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Apr. 21st, 2015 06:33 pm
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Link: [community profile] everywoman

Description: A fic and art exchange where every female is eligible for nomination. Minimum word count is 500.

Nominations: May 1 - May 8
Sign-ups: May 12 - May 19
Due: June 23
Posting: June 30
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The Rangers played approximately 52 minutes of excellent hockey last night, which was good enough to win, though to keep winning they're going to have to up it to a full 60 minutes, every game. Sigh. They're still doing that thing where they sit back on a lead in the third period, though, another long-time team behavior/strategy that makes me crazy, and they still can't score on the power play, but they executed some beautiful plays last night, especially on the two goals they scored. I'm cautiously optimistic, though I'd really like Kevin Klein back in the lineup. And for Nash to start scoring.

Of course, this means I'm now two weeks behind on Jane the Virgin. *hands* Hopefully my DVR can keep up.


So I've already read Matt & Clint and Matt/Natasha, now where is the Matt & Peter fic?


Today's poem:

The Lottery Prayer

Another winter morning,
another day I am not a millionaire.
The Lord of Chance is my shepherd.
He makes me want. He tells me I must play
to win. He leadeth me down a path
toward early retirement.
I follow religiously.
Yea, though I drive through
the valley in a shadow of debt
to buy my tickets, I am still left wanting.
My friends and family comfort me.
They prepare a meal for me each week
to supplement the hole the lottery leaves
in my grocery budget.
I play their birthdays, ages,
wedding and divorce dates.
I play shoe, dress, waist, and bra sizes.
I play the days in a month,
the months in a year,
the year my car was built.
I play the numbers printed inside
fortune cookies, if the fortune is good.

Oh, Lord of Chance, drop
some Ping-Pong balls my way.
Help me become the generous man
I am meant to be. Help me build
the non-profit foundation dedicated
to supporting abused, homeless, hungry,
handicapped, mentally, emotionally
and imaginatively challenged literary artists—
that is my destiny. Help me build a library
branch (to later be named in my honor).
What do I need to do, Lord? I've already
given up smoking and drinking, sacrificed
my beloved Mustang. I can't give up
my wife; she buys half the tickets.
I can't give up my first born;
he's expecting a piece of the prize.
Anything else is fair game.

~M. Scott Douglass


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Apr. 21st, 2015 03:43 am
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That awkward moment when you realize all this work you've been doing on a chapter has been in the wrong POV all along, and now you have to go and fix it all.
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50 Shades Freed--Chapter 14 (Part II)

In which Ana overreacts at the thought of dancing with someone who is not her husband, Grey commits battery (but not assault) in public, Grey tucks Ana into bed as if she were his toddler daughter, and Clint, Natasha, Ket and I just want the chapter to end already.

Brief Notes

Apr. 20th, 2015 06:51 pm
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- Guys, I don't know if I can hack Daredevil. I dislike the elevated level of violence it has, I'm not sure the actual stuff I like (Matt, Karen, Claire) are enough to pull me through the stuff I don't (the violence -- and the third episode was the most egregious so far -- I'm most squicked by eye violence for some reason.)

- Meanwhile, I've been trying to bone up on classic Bengali cinema (besides the works of Satyajit Ray, natch) and this last month I watched Tarun Majumdar's Nimantran (1971) which was very enjoyable! I loved both Sandhya Roy and Anup Kumar's characters, both as friends and later as lovers (although it's now retroactively weird for me to see them as brother and sister in my mother's favorite film -- Khelar Putul.) Basically, it's a about a free-spirited young girl who attracts the attention of a bookish young man... No, it's not like Samapti, mostly because Kumar's character actually puts effort into befriending Roy's character, and learning to appreciate both her strength and beauty. It all could have ended so happily, but of course it doesn't, it never does and you're a fool for thinking so. Life is harsh and you end up sadder for it, if you happen to survive at all. Also, there some interwar Bengali hipsters who hung out and were pretensious before a musical number, and I loved that. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Nimantran is available subtitled on Youtube, if you want to watch. There are also adorable goats, as an additional incentive!

