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Today's the one year anniversary of my mother's death. I can't believe it's been a year already. It's weird. It's still weird. It gets less overwhelmingly in-your-face weird as time passes, but the overall weirdness of it hasn't gone away yet and I'm guessing it probably never will. I wish I had something more profound or meaningful to share, but I don't. I'm sad. I miss my mom.


Gotham: Pilot

the spoilers we need, not the spoilers we deserve ) the Batshadow just hovers over everything and half the people will be like "WHERE'S BATMAN?" and the other half will be like, "WHY ISN'T THIS GOTHAM CENTRAL?" I feel like that's a very fine line to walk and the writers so far don't seem up to it, but I guess we'll see. The dude who made Rome is in charge, which is a decent pedigree, especially considering you knew how that story was going to end too, so there's hope for improvement. I mean, Arrow improved dramatically, too, the first half of its first was pretty lackluster, and now I can't wait for it to come back, and this was just the pilot. It could settle into something interesting in the new few eps.

Sleepy Hollow: This Is War

spoilers are all about the Benjamins )

I'm so glad this show is back. It's so entertaining and satisfying to me as a viewer.


I listened to the first half hour of my nephew's radio show and he did so well! I was such a proud auntie!

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Nominations are in! I ... cheated. I mean, I got my sister, who has a an AO3 account that she doesn't use, to nominate something for me. Yes, I have contributed to the evils of tag bloat. I definitely intend to ask for it, though? I'm sorry.

So, nominations...

I have:

- Belle (2013): Dido Elizabeth Belle Lindsay, John Davinier, Lady Mary Murray (aka Penelope Wilton's character), Elizabeth Murray.

- Maurice - E.M. Forster: Maurice Hall, Alec Scudder, Clive Durham, Kitty Hall.

- Leopold and Loeb RPF, with Leopold and Loeb, naturally.

And mutter, mutter Take Me to Church - Hozier (Music Video). I was going to save it for Jukebox, next year, but I had two people comment to say that they wanted it too (one just this morning), so I thought I should?

I've no idea what's happening in the other-fandoms-I-care-about front. I'm sure The Charioteer is okay though. (I want to ask for Hazell, but where to ask?)
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Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter Four (Part III)

In which we see the most clichéd love scene in the history of the world; Grey makes a statement filled with plotholes, leading Ana to jump to a ludicrous conclusion; Versailles is dragged into this book and is dissed by Grey; the timeline turns into a Möbius strip; and Ana's Symbolic Dream symbolizes the exact opposite of what was intended.

your time has come to shine

Sep. 22nd, 2014 03:33 pm
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I think I mentioned this? My nephew is going to be co-hosting an hour of sports talk on WMUA today at 4:30 pm. You can stream it here: It's his first time! We are all very excited!


The Good Wife: The Line

spoilers )

I am excited to see where this season goes, and they certainly started off with a bang.

I did half-watch Madam Secretary but aside from a strong cast (Tim Daly! Bebe Neuwirth! Željko Ivanek!) it was rote and predictable. Otoh, given that football will likely wreak havoc on the schedule, it won't be a bad thing to have on before TGW.

Oh! And Sleepy Hollow is back tonight, and Gotham premieres! Fall TV season ahoy!


and i'm showing you the way out

Sep. 21st, 2014 09:53 pm
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Due to the confluence of some sort of parade and some sort of protest, getting anywhere in the city today was an exercise fraught with frustration. It took me over two hours to go from the UES to Bayside (in Queens), and the majority of that time was spent trying to get across town. The ride on the LIRR was only 30 minutes. I made it eventually, though I missed the 1:48 pm train I was aiming for and had to take the 2:18 (and that's after bailing on going crosstown above ground and hopping on the 6 to Grand Central, where I took the shuttle to Times Square and the 1 to Penn Station. Oy.

But it was good to see my various cousins as well as my dad and my brother and sister etc. And to see all the pictures of my aunt, who was always so elegant and well put together, and yet also always warm and kind and interested in whatever we were up to, in addition to her own interests in art and travel and food, which she shared with us. It's sad that she's gone, but she was 98, and she went quietly and without pain, in her sleep with her family around her and after one last bowl of ice cream.

