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Oct. 1st, 2014 08:31 pm
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- On the Yuletide nominations front, Belle (2013) and Maurice - E.M. Forster are in. As is Hazell and Bim Taylor from The Charioteer.

- The Wednesday Reading meme rides again!

Just finished reading?

The Small Hand by Susan Hill (who also wrote The Woman in Black), which was disappointing. I think it was because I went into it with such high hopes. I haven't read a true ghost story in a while, where once they were pretty much regular reading to me. I think it might be the change in climate -- nothing fits a ghost story like the chilly air of winter, Charles Dickens would agree with me.

The novella started well enough -- the atmosphere of the long-abandoned garden, the ghost dwelling in it -- and I liked the unlucky antiquarian book dealer well enough. (The unlucky antiquarian book dealer isn't actually that unlucky -- over the course of the story, he's led to a big discovery.)

The ending bothered me. Not because I was surprised by it or scared, but because it seemed like such a cop-out, and left vast swathes of what happened before just unexplained. Meh.

What I'm reading now:

Behind the Scenes at the Museum by Kate Atkinson, which was one my favorite novels when I was in high school. The paperback I own literally disintegrated in my hands. I still like it! But it's not hitting its marks like it used to. And I'm more conscious of the big ole twist that changes everything at the end.

I kind of wanted to request a Lillian/Ghost!Albert/Jack fic for Yuletide, but alas, it was not to be.

I am still looking forward to the Scottish adventure.

What I'm going to read next:


this failure in your eyes

Oct. 1st, 2014 01:57 pm
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September recs update ahoy:

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for September 2014 with 25 recs in 6 fandoms:

* 20 Avengers
* 2 Crossovers
* 1 Guardians of the Galaxy, 1 Leverage, and 1 Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Read, love, comment!


September 2014 writing roundup:

The Wooly Soldier (@ AO3)
Captain America; Steve/Bucky; g; 1,330 words
Steve just wants to keep Bucky warm.

Man, I remember when I would write 12 stories a month. Now I'm going to be lucky to hit twelve a year. but I haven't yet broken my streak of finishing and posting at least one thing every month since September 2000. So that's something. I have other wsip and ideas, but I just don't have the mental energy lately.

Last night, I went to bed at 9 and could barely get out of bed at 7:30 this morning. That ain't right.

On the plus side, tonight, I'm meeting [personal profile] innie_darling for dinner and then going to hear Aretha Franklin speak at the 92nd St Y, so that's exciting. I will report back tomorrow. *g*


Top 5 songs:

5. Atlantic City - Bruce Springsteen
4. Goodnight New York - Vienna Teng
3. On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
2. Bossa Nova Baby - Elvis Presley (remixed by...someone? It's the version from that Heineken commercial, which I'd feel bad about except for how it's AWESOME)
1. Anna Sun - Walk the Moon

Any or all of these would make for a good Steve/Bucky vid, if you're looking for a song. I am just saying.


One of my yuletide noms has been approved so far (Middleman!) but not the other two (Enlisted, which has like 10 stories on AO3 (all brothercest, of course, which is not what I'm looking for, quelle surprise), and Blue Beetle, which has 425 stories in the archive, but that's still well under the limit, so. I didn't go check, though. Sigh.)

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Gotham is a mess, but it has seeds of a show I could enjoy - Donal Logue is really good as Harvey Bullock and Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney grabs my attention and holds it hostage every time she's onscreen. I see people call her OTT or annoying, but I think she's exactly what a lady mob boss on a show set in Gotham City should be.

As I said on Tumblr last night, now I want the story where Annalise Keating from How to Get Away with Murder is her lawyer. They grew up together (Philly and Gotham are not that far from each other), and took different paths to power. Now as adults, Annalise gets the call to defend Fish (?! I feel like she needs an actual name her friends call her; just saying "Fish" makes me think of Abe Vigoda.) and they have hot antagonistic reunion sex. You know you want to write it for me

I also think the kid playing Bruce was good in his scene last night minor spoiler ) but I still do not like what they're doing with Alfred. And also Jim Gordon needs to show some personality soon, because right now he's not very compelling.

