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After reading the AV club recaps of the BSG mini and "33," I got nostalgic, and started rewatching, and then I couldn't stop, because it's always so compelling, even knowing how it ends (and my complicated feelings about the end). So I just finished through Resurrection Ship part 2, and honestly, if they'd ended the show there, it'd be a pretty perfect show without even a bad episode to its name. After that, it goes in good and bad streaks, imo, but the low points are awfully low.

And of course, I keep thinking of how I would have preferred the ending to go. I guess I should cut for spoilers? )

I know from having trouble with endings, but I feel like not having any plan at all for how to wrap up the show's mysteries was also a big problem (also, speaking of plans, item #1 I'd change would be deleting the "and they have a plan" in the opening graphics after the mini. So much trouble saved that way, since then you could say the plan was carried out in the miniseries, instead of having to admit later that there was no real plan.). Like, sure, make it up as you go, but also at some point make a list of all the major loose ends that need wrapping up and do something interesting with them. *hands*

Anyway, the things I love about it, I still love, and this time I really noticed the cinematography - I love the blown out, overexposed yellows of Cylon-occupied Caprica. I love the ovesaturated greens and blues of Kobol, while Sharon's in her red jumpsuit (like Head Six in her signature red dress, like the red of the centurions' eye). I love the gray/brown/white palette of New Caprica (and the sunlight in the flashbacks). The gunmetal gray and shaky cam+fluorescent lighting of the Galactica, and how real and lived she felt the very first time we saw her.

And knowing how it ends, I can just skip to the parts I enjoy.


My friend L. lost her job so I took her out to dinner tonight, and also made these individual orange and chocolate cheesecakes (pic) for her. Originally there were supposed to be two trays - I doubled the recipe - so I could keep one tray for myself, but while I was working, I elbowed the bowl with the batter and it spilled, and this was all that was left. *hands* At least I have the ramekin? Honestly, given that I have almost no counter space, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

Anyway, I sprinkled a few bits of candied orange peel on them before I gave them away, and she texted to say they taste good, so I'll consider it a success. And they're ridiculously easy to make, and I still have ricotta left (as well as the Nabisco famous chocolate wafer cookies, which I finally found in the grocery store!), so I'll probably make them again.


Banging it out.

Aug. 30th, 2014 10:08 am
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I stayed up last night finishing a story for Bad Bang, but I'm not sure if it's actually bad, per se. But quality is subjective, right? I did add a lot of things people usually dislike. I also signed up for art claims! Hopefully my muse deserts me and I go commando with a glue-stick and some markers. Life is fun.
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August recs update:

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for August 2014 with 34 recs in 2 fandoms:

* 30 Avengers
* 4 Guardians of the Galaxy


I recently read on the internet that there is going to be a fifth Tiffany Aching novel. I am mostly excited but also slightly trepidatious, if only because of how awesome the first four are and why mess with that?

Speaking of books, I'm about a third of the way through The Black Count (thumbs up so far!), and am now hoping someone can recommend a good non-fiction overview of the French Revolution/Terror/Napoleon (or one book for each?), since clearly this is yet another era I know only the broadest outlines of. (and much of what I do know is via fiction, at least re: Napoleon.)

Also, I am totally picturing Howard Charles as Alex Dumas in the (hopefully) inevitable miniseries of The Black Count.

I really do need a Musketeers icon or three.


In my ongoing search for how to make that dream pistachio cake, I found a recipe in the Smitten Kitchen cookbook (reproduced here) that is the same general idea with hazelnut and crepes, except I would just make a regular yellow cake and also substitute pistachio paste for hazelnut paste in the pastry cream. I think it's definitely workable.

Probably not this weekend, though, as I still have to purchase the pistachio paste. I've been thinking a lot about these mini orange & chocolate cheesecakes (mostly because I have four ounces of cream cheese and half a container of ricotta to use up in my fridge), though these raspberry-lemonade bars are also very tempting.

I guess we'll see.


And act as if we were old friends

Aug. 29th, 2014 10:45 am
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anyway, here's wonderwall by [ profile] KiaraSayre
The Winter Soldier tracks down each and every HYDRA agent that forced him to kill and watches them die. He also tries to become a well-rounded individual with interests and hobbies. The results are mixed. oh, Bucky.