Then I schlepped home and had dinner with L.

Now I'm watching Madam Secretary, but mostly I'm wishing it were The West Wing, and so far it's not, so even though I like many members of the cast, I'm not sure it'll be for me going forward. Otoh, I have more interest in it than The Mentalist, which was previously paired with The Good Wife, which I'm waiting for anxiously, so I guess we'll see what happens.


i came to get hurt

Sep. 20th, 2014 01:32 am
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i have had a bottle of sauv blanc and a couple of glasses of processco prosecco (for toasts) at L's birthday party and I am at that liminal stage where I feel no pain but can't yet go to sleep. party was fun. new people were interesting and seemed to like me (I don't believe people like me, but L says they do and empirical evidence shows they don't mind hanging out with me again so I don't know. Maybe?) and they liked the mini cheesecakes and the anecdotes about my grandfather's homemade wine.

Speaking of, while I was at KH's for the party, dad and Dom callled - Aunt Joan died today. My dad's oldest(? I think? Maybe Aunt Betty was oldest? But i think Aunt Joan) sister. She was 97? 98? Something like that. Oldest of grandpa's first wife's kids. only daddy and aunt lucia left - grandma's kids (my actual grandma = third wife, though hopefully he divorced the second wife from Philly. Big family scandal long after the fact.) Long full life. Always looked fantastic, one of my favorite people, wonderful lady, always had time for us and always helped my dad out with grandma and aunt jean in those final, terrible years. I hadn't seen her in a couple of years, though, since she was very fragile post-95.

poor L. Her birthday now just makes me think of people dying. ugh. wine helps though. definitely recommend wine, even if i am a philistine who won't drink red (unless doctored to become sangria or mulled wine) because it smells/tastes like musty basement. i also don't like chardonnay, so not all white wines are pleasing to me. but sauv blanc = two thumbs way up. mmmm....good...

i don't even know. i should probably go to bed.



nobody knows me, nobody cares

Sep. 19th, 2014 01:39 pm
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It's been a rough week. I keep starting posts and then deleting them for being too whiny/boring/needy/etc. Let's just say that the confluence of a screw up at work (ugh, I've never gotten the timing wrong before, though I've cut it close), and the anniversary of my mother's death, plus the landlord bullshit (which got straightened out, at least. I think it did, anyway. I guess we'll see when they debit my rent on 10/1) and also being slammed at work with more stuff than usual has left me drained and brain-fried.

I've still been reading, even if I haven't posted or commented. *clings*

I baked mini cheesecakes last night for L's birthday party tonight, so I have that to look forward to. And on Monday, my nephew is supposed to be on the UMass sports radio show - that is why he went there, because he wants to be a sports journalist - so if you have access to WMAU on Monday at 4:30, you should give a listen. We're all very excited for him.

I just need to get through next Wednesday, and then things should cool off for a brief while - I'm taking a six-day weekend around Columbus Day, and my bosses will be out over the various Jewish holidays in the next couple of weeks, so I should be able to get back on an even keel. I hope. And the new TV season starts, which should engage some of my attention. I'm so excited for Arrow and The Flash and the Good Wife! And Korra! October needs to get here already.


Story: The Candy Plan

Sep. 18th, 2014 10:31 am
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Disclaimers: Nope, not mine.

Spoilers: Not a one.

Summary: It's a *quietly* bold statement of invitation: he is Tim Drake, and he has desires and interests beyond the mission, and he is willing to share them -- in, of course, non-intrusive ways -- with his partner, whom he quite likes even beyond the respect and admiration they share.

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails neatly with the content some readers may find disturbing. More and more spoilery warnings in the tags on AO3.

Author's Note: I stole the idea for an East Asian Tim Drake from coffeefrank with joy in my heart. Houndstar made a photoset featuring No Min-woo as Tim and Idris Elba as Bruce and parts of me which will remain obvious burst into FLAME.