I was thinking about this on my commute home tonight, and if I were the one writing this show, I would have done it slightly differently - keeping the elements that they've given us, I would have had Cobblepot be the parallel/foil for Gordon. Sure, he works for the mob, but he's trying to be a decent guy! I would have started him out as the smartest guy in the room just trying to survive in shark-infested waters, not a homicidal cretin with mommy issues. And then he could be get angrier and more corrupt and more broken over the course of the series, just as Jim Gordon gets more and more worn down trying to be the lone righteous man in the GCPD.

I mean, this is not revolutionary - I feel like they could have easily done a DC universe version of The Wire, where Fish Mooney is Avon Barksdale and Cobblepot is Stringer Bell, trying to go legit but not being able to etc.

Right now, as I said, I feel like it has elements that could work, but ugh, they need to stop the winking-and-nudging about the comics, and just go for it.

Arrow comes back next week and The Flash starts, so at least there'll be some actual entertaining superheroing going on soon on my tv.


Sleepy Hollow
spoilers )

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Accidentally on Purpose by [ profile] nekare & [ profile] notallbees
Steve and Bucky have makeouts but don't talk about it, until the strain of not talking about it takes its toll. Aw, boys.

and feel its total dark sublime by [ profile] schweinsty
The Winter Soldier slowly finds himself. Lovely.

the blood of the covenant by [ profile] Quietbang
"Sometimes..." He sighs again. "Sometimes, I... I'm so sure this isn't real. That I ain't real. That I'm, I'm having a dream and I'll wake up in the TB ward, or on-- or like Buck, on Zola's table, maybe that's it, maybe he's experimenting, trying to get me to give him classified information with my dreams--" His voice is rising, growing tighter with each word, but Sam just nods. He's learned that, in conversations like these, you let the vet take the lead. Steve is looking at him, though, expecting him to say something, so he does.

"That sounds tough," he says honestly.

Steve let out a shaky breath. "Yeah. Yeah, I guess that's one word for it. But I'd never-- this ain't something I could dream or hallucinate. The showers on base weren't hot, and there sure as hell weren't any in the trenches. Maybe on leave, you might go to a hotel or a brothel, and once we were billeted in this English country house, but it isn't something I'd ever got used to. So-- so this must be real. I couldn't imagine it."
Oh, Steve.

build it bigger than the sun by [ profile] defcontwo
Steve is getting really tired of the Avengers cockblocking him and Bucky. Hee! This is adorable.

Chilling With The Hulk by [ profile] Bouzingo
Bucky goes to Bruce because he knows he can't kill the Hulk and it makes him feel safe. Bruce understands. Oh honey.

Five Tries by [ profile] nimmieamee
Five times Steve tries to find Bucky a family (pre-CATWS). Oh heart.

Heaving Beasts and Throbbing Pens by [ profile] lanyon
Writing becomes part of Bucky's therapy. Nobody knows he's written a best-selling trilogy, though. Oh Bucky.

If I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked a Cake by [ profile] OddityBoddity
Bucky and Clint bond over baking and also time travel. Hee!

Impossible Measurements by [ profile] nimmieamee
"Steve, I love you," he'd said. To many Steves. Not to this man, maybe, but to the jumble of different Steves that existed inside him. The same Steve. But also all the different measurements of Steve, the different sizes he'd occupied. To every one, he'd said the same thing. Bucky tries to remember what it means, to love Steve. Oh my heart.

Life for me ain't been no crystal stair by [ profile] tigriswolf
The Winter Soldier rescues a little girl having an asthma attack, and suddenly everything in his life changes. Oh Bucky.

A Little Bit of You, A Little Piece of Me by [ profile] IamShadow21
I could read a million variations on this "Hydra made clones of Steve and/or Bucky and now Steve (&/or Bucky) has to take care of them" thing that's suddenly popular, and this is a particularly sweet version. ♥

Maria Hill's Bi-Annual Performance Review by [ profile] Niobium
Tony brings up an interesting question during Maria Hill's first performance review at Stark Industries. <3

Mission Parameters by [ profile] what_alchemy
Steve gets de-aged. The Winter Soldier takes care of him as they hide out from HYDRA (and the rest of the world). Oh my heart.

nothing in me wasted by [ profile] lupinely
Steve's got three people who love him (and each other) a lot. He just needs to get his shit together and figure it out. Oh Steve.