Assembly Instructions for the Rest of Your Life by [ profile] thingswithwings
In which Tony and Rhodey build the quinjet. Adorable.

At the Twilight's Last Gleaming by [ profile] BreTheWriter
Sweet first kiss for Steve and Bucky at a fireworks show.

Captain Rogers and Sergeant Barnes by [ profile] Speranza
Bucky brings Steve a mission he can't handle himself. Natasha comes along for the ride. Wonderful.

a case of you by [ profile] irnan
Really lovely post-Winter Soldier Bucky/Natasha.

Croatian Holiday by [ profile] Brenda
In which Natasha checks Sam out, in more ways than one.

Darcy Lewis and the No Good, Very Bad (Kinda Awesome) Day by [ profile] kellifer_fic
"I heard there was some guy that liked crawling around the air ducts, scaring the crap out of new people. The first day I was here, I tied a bit of ribbon to all the vents. About twenty minutes ago, all the ribbons were doing the cha-cha except for that one," Darcy says, pointing up to the vent above them.

"I don't like... geez, who told you that?" Barton demands, looking offended.

"I didn't say it was you. I assumed you have some other completely unrelated reason for being in the air duct above my head, looking down my top."

Barton's face turns an instant, dull red from ear to ear and temple to chin. "I wasn't-!" he starts to splutter.

"I'm sure," Darcy purrs, raising an eyebrow.

"I mean, I couldn't not, because, but it wasn't what I was..." Barton seems to realize he's digging himself deeper because he deflates and offers a helpless gesture with his hands. "There's orders involved, I swear."
Adorable Clint/Darcy.

Fluff by [ profile] MoreThanSlightly
An Asgardian animal that makes people cuddly gets loose in the tower. The Avengers try to recapture it without things getting too weird. This is adorable!

The gold-hearted boy I used to be by [ profile] lanyon
There is so much Bucky Barnes does not remember. Lovely, melancholy, but hopeful in the end.

The Good, the Bad and the Fluffy by [ profile] newredshoes
Tony gets Bucky a therapy llama. Hijinks, as they say, ensue. Hilarious.

halfway between the gutter and the stars by [ profile] verity
Absolutely darling story chock full of Thor being the most delightful Avenger ever.

Here Is A Secret Deeper Than Language by [ profile] sageness
Natasha - who she's been and who she is now, and what it means for her relationships with Steve and Bucky. Nice melding of comics and movie canon for her backstory.

it's a love story (baby just say yes) by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch
Bucky goes out on his first date since he got himself back. Steve isn't jealous, he's just worried! This is adorable.

Languages by [ profile] fmo
Steve worries because Bucky seems unresponsive, but Bucky communicates in his own way, in his own time. Aw, heart.

The Logic of Stars Collapsing by [ profile] Portrait_of_a_Fool
A slow, melancholy recovery for Bucky

the natural progression of the color wheel by [ profile] Mici
Steve discovers some letters Bucky wrote him during the war. Lovely.

No Gods, No Masters, Just Me by [ profile] OddityBoddity
Bucky teams up with Sam and Steve to get some bad guys. Things do not go at all as planned. This was fun.

nothing safe is worth the drive (and i will follow you home) by [ profile] countthestars
Aw, I never get tired of Bucky + dogs in stories.

The Only Guy Steve Knows Who Lives In Brooklyn by [ profile] Chex
Clint doesn't really understand why the Winter Soldier starts hanging around his apartment building, but he rolls with it, and everything else that comes along. I liked the first half at the apartment more than the second half fighting AIM/HYDRA etc. but the whole thing is fun.

Scandal by [ profile] biblionerd07
"What's the scandal?" Steve asks, reaching for the muffin Bucky's holding. "Gimme some of your muffin."

"Only a little." Bucky orders even as he breaks it clean in half. "I know how guys like you operate. I give you an inch, you'll take a mile."

"Dear Lord, do you two try to lace everything you say with innuendo or is it really that accidental?" Tony asks. Bucky catches Steve's eye before making his face go completely innocent.

"Sorry, Stark." He says sweetly. "Must be our boner."