Houndstar also found this particular gif for me, and... well. If you read on? You'll see why it was so... inspirational. <3

Also, I'm fully aware that No Min-woo is South Korean, while the Tim in this story is Chinese-American, and that the two nationalities are entirely different. I hope you are, too. Perhaps, together, we can help DC learn such things, hmm? *eyes the clusterfuck that is Cass Cain and Lady Shiva canon*

*eyes it so hard*

Hey, there! You know how you think I don't care about feedback and/or about the people who send me feedback? SHOCKINGLY UNTRUE. As a matter of fact, each and every relationship in my life that means anything to me started with them either sending feedback to *me* for something or me sending feedback to them. This is my lifeblood, people. Even if this one doesn't do it for you? I'm presuming you're following this journal for a reason. Pick something. Talk to me. I promise it means a lot -- *every* time.

Sto-ry! Sto-ry! Sto-ry!
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Ugh, today was just busy from start to finish at work. It is definitely an ice cream for dinner kind of night.

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When I think of writer's block (that thing which supposedly doesn't exist), I imagine what I went through in 2010: a complete lack of motivation to write, an inability to string five words together in a way I thought was decent, and a trend in which everything I managed to finish was awful. This sort of thing understandably makes me stop writing for a while. It's miserable. I've learned not to hate everything I write as a rule, so when my mental state starts backtracking into that territory, I know something is wrong. It took me a while, but I figured out that stopping was the only way to get past this for me, personally.

There's also the sort of block that involves not knowing what to do next. That one sucks too, but I think it's the easiest to break through, because the problem can be solved by continuing to work on the story-- just in a different way. Researching, reading, discussing with friends (if you're not as paranoid as I am, see the last entry), and all that.

The one that gets me every time is probably a type of fear. Not fear of doing badly, or of what people will think, or of failure, or of success... but of thinking. At all. And then of putting that thing on paper.

Years ago, Arcana and I decided to co-write on a story about angels. I love angel lore. He had just read some related material. In addition, some weird combination of Star Ocean II, Angel Sanctuary, and Vagrant Story had me itching to write some Lucifer/Gabriel fic, which may (or may not?) sound strange to you, but it worked wonders in my head, I assure you. (This was a long time ago. A REALLY long time ago, mmkay. It's a bit embarrassing to talk about, or at least this particular fixation is. :P)

We both eventually stopped working on the project. Only, I would revisit the universe sometimes and write new snippets, because my obsession with angel lore hadn't ended, and I liked the characters we had created. I think we had a really good plot hook, too. So one day, probably for some daily writing challenge, I came up with this story about Raziel asking Metatron to go down to earth and be human with her for a while so she could do some research, and this turned into a thing where she really liked him, which turned into a, well, a THING, and then my brain shut down.

If you don't know, the body of legends involving angels makes clear that sex is a Very Bad Thing for them to do, and they're not supposed to have desires of any kind. Yet while Lucifer (Samael, in our story) and Gabriel didn't bother me, Metatron and Raziel did. Does Samael's status as a fallen angel make it "okay" to be in love and have sex and all that, even though Gabriel's stint as fallen isn't very long or serious, and therefore shouldn't make it more "okay" for her than any other angel? Metatron was originally Enoch, according to legend - a human. So he knows more about being human - and being in love, theoretically - than Raziel every could; is it the disparity of experience that made me uncomfortable? (Clearly not, considering some of the pairings I got into with later fandoms.)

What I'm getting at with this anecdote is that I still run into a block when I try to imagine this story. For whatever reason, I do not want to go there: I don't want to transgress on some imaginary moral ground and write about angels doing it together. It's like I'm afraid of what they'll think when they find out, even though I'm not 100% sold on their existence as independent beings. Even if they did exist, I suppose they wouldn't give a shit. Maybe I've just been indoctrinated by years of listening to my grandmother watch television evangelists, and some part of me is afraid of committing a mortal sin by writing two angels boinking. I lol just thinking of it that way.

It may sound stupid, but this is the strongest block I've ever run into. Nothing else is stopping me; I have the plot, I know the characters at least as well as the game characters I used to write about, I have the history of the world mapped out in all the ways that matter for writing this little story, and all I have to do is start typing.

If you asked me, I'd say no: I'm not religious. I don't think the Bible is true, any more than I think the myths about Greek gods are true. I believe in God because I want to, and because my family, brought up Catholic, put that little bit of fear in me that says I'm damned if I don't. But if that tiny fear is the source of my block, it's no wonder I have such a problem getting over myself. That runs back pretty far.

