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Yesterday, I almost had a wardrobe malfunction! I mean, I did have one - one of the layers on my tank top ripped free, but luckily it was covered by the top two layers, so I didn't flash boob at anybody on the commute home. (I was wearing a cardigan over it all day at work, and hadn't noticed.) Oh well. I liked that top, too.

When I got home, I heated up the oven and took the tiny roast (1.75 lbs) I'd bought on Sunday out of the fridge to come to room temperature before cooking it. I bought it before I knew I was meeting L. for dinner on Sunday, so I needed to use it quickly. I seasoned it and put it in the oven and set the timer for 35 minutes (20 minutes per pound at 375°F) but then I forgot to start the timer. Oops. So it was a lot of checking the internal temperature after the 30 minute mark. The roast ended up being more medium than medium rare when all was said and done, but it was quite delicious, and there's enough left to make another dinner, so it turned out all right. I just didn't get to eat until almost 8 pm, which is later than I prefer on a work night.


A few weeks ago, I asked [personal profile] serrico to talk about the difference between watching a show week to week vs. marathoning (the network vs. the Netflix model), and I've been thinking a lot about it myself. I wrote something in her comments that I'm expanding on here, because it came up again – both with my own marathon of Steven Universe last week, and a discussion with my brother and sister-in-law and their kids regarding their own marathoning of Friday Night Lights.

I do think having a show drop all at once makes it harder to grow and sustain a fandom, since unlike something that airs week to week, with hiatuses for people to catch up, everybody's at a different point in viewing so having conversations becomes difficult, especially when it comes to avoiding spoilers, and that has a negative impact on attempts to build community. (In microcosm, it was difficult to talk about FNL with my brother's family, because one of them was finished with it, one had dropped it after season one, one was in season 3, and my brother and his wife were just starting season 5.) Fandoms for these shows start to feel more like summer movie fandoms, or seasonal fandoms (i.e., shows that come on in spring or summer when many of the usual fannish suspects are not airing) - they show up and everybody talks about them, and then they fade away until the next batch of episodes is released.

I think Daredevil, with its connection to the MCU, its background as a comic, and the promise of three other shows interweaving with it, might be an exception to this? But I feel like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards had a big moment bursting on the scene, and then they fade out until the next time there's new canon. I guess we'll see what fandom does with Sense8, since it is so much more fandom-ready, I think, than most other shows (on network, cable, or any streaming service). Certainly I think the idea of a cluster of telepathically connected people will migrate out into many fandoms, much the way drift compatibility did from Pacific Rim.

Personally, I sometimes find it harder to hold onto a canon that I've marathoned, vs. one that I've watched week to week, in the sense that I can't always remember what happened in what order/in what episode, which makes writing fic more difficult than when you've got a week (or more) to absorb and rewatch each episode. And I do miss the frantic scramble to get a post-ep story posted before it got jossed by the next episode (of course, my main fandom is a movie fandom now, so it's a whole different model of canon).

I also think some shows are more suited to marathon watching than others – personally, I know if I cue up AtLA's "The Library," for example, I'm not stopping until the end of the season (though I might skip "The Serpent's Pass" or "The Drill" or both, if pressed for time). Steven Universe episodes, at 10 minutes apiece, make for perfect mini-marathons – you can watch 6 in an hour and still have time to watch a full slate of primetime shows or that night's baseball game! Otoh, I can't take more than one or two episodes of something like Friday Night Lights, because it's emotionally draining. My sister-in-law said she's gone to bed sad every night after watching two FNL episodes every evening for the past couple of weeks. (I commiserated, because I cried at nearly every episode of that show as well.)

She also mentioned the melancholy that sets in when you're done mainlining something that has 60 or 100 episodes (and even more so if it's a closed canon and there's no promise of a new season coming at some point down the line). You spend an hour or two (or three) with these characters every night for a few weeks, and then it's over. It's like the same letdown on returning to reality after finishing a great book. What am I gonna do without this show every night? I felt it after Sense8 and I'm feeling it right now with Steven Universe, and I think it's one reason I've rewatched AtLA so often (often enough that I do know what happens in what episode pretty easily). It's not necessarily the same sadness as when a show you've watched for years ends – sometimes we drift away from a show, sometimes we rage-quit, sometimes we still watch but without the passionate intensity we had for earlier seasons, and sometimes a show is canceled too soon and all we have is 12 episodes and a table-read (and some supplementary comics) to get us through.

Doling a show out two episodes a night for a few weeks is still a slower pace than watching it all in one weekend, so you do get some chance to linger and live in a particular universe, without the agita that comes from having to wait a week in between (and then months of mid-season and summer hiatuses), and also without the "wait, did that happen in the second or fifth hour I watched in the middle of the night last weekend?" feeling.