Tony chokes. Steve and Bucky both keep their eyes wide and innocent. "Are you okay?" Steve asks earnestly. Tony's muttering curse words and Bucky has to stuff another bite of muffin in his mouth to hide a laugh. Moments like these make Steve's stomach hurt with how nice it is to have Bucky back with him.
Adorable Steve/Bucky story in which Steve comes out at a press conference.

She Houses Tornadoes by [ profile] triedunture
Peggy doms Steve and Bucky. A good time is had by all. This is very hot.

so familiar a gleam by [ profile] sariane
Steve develops temporary psychic abilities and accidentally wanders his way into Bucky's dreams. All he wants is to convince Bucky to come home. Oh heart.

so while you're here in my arms by [ profile] verity
Very hot Steve/Bucky/Peggy.

sorry about the blood in your mouth by [ profile] callingallangels
Clint and Natasha take Bucky in while he heals. A little rough technically (punctuating dialogue) but heartfelt and wistful with a nice Clint voice.

the stirring of you in my arms by [ profile] radialarch
Bucky keeps climbing through Steve's window. This is lovely.

The thing that drives the wolves away by [ profile] caughtinanocean
Really lovely story about Bucky's recovery and how people (other than Steve) try to help him.

there's trees in the desert since you moved out by [ profile] irnan
Bucky asks Steve to give him time. Steve, Sam and Nat go on a road trip. Clint takes down Hydra cells. Everybody talks about their feelings. So wonderful. Oh my heart. (It's Steve/Natasha, though I totally read it as Steve/Natasha/Bucky. *cough*)

Undercover Heart by [ profile] wintergrey
Sweet hot Natasha/Sam.

Vigil by [ profile] LtLJ
Sam meets Tony and Bruce while waiting for Steve to come out of surgery. Oh heart.

Wishbones by [ profile] freshbakedlady
Really lovely story where magic gives Sam wings.


taking time to make time

Aug. 29th, 2014 10:41 am
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Guardians of the Galaxy

if home is where the heart is then we're all just fucked by [ profile] egelantier
Really lovely story of Gamora and the others building a home.

I Know A Place (I'll Take You There) by [ profile] KiaraSayre
Gamora adjusts to life on the Milano. I could read a million stories of Gamora learning to live with those dumbasses.

Let Me Grow Young by [ profile] Vera_DragonMuse
Gamora settles into her new life - and friendship - on the Milano. Oh heart.

A Short List of Relevant Skills and Abilities by [ profile] ignipes
Peter and his new crew try to figure out where to go from Xandar. Aw.

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Ugh, I could complain about coworkers who are annoying me, but instead, I want to talk about fall TV! I have not had the actual television on much at all this summer - I mean, for The Musketeers, yes, but other than that it's been all via the Roku or on my laptop. I haven't even been watching the slow motion catastrophe that is the Mets' season. So I don't really know what is starting when and while I have a few new shows on my to-check-out list, since I haven't been paying attention, I don't know if I'm missing anything. But this is what my fall TV schedule looks like right now:

Football - this probably goes without saying, but I am saying it anyway.

Brooklyn Nine Nine - WHY? WHY MOVE THIS TO SUNDAY NIGHT? UGH. It's just going to get bumped around by football.

The Good Wife - I don't watch any prestige cable dramas, so for my money, this is the best show on TV right now and I'm excited to see where it's going. Maybe Martha Plimpton will be back, since her other show ended.

Madame Secretary - On the one hand, it's supposed to be like TGW without the infidelity and on the national political level, but on the other hand, I already have TGW? I guess you can never have too many shows with powerful ladies front and center though, so I'll probably give it a shot.

Sleepy Hollow - AAAAHHHH! SHOW! I saw a very intriguing casting spoiler the other day that made me even more excited for this season. Abbie! Ichabod! Jennie! Frank!

Gotham - I could pretend I'm not going to check this out, but that would be a lie everyone would see through, so I'm just going to say I will be checking it out, though I'm pretty skeptical right now. I guess as long as it mostly focuses on the adults and not 12 yo Bruce Wayne, it could be interesting. I mean, I love Jim Gordon! One man against a corrupt system! And maybe Renee Montoya or Josie Mac or Cris Allen could show up? (WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST DO A GOTHAM CENTRAL SHOW ON HBO? WITH RUCKA AS HEAD WRITER? WHY?) But I also feel like it's... pointless? Because you know Jim Gordon can't clean up the city without Batman (and even Batman can't clean up the city. So. I don't know.)