Some people are afraid of what their readers will think of them because they write from the POV of a murderer or pedophile. Me? I'm afraid of what imaginary beings will think of me for writing them into what is essentially fanfic.

I'm laughing, even though it's kinda sad.
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Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter Four (Part II)

In which there is a long, long sex scene, Ana claims that she wants to be sexually objectified, and Grey ignores all words and behavior that spell out “NO.”

It's the heart that matters more

Sep. 15th, 2014 04:50 pm
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Holy crap, I had a ton of work writing to get done today, and it is all done. I mean, first drafts have been sent off to all relevant parties to edit, because final drafts have to be done by close of business Wednesday, but that's all right. At least I only typed "Fiancé Committee" (for all your arranged marriage needs, I guess!) instead of Finance Committee twice! (I also write reports that include acronyms like RFP, which I always type RPF, and OTPS, which stands for Other Than Personal Expenses, but obviously that is not what I think when I type it.)

In other news, the New Yorker has a profile of Wonder Woman, William Moulton Marston and 20th c. feminism: The Last Amazon: Wonder Woman Returns. (it is not currently behind a paywall, since I was able to read it.)

And I honest to god did not know that Wonder Woman was partly inspired by Margaret Sanger, and that Sanger's niece was one of Marston's lovers. WHO KNEW?

I think the main takeaway of the article is this:
The much cited difficulties regarding putting Wonder Woman on film—Wonder Woman isn’t big enough, and neither are Gal Gadot’s breasts—aren’t chiefly about Wonder Woman, or comic books, or superheroes, or movies. They’re about politics. Superman owes a debt to science fiction, Batman to the hardboiled detective. Wonder Woman’s debt is to feminism. She’s the missing link in a chain of events that begins with the woman-suffrage campaigns of the nineteen-tens and ends with the troubled place of feminism a century later. Wonder Woman is so hard to put on film because the fight for women’s rights has gone so badly.

If I were posting this on tumblr, I'd probably tag it, #if you don't laugh you'll cry. Sigh. (I might yet, if I don't see it there when I get home tonight.) and of course, #always be wonder woman and #WHERE IS MY WONDER WOMAN MOVIE?

I find tumblr tags a wonderfully expressive place.


You let me hang hang hang around

Sep. 14th, 2014 10:43 pm
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Let's do that fun old meme, where I press shuffle on ole Jason Podd and list a few likely lyrics down and you suggest ficlet prompts from them. I feel like writing porn, possibly, so mention it if that's what you want! I'm going to offer 10 slots, though from experience that's a bit much.

Cut! )

the time to rise has been engaged

Sep. 13th, 2014 03:17 pm
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I feel like I have had my fill of being an adult today - I got up at 8 am, did 2.5 hours of clearing out books and clothes - some going to be donated, some just going out in the trash. I got rid of all the old makeup that I haven't used in years, and the old bottles of perfume and some crappy costume jewelry as well, so I can see the top of my dresser for the first time in a long time.

Then my new vacuum cleaner arrived, so I put it together (in the decluttering process above, I found my Phillips head screwdriver, which was good because I needed it), and it worked! So I put the old brokedown dirt devil out with the trash too.

Then I spoke with Mean Super's Nice Wife, and made an arrangement to ameliorate the landlord's dickishness, which hopefully will take place on Monday morning before work. Ugh, I hate having to speak to people on the phone, but I did it and now hopefully it will all work out. You know, it's not that the landlord has requirements that bugs me, it's how nasty they are when they notify you of something you need to do. Ugh. One more year. Just keep breathing.

Later, L is coming by in a taxi so we can take our bags of stuff to Housing Works and then we'll go to dinner. Last night, I met her and KH for happy hour - well, I only had one beer since the 1 was running slow due to police activity at 72nd Street - and then we had pizza at the place a couple doors down and it was good. I just had two plain slices, but they did have some intriguing toppings going on. Anyway, they had to go to the theatre, so I was home by 7:45, which was nice.

Tomorrow is more adulting, as I have to clean the bathtub on top of the usual Sunday chores. Ugh. Why don't I have a robot butler to do these things for me? Who do I talk to about getting one?