One last thaw by [ profile] mtothedestiel
Steve and Bucky find a clone baby in a Hydra base. Oh heart.

Poltergeists by [ profile] dirtybinary
Bucky takes Steve with him instead of leaving him on the Potomac. This is really lovely and I enjoyed it a lot.

Some Guardian Angels Have Missing Parts by [ profile] hufflepirate
When the Avengers all get de-aged, Bucky has to step out of the shadows to help. Oh, Bucky. *heart*

Wait for the Word by [ profile] sara_holmes
"Oh, Captain America," Bucky calls, voice a dangerous sing-song. The edge of a blue shoulder and elbow he can see don't move an inch.

Stopping completely about four feet away from the tree, Bucky crosses his arms over his chest, feeling utterly unimpressed. "I can see you," he calls, to a response of nothing. "Steve. You're behind a tree that isn't as wide as your shoulders. I can literally see you."

Finally, Steve moves. He appears from behind the tree, thumb tucked in his belt and expression carefully nonchalant, smiling at Bucky like he wasn't an idiot who had just got himself shot. "Oh hey, Buck."

"Don't you," Bucky begins, voice threatening as he scans Steve and spots a new tear in his uniform, across the side of his calf. "Don't you 'hey Buck' me," he tries, but Steve is still looking at him with a stupid winning smile fixed firmly in place, and it's no good, Bucky is starting to laugh.

"Stop grinning at me, punk, I'm mad at you," he insists. "Oh my god, you were hiding behind a tree, how have you survived this long-"

"Dumb luck," Steve says.
This is adorable.

Written in Blood and Bone by [ profile] Sholio
"When I found this place, I thought Steve would like this. And, well. Now I can show you."

Steve couldn't speak, mostly because when he'd first come out of the ice, it had happened to him all the time. Bucky would love this. I can't wait to show it to him. And then there would come the awful knowledge that he couldn't. In time the raw grief, so powerful he thought he'd die of it, had scabbed over to a dry and painful ache, so much a part of him that he no longer knew what it would feel like not to carry it around with him.

Until that day on a DC freeway overpass.

And then he'd been in a strange kind of limbo, grief and loss and anger all wrapped up into a snarled ball where his heart used to be. Because he hadn't known, couldn't know until he found Bucky how much was left of his friend and how much was still to be mourned, and he'd been living with that phantom-pain missing-limb grief for so long at that point anyway that he wasn't sure how to not feel it anymore.

All this tied together in his throat until he managed to swallow it enough to say, "I love it. Thank you for showing it to me."
Bucky reluctantly teams up with Steve and Natasha on a mission, and everybody has a lot of emotions. <3

your bones are mine to save (my bones are yours to break) by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch
If there was only one reason he's your best friend, it'd have to be his heart— the enormous, unbelievable, incredible expanse of it.

So when he grabs your shoulder and digs his thumb into your collarbone, anchoring you to the ground, eyes staring bright blue holes into your face, pleading for you not to go at it on your own, you stop. You listen.

And you try to remember.
I'm not crying, you're crying. *sobs*


this road never looked so lonely

Sep. 30th, 2014 01:16 pm
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Conceal me what I am by [ profile] Teaotter
In which Oliver once worked with the Winter Soldier and now he's trying to save him.


The Losers/Avengers

Everybody Wants a Thrill by [ profile] Fyre
Fun Captain America/The Losers crossover. I wish we'd gotten to see Natasha and Aisha meet though.

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Scenes from a Dojo by [ profile] Angel_Negra
Eliot teaches little girls how to fight. Darling!


Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Until My Well Runs Dry by [ profile] impertinence
Sweet, hot Phryne/Jack.


Guardians of the Galaxy

Revisionist History by [ profile] hitlikehammers
Peter comes home. His grandfather has been waiting. I'm not crying, it's just raining on my face.