Jane the Virgin - this has some good buzz, what with being compared to Gilmore Girls, and you know how much I loved GG - so I will probably check it out if I can remember that it's on.

SHIELD - again, I could pretend I've given it up, but the casting news over the summer means I will probably be hate-watching and counting the days until Agent Carter premieres.

The Flash - Despite my annoyance that it's Barry instead of Wally, I was absolutely charmed by him in his appearance on Arrow, and I have high hopes for this show. Please don't suck! (I also am not sure I understand why this isn't on Wednesday at 8 with Arrow moving up to 9? I don't understand television programming, I guess.)

Selfie - John Cho as Henry Higgins! Karen Gillan as Eliza Doolittle! (though I hear they don't let her use her own accent, which, WHY?) What could possibly go wrong?


Black-ish - Laurence Fishburne in a comedy. I'm just saying. I will have to at least check it out.

Elementary - Apparently this isn't on the schedule until October 30 - does CBS have the World Series or something? Or is this because of Thursday night football? Anyway! Let's just say that after a season of idling and meandering down less interesting roads (please let us never see or mention Mycroft again), I hope this show can get back to being about Sherlock and Joan's partnership, which is where it is at its best, with able assists from the interesting supporting characters they've created and yet we never see (Alfredo, Ms. Hudson).

How to Get Away with Murder - Viola Davis! I don't know anything else about it, but I'm not sure I need to. I guess we'll see!

Friday & Saturday:
Now that Korra is over, I have no Friday night shows, and without Orphan Black, there's nothing I watch on Saturdays.

What have you heard? (Casting spoilers A-OK, general plot outlines okay, no specific spoilers, though, please.) What am I missing? What will you be watching?


Hi, Claudius

Aug. 27th, 2014 07:18 pm
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It's Wednesday reading meme time! And I am actually reading something, it is exciting. Getting my iPad (Aredhel) has really seen an upswing in my reading habits. I'm reading almost as much as I did in high school, where I could finish a three hundred page book in a day or so. And still retain it years later! Yeah, college kind of killed my voracity for the written word, but I will be there again.

What I've just finished

Maurice. My thoughts about it from the previous post, although it's more my thoughts about the book versus the film rather than purely book thoughts. I really enjoyed reading Maurice, and mildly spammed my Tumblr with quotes that I liked best.

What I'm reading now

Goodbye to All That by Robert Graves (see: title), a Memoir with a capital M. Quick question -- were there any British writers who were happy in public school? I mean, besides C.S. Lewis.

I read I, Claudius when I was miserable in school (though in spectacularly different circumstances, of course!) -- and it helped, weirdly enough, but I never read the sequels because I didn't want to see Claudius murdered. Livia continues to be one of my favorite characters ever. I think I've read a few of Graves' poems too, but they didn't stick half as well.

And of course there's Regeneration, where Graves himself shows up and is kind of a bad friend to poor Siegfried Sassoon. Man, fictionalized versions of real people can get pretty tricky, eh.

From what I've read so far, Graves seems like a bit of a jerk, actually, which I support because it makes for interesting reading. Anyway, I'm right at the beginning of WWI. This should be horrible. Can't wait.

What I'm reading next

Still on the WWI kick (along with the rest of the world), I'm finally reading The Great War and Modern Memory.
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It's Wednesday reading meme time:

What I've just finished

I finished up Kraken not long after I posted about it last week. I enjoyed it a lot, for all that I wasn't emotionally tangled up in it. It's super clever and wryly funny and it features a squidpocalypse cult and dudes who have fists for heads. I feel like spoilers ) So I would recommend it, if you don't mind a bit of a hefty read.