The other film I watched was Padma Nadir Majhi (1993) and I went away really wanting some fried hilsa... Which is totally not the point of the story -- although it is an additional irony that now most people in Bangladesh (not sure about the hilsa situation in India, but) cannot purchase hilsa for love nor money, while I, in the United States, can get it for about an average of $12 per pound. Really not fair. I ... just really love hilsa roe, too. Damn it! I am killing the planet.

Anyway, Padma Nadir Mahji -- iconic, depressing, etc. I should put out some shorshe (black mustard in a little cup of water -- to soften, before I make them into a paste. For the hilsa.)

- There's always a let down after any exchange thingie, I've seen. I usually feel needy and pathetic for a day or two, but really, the best way to get around that is immediately throw yourself into a new project. So, onward to Jukebox! If I keep this up, I'll never have to feel again!

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Apr. 20th, 2015 02:32 pm
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OMG, Het_bigbang is going to be coming back in May! I've missed it two years running due to not finding out in time, but this time I am PREPARED.

They've balanced the word count to 25k and 10k versions. Yaaaayyyy.

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Apr. 20th, 2015 02:27 pm
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http://marvel-bang.livejournal.com/ has a 10k minimum.


1 May: Sign-ups open (author, accompanying fanworks, beta/cheerleader)
16 May: Author sign-ups close
1 June: Author check-in
1 July: Author check-in
1 August: Author check-in
26 August: Author rough drafts due (at least 80% complete)
28 August: Fic summaries go up for fanworkers to peruse
29 August noon: Claiming opens
30 August 3PM: Second claims open
5 September: Claims close; no more fanworker signups
1 October: Mandatory check-in for authors and artists; posting sign-ups open
19 October: Posting begins
18 November: Posting ends
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I made up for not watching a couple of Daredevil episodes on Saturday by, um, marathoning eight episodes and finishing the series yesterday? I didn't intend to! It just sort of happened! The, uh, devil made me do it!

Anyway, outside the cut, I will say it's very well made (the fight scenes are excellent, if a little long) but also the violence is much more brutal than typical superhero tv violence, and it doesn't shy away from showing the gore. also, I am totally shipping Matt and Claire. *hands* That is some super hot chemistry. If you're looking for a gritty, street-level superhero show, this is probably the one you want, though personally, Arrow is still closer to my heart, mostly because I've grown really invested in the main cast of characters.

I don't really have anything deep to say, so this is just me rambling about what I liked/didn't like. spoilers for the whole series )

So yeah, if you have the time and you can stomach the violence, I recommend it. I didn't get hugely emotionally invested, but it was compelling enough for me to keep watching even though I'd only planned on watching two episodes when I sat down on the couch.

Anyway. Have a poem:

What Everyone Should Know About Grief
by Ingrid de Kok

"What everyone should know about grief"
is why I buy the magazine.
Between aerobic virtue on one page
and the thrills of Machu Picchu on another
grief finds its marketable stage.

The living tell their chronicles
of hurt and lost and dead.
In syncopated copy they rehearse
"the cost of rage," "the comfort of belief,"
in words and captioned movements of the head.

The story proffers help:
advises talking as the healing cure,
commends long walks, and therapies,
assures the grieving that they will endure,
and then it gently cautions: let go, move on.

But everyone knows sorrow is incurable:
a bruised and jagged scar
in the rift valley of the body;
shrapnel seeded in the skin;
undoused burning pyres of war.



Apr. 20th, 2015 01:46 am
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I got two very lovely fics for RenaultX this year -- with a welcome focus on some rarer characters and ships!-- please go and read them and comment. :)

Dear Reg (1135 words) by greerwatson
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Charioteer - Mary Renault
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Reginald Barker/Margaret Barker
Characters: Reginald "Reg" Barker, Madge Barker, Reg's Dad (The Charioteer - Mary Renault)
Additional Tags: Epistolary

"Me better half's gone off the rails, that's all."