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Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter Five (Part I)

In which Ana panics for no good reason; Grey imitates Edward Cullen at his creepiest; Ana recalls a honeymoon in which she was either in tears or terrified of angering her husband as "blissful"; Grey gives Ana a completely unnecessary Jet Ski lesson; Grey threatens the the incorrect person with mutilation; Ana prefers dreaming about Christian Grey to dealing with the actual person; Grey upsets Ana twice over by telling her that she's gained weight; Ana ponders WHO COULD HAVE SET THE SERVER ROOM FIRE (despite there only being one suspect); and Grey tells Ana that if he could have sex with his car, he'd prefer the car.

we're gonna rattle this ghost town

Sep. 29th, 2014 08:10 pm
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First thing this morning at work, I stapled my sleeve to a document. I don't even know. The day was so thoroughly Monday, and busy, that I didn't have time to update and soon shows will be on and I'll be behind in writing about last night's shows! Not to mention when I got home this evening, my copy of The Middleman Volume 5: The Pan-Universal Parental Reconciliation was waiting for me! !!!!

I didn't love it but it was fun (it seemed a little more mean-spirited than I remember the show being, Ida aside, but maybe I am also a little raw from stuff). I will probably like it even more after I watch the cast reunion read-through.

So quick takes on last night's shows:

Brooklyn Nine Nine: Undercover
spoilers )


The Good Wife: Trust Issues
spoilers )

And now Gotham and Sleepy Hollow! TEEVEE: Teacher, mother, secret lover.


Bad Bang 2: Electric Buggaboo

Sep. 29th, 2014 07:54 pm
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So, for Bad Bang 2, (a reverse bad fic challenge) I wrote this thing. It's set during WWI because I felt like it. 

(It was written in twenty minutes because I thought the deadline was at 3 PM Sunday. It was actually on 3PM, Saturday.)
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So, I just caught up with the kinky letter debate that's been unfolding over the last couple of days. Relevant posts are the original post, the post on the general YT comm, the subthread on FFA.

I'm a little dismayed... Writing a letter is stressful enough -- especially since I had decided to write a fresh one this year. (Unlike the past few years, where it's been more of a hack and slash affair, complete with midnight revisions and all of that.)

I want to concentrate on my prompts! But now I'm worried about the DNW list, which, to be honest, I've never really thought much about. (Until this year, at least.*) I'm afraid I'm the kind who simply says 'no xyz', blissfully unaware of the fact that I really should be softening my words with the artful application of a tea-related metaphor. But I prefer coffee! What to do.

Look, kink-shaming is bad. People shouldn't do it. But saying no to a kink, with no accompanying explanations/exclusions is not kink-shaming. And you know what? There are some kinks that I seek out during the year that I don't necessarily want for Yuletide. I think this is okay, and honestly, I am going to keep on thinking it's okay.

I am kind of laughing in disbelief that the thing to spark this whole debate -- the YT letter in question -- is literally the most innocuous thing in the world. It's too much.

* Still haven't figured out how to say 'no character bashing pls' -- I mean, most people who would probably argue that their fic isn't bashing anyone, even when said character is literally drowning kittens. Which they do not do in canon.

you miss opportunities for possession

Sep. 28th, 2014 04:01 pm
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Ugh Sunday. So often recently I just feel cranky and headachy on Sundays and not even a nap helps. Yesterday, I was disappointed because I'd forgotten to set up my iced coffee on Friday night, so I had to go out for it, and I had nothing but stale cookies for breakfast, so last night I made glazed orange sweet rolls (pic). I didn't start until almost 10 pm, though, so the first rise didn't finish until midnight, so I was up late. But once they were rolled out and filled and rolled up, I put the tray in the fridge and set an alarm for an hour before I wanted to actually cook them, so I could take them out for the second rise, and thus, I had sticky orange sweet rolls for breakfast. They're good, and really easy - I made the dough without a mixer and it took about 7 minutes of kneading - except for the usual issues when trying to slice a warm roll of dough. *hands* I am going to have to try that dental floss method, I think, though I can't imagine it's going to work any better for me than my sharpest knife. I also don't think I'm going to use a glaze next time, or at least not that glaze - I refused to put in as much sugar as it called for, but stupidly didn't cut back on the juice, so it's swampy and overly sweet. Sigh. And too messy to take to work for breakfast, so I'll be making a lemon cake later. (I'd be making a lemon cake now except I forgot to put the butter out earlier to soften so it's still frozen. Sigh. That is always the hardest part of baking for me. Well, that and having enough space to do things. I was going to make a lemon bundt cake, but it called for a pound of butter. I feel like that is not a thing I could (or should!) eat by myself, even over the course of a week, so I'll be leaving that for a time when there are people to give it away to.)