I also read The Girl in the Road by Monica Byrne, which I thought had some excellent writing and ideas in it, but which I just didn't like. It's the story of two young women on similar journeys - both Mariama and Meena are on the run from something (something that is sadly obvious, in Meena's case. I'm not sure if I was supposed to know from the start or if it was supposed to be a mystery that spoiler ) and they're heading from an old (unhappy & terrible in Mariama's case) life in India to what they hope will be a new start in Ethiopia. Their journeys take place at different times, but they intersect spoiler? )

There's some fascinating world-building happening here - inexorable climate change means that some parts of the world have started to be drowned and that energy as always is a crisis, and a company in India has managed to build a prototype of a solar array that runs from India to Africa and if it proves feasible, it will be replicated in other areas of the world. There's stories about people walking on the Trail, as it's known colloquially, and Meena decides that's what she's going to do. (Mariama is a young child when she makes her journey - she's found by some helpful truckers.)

There were a couple of issues for me with this book. spoilers )

This also should come with a warning for non-graphic child abuse: spoiler, if you want more details ) And there is also some gore I could have done without: spoiler )

I also feel like Meena's sections suffered somewhat from what I was talking about yesterday. A lot of this book is stuck in her head while she's by herself, and spoilers ) it gets samey after a while. At least Mariama is interacting with her fellow travelers.

Anyway, I felt like the writing was much stronger in this than in A Madness of Angels, or maybe I just really wanted to know more about the Trail, because I kept reading, and it does contain some interesting world-building - I really wanted to know more about the politics and science of this world, and the other people who'd walked the Trail and who were living on the seasteads etc. and maybe I'm just unsympathetic etc. but yeah, that was basically my response.

I also reread Lords and Ladies and Men at Arms, which I enjoyed very much.

What I'm reading now

The Black Count: Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo by Tom Reiss, which is the story of Alex Dumas, father of the novelist Alexandre Dumas. I basically read the prologue at lunch and then my bosses started calling my name so I am about five pages into it. But I'm sure I'll have a lot to say eventually!

What I'm reading next

Ha! I can answer this question for once! After I finish The Black Count, I plan to finally read The Three Musketeers, which I have never done before. So unless something else from my hold list at the library comes in, that's the plan.



Aug. 27th, 2014 12:12 am
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Nemo me impune lacessit (2026 words) by zeen
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Curufin/Finrod
Characters: Curufin, Finrod
Additional Tags: Consensual But Not Safe Or Sane, Well - Freeform, Dubious Consent, Caves, Festivals, Alternative Universe - The Cask of Amontillado, Drunkenness
Series: Part 6 of The Nargothrond Series
Summary: No one cuts me with impunity.

Also available on SWG.

It's the Finrod/Curufin Cask of Amontillado AU that no one asked for! I was asked for drunk!fic for this pairing, but, er, this happened instead.

I stuck it in the Nargothrond Series because that's where all my weird Finrod/Curufin fic lives.

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I was all confused when [personal profile] liseuse posted her Wednesday reading today, because it's still Tuesday here! but I did want to discuss a book that I picked up and put down this weekend, and while it probably should go in the Wednesday meme, I feel like the stuff I have to say about it is more about a narrative choice that applies more widely than about this book in particular (especially since I only got about 45 pages in), and I have a lot to say about some other things I read over the past week, so those will probably take up a lot of space too.

Anyway! So I mentioned that Saturday I went out to MCU* Park in Coney Island for the Cyclones game, which means around 90 minutes (or up to two hours, depending on wait times/delays etc.) on various bits of public transportation. This is prime reading time for me, and I was looking forward to starting a new book. The one I chose was A Madness of Angels by Kate Griffin, which I had picked up because it was recommended in the same breath as the Rivers of London and Felix Castor series, both of which I enjoyed (though admittedly, the former more than the latter).

The story opens with about 35 pages of the narrator - who doesn't quite know what's going on - describing things. Now, he has his reasons for being so disoriented (and they are pretty good), but good lord, it's page upon page of overwritten descriptions of things without any meaningful interaction with other characters (except for an interaction with something trying to kill him, i.e., spoiler ), which was clever and should have been entertaining, but the writing was so bogged down in endless metaphors and neither the writer nor the narrator seemed to have any sense of whimsy or humor in dealing with it), and I realized that unless your narrator is super charming, like Peter Grant, whose personality pops off the page right on page 2, or your writing is both enjoyable to read on a sentence level and moves the story along, I'm just going to get bored.