Ghost Made Flesh (2900 words) by greerwatson
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Charioteer - Mary Renault
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dave/Bertie (The Charioteer), Dave/Andrew (The Charioteer)
Characters: Dave (The Charioteer), Andrew Raynes, Derek (The Charioteer)
Additional Tags: UST, Backstory

Dave talks.

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Yesterday I meant to write and to watch Daredevil and I did neither of those things. This whole not being able to sleep thing is such bullshit, especially on the weekend. If I can't sleep until 4 am, I should get to roll over at 7:30 and sleep for three more hours, not be wide awake and wired.

I'm still trying to forget that terrible, terrible game last night. Ugh. I've been a Rangers fan for 35 years and I feel like it's just been a constant litany of "clear your own zone, dumbass" and "shoot the puck, you fuckers" the whole time. Always with the extra, fancy pass. It makes me crazy.

Don't become a sports fan, kids, it will only break your heart.

At least there was more exciting Star Wars stuff yesterday! Well, maybe not if you haven't watched The Clone Wars or Rebels, but trust me, it was exciting!

spoilers for s2 of Star Wars Rebels ) So yeah, that looks all kinds of awesome.

And I can't get enough of the Avengers cast - whatever I end up feeling about the actual movie, at least we'll always have those dorks being adorable, especially the Chrisses Hemsworth and Evans, who make my heart happy whenever I see them being dorks together.


Today's poem:

Fairy Tales
by Shu Ting

You believed in your own story,
then climbed inside it—
a turquoise flower.
You gazed past ailing trees,
past crumbling walls and rusty railings.
Your least gesture beckoned a constellation
of wild vetch, grasshoppers, and stars
to sweep you into immaculate distances.

The heart may be tiny
but the world's enormous.

And the people in turn believe—
in pine trees after rain,
ten thousand tiny suns, a mulberry branch
bent over water like a fishing-rod,
a cloud tangled in the tail of a kite.
Shaking off dust, in silver voices
ten thousand memories sing from your dream.

The world may be tiny
but the heart's enormous.


Revised! Some fic.

Apr. 18th, 2015 08:01 pm
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For a Maglor-centric fic, gen shading into slash, 1024 words. One brief moment of violence, but mostly harmless.

Strangers in the Night (1003 words) by butterfin
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Charioteer - Mary Renault
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Maglor, Daeron (Tolkien), Ralph Lanyon
Additional Tags: Reluctant Crossovers, Extremely Reluctant Crossovers, Minor Violence

Some of Maglor's wanderings, noted.

Hey, I got an second AO3 pseud! Why? Why not?

Anyway, this is a ficlet that I don’t expect anyone to read, but it does contain the reason I could never ship Maglor/Daeron. Idk.
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It's that time again! The AO3 hit-and-kudos count meme!

Previous years: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011.

Top 10 stories by hit count on AO3 (as of 4/18/15):

all Avengers )

Obviously the big change is the explosion of Steve/Bucky as a pairing after CATWS came out last April. Only one of these stories was posted after that (Greetings to the New Brunette), so my own difficulties in writing meant I didn't really ride that wave, but as they say, a rising tide lifts all boats, and my older Steve/Bucky stories certainly benefited. The only Steve/Bucky story on the list last year was Welcome to Wherever You Are, which is number 11 this time. In fact, it's not until #17 in hits that you return to non-Steve/Bucky stories (Six Meetings Before Lunch, the Steve and Thor bro fic).

And here are my Top 10 stories by kudos on AO3:

Also all Avengers )

Again, the impact of CATWS is clear. I never thought anything of mine would have more kudos than the coloring story. It was inconceivable to me. And yet.

I didn't do it by comments because I haven't in the past, but if I had, two yuletide stories would jump into the top 10, as would the Steve/Peter and the Despicable Me/Avengers crossover.


In other news, don't forget Orphan Black comes back tonight!