I also need to make the mini lasagnas - I bought pesto and I had a tub of ricotta, so that'll be easy enough, and there'll be enough for dinner tonight too.

My exciting Sunday. Brooklyn Nine Nine comes back tonight though, and hopefully it (and TGW) won't be delayed by football.


but we unleashed a lion

Sep. 27th, 2014 03:24 pm
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One of the things I discovered when we cleaned out my room at my parents' house was a Macy's gift card, so the other day I ordered a new wallet (a women's wallet, which I have never used before - I generally prefer something that will fit in my pocket, but I liked this one and including tax and shipping, the gift card covered the amount almost exactly), but of course, the delivery guy didn't leave it, so I had to pick it up at the post office. I tried on Thursday night to leave work early to make it there before it closed at 6 pm, since both bosses were out for the holiday, but as always at 4:30 on days he's out, boss2 started sending me emails requiring immediate answers etc., so I didn't leave early enough and missed the 6 pm closing time.

I had already made plans to meet up with L. for dinner at the Chinese restaurant around the corner (I don't know what they do to their sesame chicken, but it is like crack - I could eat it every day), though, and I was early enough that I didn't want to sit in the restaurant by myself for that long, so I went to LUSH, where I bought the new Charity Pot lotion, which smells amazing, and also a Peace Bar, which I thought was soap, and which I bought because I asked for the Olive Branch shower gel but they were out, and the sales girl recommended the Peace Bar because it has a similar scent and is also made with olive oil. So I bought it, thinking it was soap. It is not soap. It is a massage bar, which means it is a lotion bar, as I discovered this morning when I tried to wash my face with it. Oops.

While I realize I shouldn't have assumed it was soap, I think that was a reasonable assumption, given that the product it was replacing was in fact soap (or soap-like in its function, anyway). What I don't understand is, why would you recommend a product that is not analogous to the product that is unavailable? THAT IS A TERRIBLE SALES TECHNIQUE. I mean, it worked, because I bought the thing, but it also made me grumpy, because now I do not have Olive Branch shower gel, and I do not have soap to replace it! (I mean, obviously I have other soap and/or soap-like objects with which to cleanse my face, but it's the principle of the thing!) At least it smells nice? I love LUSH but sometimes I do not like how things smell (see the conditioner scented with artificial musk debacle).

I also stopped in at Fairway for a package of wonton wrappers, so it's mini lasagnas this week for lunch. Yay!

Anyway, I picked up the wallet this morning and just transferred all my stuff in to it and I did not know I was carrying all that around. I got rid of a lot, but there's probably other things I don't need in there, making it bulkier than it should be. It's a nice wallet, don't get me wrong, and I didn't have to pay for it, so that's great, but I guess there'll be no more slipping my wallet and keys into my pockets and running errands without a purse. Sigh.

Then I watched How to Get Away with Murder. HOLY SHIT VIOLA DAVIS. SO FIERCE AND IMPLACABLE. Annalise Keating is a terminator. I LOVE HER ALREADY. And Dean Thomas sure grew up cute. I don't really care about anyone else yet (except PARIS, I mean, Bonnie, and Michaela), but when they are on screen (especially together), I am riveted.

And then there's the Legend of Korra Book 4 trailer. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. BOOK FOUR STARTS THIS FRIDAY. I AM EXCITE.