So many ideas, not enough time...

Sep. 12th, 2014 10:22 pm
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So, my new job is hella tiring. On the plus side, I'm making money! Which is a good thing. On bad side, I'm so tired all the time, etc. But I still have so many fics I want to write!

MCU, the Silm. )
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My landlord is being a dick again (oh, god, I wish I'd been able to move this year), but let's not talk about that! Potentially exciting TV things are happening:

+ I've been on the meh-to-skeptical spectrum about Gotham, but news that Renee Montoya is going to be on (source) means now I have to watch it. (I mean, I was going to anyway? But now it's definite.) As much as I would have preferred a Gotham Central series on HBO (produced by David Simon, natch), this gives me a little hope that maybe this won't suck or just be about Jim Gordon's failure to clean up Gotham. Also, this means there's potential for KATE KANE to show up. She could be Bruce's much older cousin/occasional babysitter/vigilante mentor. COME ON UNIVERSE, MAKE THIS HAPPEN. (I know this will never happen.) Also, Sarah Essen and Barbara Kean Gordon. I feel like they could do some really interesting things - I didn't see a mention of Leslie Thompkins, but she also should show up. A Batman show full of WOMEN. INCLUDING WOMEN OF COLOR AND NON-HETEROSEXUAL WOMEN. HOW AWESOME WOULD THAT BE?

+ On a similar tip, TNT is developing a Titans tv show, to star Dick Grayson. I'm guessing Wally will be on The Flash and Roy is already on Arrow, and since this would be on a different network and produced by different people, I doubt they'd want to muddy the waters by casting a Roy and a Wally? But then I thought, who needs boys when you could have a team that is Dick, Donna, Kory, and Raven? THEY WOULD PUNCH BAD GUYS AND HAVE HAPPY POLYAMOROUS MAKEOUTS. I WOULD WATCH THAT EVERY NIGHT if they cast it correctly. IJS. And since they seem to have dropped the "teen" part, they could cast twentysomethings to play twentysomethings. I mean, I wouldn't get my Beyonce as Starfire casting, but I was never going to get that anyway. I am working on alternative casting in my head - Jamie Chung as Raven? Shay Mitchell as Donna? Kory would need to be a strapping lass and no one is coming to mind but ideas are welcome!

+ Also on the DC TV side, word is Berlanti et al. (the guys behind Arrow and The Flash) are working on a Supergirl tv show, too (source). I feel like this too could be awesome or terrible. So much depends on casting and writing. And whether they can get the rights to the name Supergirl. Maybe they could do Power Girl instead, with a less ridiculous costume and boobage. IJS. Karen Starr could totally be an awesome tv lady superhero.

+ Also on TV, though unrelated to DC Comics - season 4 of Legend of Korra is coming on October 3rd. (source) HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS BOOK FOUR IS ALMOST UPON US AND I HAVEN'T RECOVERED FROM BOOK THREE YET. October is shaping up to be a pretty awesome media month (Arrow returns, Blood of Olympus comes out, and now this!).

(Thanks to various people for the various links!)

+ Lastly, this morning, the AV Club finally asks the most important question: What would your sports walk-on music be?

Mine, as established here, would probably be "I Like It Like That" or "Lady Marmalade," though this morning I gave some thought to "Notorious" by Duran Duran (since when I was in high school, I had a friend who used to sing "Vic-Vic-Victoria Victoria" to me), "Fly" by Nicki Minaj (feat. Rihanna), or "Shadrach" by the Beastie Boys. And someone in the comments on the AV Club mentioned "Headhunter," which used to be my jam when I went dancing a lot (which also tells you how long ago that was), which could totally be my walk up song. Ugh, I might have to cue that up on the old iPod. I'm surprised no one over there listed "Join in the Chant," which would also make kind of awesome walk up music. I suppose I could also go for "Victoria" by the Kinks - just the chorus, obv. - but that seems too on the nose. I've been listening to "Anna Sun" by Walk the Moon a lot lately - maybe that would work.

I'm meeting L and KH tonight for happy hour, and I have a bunch of work to do, but I'm going to be thinking about this all morning.




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