Today's poem:

The Calling Out of Names

The place the dead go has hooded windows. No binoculars.
There are no birds in that air or anything else worth watching

though sometimes this or that one stirs in the red-roofed loggia
disturbed by a dream, only there it's more like memory

not fully purged. That's when we're put on notice, aware
our thoughts are read. It's what interests them. Not the body,

so like theirs were once, even in the oddities of birthmarks
but, no, there's no thought to body. The sense of it, they dispel

lying so deep in one another's grief. Still, there's the tug of the familiar,
the familial — someone's habit here of singing out a name — that solicits

attention if only because touch was the last sensation
a hand brushing a forehead

and for a moment, they think our thoughts and our inarticulate arms
open and birds, with the most beautiful bodies, lift into the air.

~Anne Compton


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Apr. 18th, 2015 05:12 am
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Only I could finish 8 metas and probably several fics by the time the month is over and go UGH I NEED MORE PRODUCTIVITY GIVE ME THE 50K DANGIT.
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Put your iPod/mp3 player/iTunes/music player of choice on Shuffle mode.

For each question, press the “Next” or “Refresh” button to get your answer.

You MUST write the song name down that comes up, no matter how silly it sounds as an answer to the question or how embarrassing it is.

Make snarky comments as necessary.

Long. )

the doves and palms are far away

Apr. 17th, 2015 01:55 pm
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Yesterday was like a shot of pure adrenaline to my emotions, because of all the red carpet Age of Ultron stuff #code name: group hug, and then the STAR WARS trailer, AND THEN, THE RANGERS GAME. WHEN BRASSARD SCORED 28 SECONDS IN I WAS LIKE IS THIS REAL LIFE? \o/

All night, I was like, MY EMOTIONS. MY EMOTIONS. I was so exhausted afterwards, I just went to bed.

But for all my complaining about the Rangers' inability to clear their own zone, especially in the third period, I'm so glad they won. Now they just need to keep on winning.

And Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Basically this has kind of a low bar to clear for me - it just has to be better than the prequels. I'm not expecting anything more than that. I obviously can't be really objective about the original trilogy, since I was 7 when I saw the first movie (when it came out) and it was a huge, influential part of my childhood, so I'm always going to love it most, but I'm also not expecting the surprising excellence of The Clone Wars, because they had a lot of time to tell a lot of stories on that show, and to layer in complexities for secondary and tertiary characters I doubt these movies will bother with. But in the trailer, is this a spoiler? ) I just got all teary. (Also, if you are a spoilerphobe, avoid the NY Post. The final bit from the trailer is on the front page, in color.)

I really should look into getting a Star Wars icon that isn't about sibling hetcest.

(If Star Wars was my first fandom - well, movie fandom anyway - then the Rangers were the first sports fandom I consciously chose, in 1979, during the finals against Montreal; I inherited being a Mets and Giants fan from my parents and never felt a need to go against that, but I'm the only real hockey fan in my family, by which I mean, I'll watch regular season games and I'll watch teams I don't care about etc., whereas the rest of the fam are playoff-only fans. If the Rangers meet the Islanders in the second round, it'll be like all those heartbreaking series in the '80s I listened to on the radio, because we didn't have cable. That's part of why 1994 was so sweet - they beat the Islanders and the Devils to get to the finals. If they get that far, hopefully they can beat the Islanders again. That would make me very happy.)

As for my current fandom, I'm choosing to be excited more than apprehensive about AoU. I'm saving all my cranky fannishness for Cap 3 now, because nothing about it sounds like what I wanted out of it. But we're not thinking about that right now!

and now, a poem:


My grandfather got up early to section grapefruit.
I know because I got up quietly to watch.
He was tall. His hairless shins stuck out
below his bathrobe, down to leather slippers.
The house was quiet, sun just up, ticking of
the grandfather clock tall in the corner.

The grapefruit were always sectioned just so,
nestled in clear nubbled bowls used
for nothing else, with half a maraschino
centered bleeding slowly into
soft pale triangles of fruit.
It was special grapefruit, Indian River,
not to be had back home.

Doves cooed outside and the last night-breeze
Rustled the palms against the eaves.
He turned to see me, pale light flashing
off his glasses
and smiled.

I remember as I work my knife along the
membrane separating sections.
It's dawn. The doves and palms are far away.
I don't use cherries anymore.
The clock is digital
and no one is watching.

~Ted McMahon




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