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I posted some fic yesterday! It's Fingon/Maedhros, post-Mandos, 2,500 words. Mature themes. Posted on both AO3 and SWG, where you can observe, first hand, the thing we talked about a few weeks ago about capitalization (or not). The story had an all lower case title (because I felt like it) on AO3, but I didn't think people on SWG would click on it. Difference audiences, etc.

might as well post this here too...

Sep. 27th, 2014 02:02 am
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So to do a recap of this week’s American TV shows:

- The Good Wife: Yes, good, show. I still love you the most. Especially you, Kalinda. OMG Eli even got to be COMPETENT. That’s wonderful. Keep on with it. Don’t make me stress too much about Cary though, show, I rather like him, all in all and I don’t watch you to be stressed.

- Sleepy Hollow: small spoiler )

- Gotham: Well you do the city Gotham pretty good, so that’s a big point in your favourite, and I also I loved baby Selina so far and even baby Bruce. I never like Bruce, wtf. I’m actually not sure what to make of what you’re doing with Renée yet (and Cris) but she’s one of my fav SO DONT MESS UP. I’m afraid your Gordon bores me. I fear this is my white male protagonist fatigue more than anything, cuz he’s not badly acted or anything. Fish Moony is delightful tho, so there’s that. You need to improve on the writing front fast though, otherwise you’ll be as mediocre Agents of Shield.

- Agents of SHIELD: Oh show, I’m afraid you’re on a countdown. Improve quickly and stop mistreating your female characters quickly. Stop making Coulson so fucking aggravating, I’m starting to hate seeing him on screen if you keep doing that raising music and it’s so cheesy and I want to throw things at my screen. spoiler ) So basically you have a few episodes to improve quickly or I give up on you. Cheers!

- How to Get Away With Murder: Good writing, good plot set up, intriguing characters if not yet quite what I would call sympathetic yet. But I like plotty stories too, I can roll with that rather than character appeal for now. I like the use of male seducing, too, interesting gender reversal in how it was handled. Don’t get too excited with the fancy jumpcut shit, it’s not 2007 any more and it just looks silly. Just, be smart and not too creepy and we’ll be great friends.

so yeah, hi! Anybody still reading?
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I posted a story yesterday:

The Wooly Soldier (@ AO3)
Captain America; Steve/Bucky; g; 1,330 words
Steve just wants to keep Bucky warm.

Written for [ profile] angelgazing, who was having a rough night, based on this art by [ profile] aredblush.

It's the first non-work-related thing I've written in weeks! It's also, like, the third time I've written a story about characters knitting, which would probably be more interesting if I knitted myself. But I am terrible at it. (I am also bad at crochet, embroidery, sewing, and needlepoint. The needley arts are not for me.)

Anyway, the inspirational art is adorable, the story is twee, but it made me happy, so. *hands* Also, I've been earwormed with "Moonlight Serenade" for weeks, which is why it gets mentioned in the story.

I realize that I have fallen down on the Wednesday reading meme, mostly because I'm still rereading my way through Discworld. I reread the first three Tiffany Aching books and god, she's the most awesome. ♥TIFFANY♥ I love her so much. I wish I'd had her as a kid, but I'm so glad she exists now, regardless. I've also reread Night Watch, The Truth, Going Postal and Making Money, all of which I enjoyed tremendously yet again. Now I'm into Thud, and enjoying that as well.

My one major complaint about these books is the way fat people are written about. Evil people are fat (though fat people aren't necessarily evil, there's a good chance they may be). Girls can be fat and not evil, but they're still going to be described mostly in terms of their fatness.

I don't think I noticed it previously, but it's really in-your-face when you read a lot of these books back-to-back.

I was too tired - and too interested in watching the Giants actually win for once - to watch How to Get Away with Murder, but it's on my DVR for weekend viewing, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to sleeping for as much of the weekend as humanly possible.


Is it time to go home yet?

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The Wooly Soldier
Captain America; Steve/Bucky; g; 1,330 words
Steve just wants to keep Bucky warm.

Written for [ profile] angelgazing, who was having a rough night, based on this art by [ profile] aredblush.

The Wooly Soldier )


Feedback is adored.




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