I mean, I am a total marathon reader/watcher. It's one reason I hate reading works in progress, even if the author swears the story is done – I want to read it at my own pace and my own pace is going to be a lot faster than is probably wise. So I'll just wait until it's done. (it's also why I am more of a trade-waiter with comics – I can't remember what happened in 15 pages a month ago, and I'm often disappointed by how little the story moves in one issue. [And by how much it costs for those little slices of story that are over so quickly.])

I don't know what model of television is going to win out in the long run, but I really do like the option of being able to watch shows all at once, even if I might relate differently to them than I do shows I've watched over time.

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Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter 20 (Part I)

In which, seven chapters from the end, Ana finally learns that she is pregnant; Dr. Giggles is the most do-it-yourself doctor ever; Ana is terrified of telling Grey that she’s going to have a baby; the unborn child acquires a spectacularly silly nickname; and Ana a) is convinced that another woman is responsible for her pregnancy and b) is terrified of telling Grey that she’s expecting. Really. She thinks the following line:

Well, I haven’t eaten because I know you’re going to go bat-shit crazy when I tell you I’m pregnant. (Actual line with emphasis added.)

And that’s just one line. This half of the chapter is chock-full of Ana’s fear of her husband.

#sporker: ketmakura #sporker: gehayi #fifty shades freed #fifty shades #fifty shades of grey #ana's belief #it makes sense in context #but not much #so much medical stuff #and all of it makes ket explode #no actual abuse this chapter #just lots of fear from an emotionally battered woman #who believes that her husband #will lock her up #or worse #again #i'm quoting #romance of the ages amirite
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A brief pictorial account of my weekend.

Not pictured: last night, L. and I tried out the new bar that replaced the tapas place that replaced our favorite neighborhood bar. It was okay? I didn't love it. We ended up going somewhere else to eat, after a couple happy hour beers. But at least we tried it? We never bothered with the tapas place (and neither did anyone else, I guess, since it closed so quickly).

[personal profile] mousapelli sent me an extended version of the Steven Universe theme song (it contains some spoilers, if you're not caught up on the show), and I can't get it out of my head. It seems like tv shows are where all my earworms come from now - first it was the theme song to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then it was "What's Up" from Sense8, and now it's the SU theme song.

I haven't written a word since I posted the crossover for my birthday, though I have several wsip I'd like to finish, and even the occasional new idea (Ronan teaches Blue to fight; hilarity ensues), but meh. There's always something less frustrating to do than write.


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Jul. 27th, 2015 03:28 am
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I've been reading nothing but cooking memoirs for the rare pleasure reading I get in between class stuff and research, so I enjoyed 44 Classic French Meals You Need to Try Before You Die.

French cooking is so complex and full of dairy and wheat, though! I'd have to cook it myself just to make sure no stealth allergins got in.

Tea for three

Jul. 24th, 2015 05:34 pm
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Sitting on the deck at my sister's house after the dog made several messes that she and my niece needed to clean up. I'm trying to stay out of the way since I'm wearing nice clothes and only have another dress to change into for tomorrow.

The reason I'm wearing a nice dress (aside from how this has become my summer of dresses) is that this afternoon we (my sister, my niece, and I) went to high tea at the Secret Garden tea shop in Port Jefferson. It was my birthday celebration.

It was very good - the scones were amazing and I had peach ginger iced tea with honey (my sister had cinnamon spice and my niece raspberry and cream - they drank theirs hot and they smelled great; I just don't like hot beverages) and there were tiny peach pies and lemon blueberry cheesecakes. It's very twee - all pink roses, mismatched teacups, and Victoriana but in a charming way.

Also they have a little hat room where you can try on all sorts of fancy hats so we did that and took a lot of pictures like we were in a movie montage.

Then we stopped in At the candy shop and my sister bought me a tiny fat Spider-Man plushy for my birthday.

I'm sleeping over out here since I'm going to my brother's tomorrow and it's only a 30 minute train ride from here, rather than having to take the hour and twenty minute ride home tonight (and then the 35-40 minutes to get home from Penn Station) and then another hour and ten minute train ride to Northport tomorrow.

So it's been a good day.

Please excuse typos-I'm typing on my phone.


it will all come back

Jul. 23rd, 2015 01:15 pm
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Per [personal profile] mousapelli's enthusiastic recommendation, I've spent the last week catching up on Steven Universe, which is an ADORABLE and surprisingly moving cartoon about the adventures of a boy named Steven Universe, and the Crystal Gems, who are raising him (along with his beach bum/car wash owner dad) in the seaside town of Beach City.

