: post (or share, if you're posting in your own journal/comm) your WIPs.

The catch is that these are WIPs you don't plan on finishing, don't want to finish, or simply just don't see yourself working on anymore

you're like all the rest, miss

Aug. 9th, 2017 03:16 pm
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It's so cold in this office. My hands are like blocks of ice. Except for when I'm having a hot flash and sweating like a pig. Ugh.

Anyway, the apartment last night was quirky and cute but of course, as of this morning there are other offers, so I am waiting to hear if mine will be accepted. I am not hopeful. I am finding this whole thing so emotionally exhausting. I just want to stay in bed with the covers over my head.

But enough of that. It's Wednesday, so let's talk about books:

What I've just finished
Nemesis Games, the fifth(?) Expanse book. In which shit gets REALLY REAL. spoilers )

Anyway, I have to say that as much as I enjoyed the first two books and then found Abaddon's Gate a slog, everything since then has been an exciting and compelling read, with the stakes rising with every book. Be warned though, this one doesn't resolve everything neatly at the end, so you'll want to have the next book on hand when you're done.

What I'm reading now
Babylon's Ashes, which again, just keeps ratcheting up the tension. I've been trying to take it a little slower since the next book isn't out until December (and the show doesn't come back until next spring), but I'm almost at the end and I'm enjoying the ride so far.

I feel like I should have an Avasarala icon. Hmm...

What I'm reading next
As I mentioned last week, probably Buried Heart, the third Court of Fives book, and then The Stone Sky, the third Broken Earth book. Because everything's a fucking trilogy these days. I also picked up the first two trades of the Kanan comic, so that's also a possibility.


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Aug. 9th, 2017 01:55 pm
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Sweet Volley High a otome game with both f/f and a m/f route and a bi female protag is on sale for half price at indiegala, in case anybody missed it. (Samu, you got this one? It looks cute.)

Though some of the reactions to that one, easily avoided m/f route and Aya being a bisexual are just...siiiigh.

And my heart can't handle anymore

Aug. 8th, 2017 12:58 pm
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I'm sorry this is all boring/depressing househunting nonsense all the time these days. But here's another anecdote that probably only I find hilarious and ridiculous:

Yesterday, the broker suggested seeing a place I had previously turned down, mostly because it's carpeted and I don't like carpeting - especially other people's carpeting ew gross - but he was like, that can be ripped up and this is a large apartment for a good price in a nice building. And the kitchen is cute and relatively updated, which is my #1 priority. So I said okay, and he said he'd confirm the appointment in the morning.

When I got home last night, every one of my saved listings on StreetEasy was delisted. Not just ones I knew had an accepted offer, where you might expect that, but even ones that were allegedly still on the market, including the one I had made an appointment to see. (It is still up on MLSLI, though.)

So I was like, who did I piss off? Am I under some sort of weird curse? What is happening.

But just now, the broker confirmed my appointment, so who the hell even knows? Will this just be one more disappointment, or will the seventh time be the charm? Tune in tomorrow for answers! Same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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So last Monday, I saw a cute apartment (that I offered for and didn't get) and I was supposed to see a second one in the same building, but neither the seller nor their broker showed up. They rescheduled me to see it on Saturday. I said to my broker, would it be possible to bring the offer sheet with you so I can sign it and make the offer on the spot? And he said, how do you feel about making the offer now, since there is another offer already? So I did - $6K above purchase price, even, to be more attractive as a buyer - and then he calls me and says the other offer is more than mine, do I want to go a little higher? So I do, and I end up at $16K above purchase price before I've even seen the place in person. That's how stupid and ridiculous this process is here. The pictures are nice - the kitchen is higher end than the one I actually saw on Monday, and it wouldn't require any of the painting that the other one would have, and also it's the same layout so I did kind of know what it looked like.

So on Saturday I saw it and reconfirmed my offer as the highest I was willing to go (with some trepidation as going that much above the purchase price made me even warier of a low appraisal), and this morning I got the call that they went with the other buyer.

This relentless disappointment is so disheartening. I know I'm supposed to keep up an enthusiastic and optimistic attitude, but I find it really difficult to get excited about something after repeated disappointments. I'd rather just not.

Because the thing is, you need to really love and be enthusiastic about a place to want to spend this kind of money on it (and I am aware of how little money, in the grand NYC real estate scheme of things, I have to spend, but to me it's a lot, and I'm also aware of how lucky I am, for certain values of lucky, to even be able to do this now) and it's really hard for me to do that knowing that I'm just as likely to be disappointed.

I know it's just timing (and money) and not judgement on me as a person, but meh. I don't like it. No sirree, I don't like it at all.

Also, all of this makes me wish I could ask my dad for advice, which is fraught in a number of different ways, so that is making me sad, too. I miss my dad. and my mom. Sigh.


I don't have a lot to say about this week's Orphan Black. I feel like I'll be much more able to say something after next week's finale, but spoilers )




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