I realize that this is at least 75% about me and my reading taste (and my very limited attention span for scenic description) and only 25% about the writing, but I'm begging you, as an avid reader: don't waste a promising start like your main character waking up from being dead for two years on endless, overextended metaphors about garbage (um, that's not me being judgy; he spends a lot of time talking about the trash littering the street where he is) without ever giving a sense of who the character is. I mean, I guess this was a guy who thought up a lot of ways to describe garbage? IDEK. It just went on and on and on, and there I was on the D train thinking, "I can't with much more of this." And I was kind of a captive audience, you know? (Had I had a paper book and not my iPad, I would have been a captive audience and I'd have been much more pissed off about it.) And yet it went on for another five pages. And then he finally does meet up with another person and he's a huge asshole about it and I was like, "I am so not here for this jackass," so I closed out of it, opened up Lords and Ladies and enjoyed the rest of my epic train ride.

And it's not that I can't or don't enjoy asshole characters (I can, and do), it's that having spent 40 pages on my own with this guy, I had no desire to go further. And even when I do like a character, if you send them off on their own to have an epic internal monologue for fifteen or twenty pages, I am probably going to get bored.

This was also my main issue with the third Steerswoman book. I really like Rowan a lot! But I did not want to read a whole section of her on her own observing creatures doing the same things over and over again. It is boring! This is also why I tend not to enjoy reading solo Batman adventures. He's going to investigate broodily. Then he's going to narrate broodily. He's going to brood a bit - broodily. Then he's going to punch some guys broodily. And then there's going to be more broody narration because he's a noir hero and his parents are DEAD and wah wah wah please talk to someone soon before I claw my own face off, Bruce. And no, Jason's case doesn't count.


To get back to this book in particular, then there's the part where there was no frisson of delight - the metaphors were lugubrious and landed like wet blats of used paper towels on the floor of a public restroom. Like, with Kraken, last week I said I wasn't getting the same sense of glee that I have from other writers, who seem to really enjoy what they're writing in a way that comes through to me as a reader, but in the end, I did feel like Mieville was pretty pleased with the crazy shit he put in the book, if in a gloomier and more subdued manner. And it certainly had a sense of wryness, a deadpan that permeated the gloom. (And it was entertaining even if it wasn't particularly emotionally engaging.)

This book did not have that, not in the small bit I read, anyway, and it needs to come through to leaven both the ponderous narration and the character's unpleasantness. Someone needs to be having a good time somewhere, even if it's just the writer enjoying putting the characters and the reader through the wringer! And this book did not have that spark at all and I just didn't like it.

(Interestingly enough, I did finish another book this week that I also didn't like very much, but which I found much more compelling and interesting to read. I'll talk about that tomorrow though.)

Anyway, like I said, this is in large part a matter of taste - I also can't stand most of Dickens or Theodore Dreiser, which has gotten me the side-eye more than once - so if you enjoyed this book, or books in this style, um, mileage obviously varies! And my mileage is much more interested in books that don't do this.

*it stands for Municipal Credit Union, not Marvel Cinematic Universe OR Major Crimes Unit


The Ten Word Fic Meme

Aug. 25th, 2014 09:16 pm
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The Charioteer:

1. Angst: Gyp whimpered in the dark cage. He missed his Boy.

2. AU: Laurie’s hand slipped from the doorknob. Inside, the smoke hadn’t yet cleared.

3. Crack!Fic: “A long-lost brother!” Bunny exclaimed, “How romantic!”
Laurie felt faint.

4. Crossover: “What’s your name, then?” said Durham’s father, abruptly.
“Lanyon, sir.”

5. First Time: It was almost unbearable, being so close to another person.

6. Fluff: Andrew, with rare mischief in his eye, offered him an apple.

7. Humour: Sandy thought his life a tragedy. No one else agreed.

8. Hurt/Comfort: "I can do that myself,” Laurie said, gritting his teeth.

9. Smut: Secretly, Lucy counted herself lucky for having had two wedding nights.

10. UST: “Heel,” Sandy said.
Alec obeyed, looking faintly astonished.“And then?”



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