Going in, I didn't know anything about it except that [personal profile] mousapelli was emotionally wrecked by it and also that it has SONGS, so I'm not going to say too much about it that's spoilery, but yes, the SONGS ARE SO GOOD. And it has some serious emotional heft to it as it goes along. Also, for a show where the episodes are only ~10 minutes long (including credits), it does amazing character work, awesome fight scenes, humor that works on numerous levels, smart and solid world-building, and yes, occasional SONGS.

At first, I was like, "this is cute but very kiddie," but since the episodes are only 10 minutes long, I kept going. I was impressed with both "Cheeseburger Backpack" and "Catfingers," though I don't think I completely bought into it until "Tiger Millionaire," so give it a chance if at first you're like, "Eh, this is okay, I don't get the hype." If it hasn't clicked for you after "So Many Birthdays," I'm not sure it will? but if it does, you're in for a treat.

Also, having watched all 67 episodes, I have to say the foreshadowing/attention to detail/continuity is pretty impressive. I really want to do a rewatch knowing what I know now about the Crystal Gems, their history and relationships etc. to see how much of it was seeded in early on if you know where to look.

GARNET is the best, though I also love PEARL (oh, Pearl). And CONNIE is also my favorite, because of course she is. And LION. (The only characters I don't much care for are Lars and Ronaldo, which I also think is pretty typical for me. Also, the only episode I disliked was the Uncle Grandpa crossover, and I think it can be skipped - you're not missing anything, tbh, whether it's canon or not.)

Come talk to me about it if you've seen it! (So expect spoilers in comments.)

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Wednesday reading!

What I've just finished
Since last we spoke - and it was less than a week ago - I finished both Zero Sum Game and Half Life by S.L. Huang, as well as the short story set in that universe where Rio adopts a puppy: A Neurological Study on the Effects of Canine Appeal on Psychopathy, or, RIO ADOPTS A PUPPY: A Russell's Attic Interstitial.

I enjoyed all three, though the short story might require a strong stomach, as it has some pretty descriptive gore, though not to the puppy. The puppy is slightly injured when Rio finds it, and he takes it in and takes care of it, but he also has some graphic fantasies of harming it, though he doesn't. I repeat, the dog is fine! So, you know, judge your own ability to read stuff like that.

As a whole, I enjoyed both books and the world Huang is creating - I was afraid the first book was going to be Lone Wolf Russell Doesn't Need No Help From No One at the beginning, but it quickly got out of that mode and into Russell Is Bad at People But They Help Her Anyway, with a side of These People Are Terrible At Teamwork But They're Trying, which was much more enjoyable. (The older I get, the less I enjoy the solitary lead brooding their way through a story with only themselves to talk to, and I never enjoyed it much in the first place - I mean, unless you're Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe, it's just not as fun as a detective with a sidekick. I am just saying. This is why my favorite Batman stories are ones where he partners with someone, or works with a team, whether it's the JLA or his own family.)

These books strongly remind me of Andrew Vachss' Burke books, but without the constant rape/child molestation angle (Burke goes after criminals who hurt children, almost exclusively, and it ratchets up the creep factor pretty high), and these books haven't been around long enough to disappear completely up their own ass the way Burke did somewhere after the sixth book or so.

Plus, the main character is a woman of color, and her team includes a black PI and a disabled hacker dude whose geeky references ring truer (to me) than they often do in other stories like this.

What I'm reading now
Five Came Back: A Story of Hollywood and the Second World War by Mark Harris finally became available from NYPL, so that's technically next, since I just finished the Russell books this morning on the train, but I'm calling it now (I'll begin reading at lunch!), since I actually have a book I'm planning to read after that!

What I'm reading next
Hold the phone! I actually have an answer this week: The House That BJ Built by Anuja Chauhan, which came out recently and which I discovered is available as a kindle book! It's a sequel to Those Pricey Thakur Girls, which I LOVED, so I was so excited to discover it was out and available here! As are Chauhan's other books - I got paperbacks via a third party seller, iirc, and I read them on the cruise and enjoyed them tremendously, so I definitely recommend picking them up if you're looking for fun romcom-type reads with excellent supporting casts and familial/friend/non-romantic relationships (in fact, I'd have liked Battle for Bittora even more if it hadn't been a romance, I think).


In other news, it's hard being a Jason Todd fan. So The Case appears in the Dawn of Justice trailer, though like everything about these movies, it's GRIM'N'GRITTY'd up, and there's speculation that Jason Todd Could Be Main Villain In Ben Affleck's Standalone Batman Movie, which, ugh. JASON IS NOT A VILLAIN. I mean, he's not an unambiguous hero (he's very much an antihero vigilante), but he's not a villain. Also he doesn't blame Batman for his death, he blames him for not avenging him by killing the Joker. I realize that's a fine distinction, but it matters a lot, if you want to understand Jason at all.

And then there's this absolutely awful and hopefully COMPLETELY WRONG fan theory that Jason is the Joker in the Suicide Squad movie. NOPE. Yes, okay, Jason does adopt the Red Hood moniker for reasons having to do with the Joker once using it (to thumb his nose at him? or at Batman? likely both), but he also wears a mask under his mask, because he was Robin. Like, Jason is (or can be, when well-written) an embodiment and exploration of all sorts of comics tropes (e.g., dead heroes being resurrected; heel-face turns; the ethics of killing vs. not-killing bad guys; sidekicks striking out on their own; legacy heroes; antiheroes; the ethics of using children in your crusade for justice, Bruce; etc.) but the one thing he would NEVER DO is BECOME THE JOKER. HE HATES THE JOKER FOR KILLING HIM.

Also, that story HAS ALREADY BEEN TOLD, and TOLD AMAZINGLY WELL in Return of the Joker, albeit with the DCAU Tim Drake, who's really a Jason/Tim amalgam in characterization/backstory. Snyder et al. are not going to top that (though I can totally imagine them wanting to try). Ugh. DC LOOK AT YOUR LIFE. LOOK AT YOUR CHOICES. (I realize that's premature, but I just had to get it out.)

At least the heat has broken and it's beautiful out today?


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Jul. 21st, 2015 08:53 pm
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[community profile] scrimmage is a low-pressure writing challenge designed to help with writer's block! Every challenge you successfully complete gets you a reward graphic.

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Jul. 21st, 2015 04:41 pm
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Horror games and more video games An 8tracks collection I need to piece through when I have more time.
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Or how I spent years not knowing what an Airbnb was, or deciding that I don't want a driverless car if it's not maintainerless as well (as in that car better drive itself to the shop to get its oil checked because I cannot be bothered!) And also apparently dipshits in Seattle have a worse rate of polio vaccination than they do in Sudan. Fucking polio!

The ghost of FDR should have the ghost of one of his handsome strapping sons come and kick their collective asses. It's fucking polio!

'cause i never ever felt so much

Jul. 21st, 2015 09:45 am
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Here's the trailer for Before We Go, Chris Evans' directorial debut (he also stars, of course), which is on VOD as of today. Looks like a Before Sunrise kind of thing.

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50 Shades Freed--Chapter Nineteen

In which Ray wakes from his medically induced coma, Ana skips about the intensive care unit and thinks that a valet covets her super-expensive car, Ket and I indulge in some karaoke, Grey overtly admits that he has no interest in anything but sex, Ana is taught the incredibly difficult art of masturbation and speaks of her desperate desire to turn Grey into a mansuit (no, really), Detective Clark asks Ana more about Jack Hyde, Grey and Ana nearly do something thoroughly contemptible, and, with only seven chapters to go, Ana FINALLY learns that she’s pregnant.

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Jul. 20th, 2015 02:07 pm
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The Tag exchange is open for nominations until the 28th.

Unlike most exchanges, which focus on characters or ships, this one favors freeform tags for genres, settings, tropes and kinks.

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Jul. 20th, 2015 12:51 pm
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Link: DW Community

Description: Welcome to Iddy Iddy Bang Bang! We're a panfandom mini-bang challenge for >5k idfics with optional prompts and optional accompanying art and mixes. Visit the comm for more details!

July 20: Writer sign-ups and prompt pool open
July 31: Writer sign-ups and prompt pool close; kinkmeme opens with unclaimed prompts
Sept 10: Artist/mixer claim deadline; random matching sign-ups open
Sept 13: Random matching sign-ups close
Sept 15: Random matching assignments go out
Oct 15: Assignments due, kinkmeme closes, posting begins
Oct 22: Iddy Iddy Bang Bang concludes!

we were born to die here

Jul. 20th, 2015 12:40 pm
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You know how some days you use up every ounce of energy and good will in you before you even walk into work? Well, today is one of those days for me. I thought maybe the universe had hiccuped and it was Tuesday or something, because my morning was supremely irritating:

I walk up the block to drop my laundry off and another lady gets in the door first and she has a bag of stuff, and I guess it was all for dry cleaning, because she took out each item, one by one, and put them on the counter, and then she walked the counter guy through each item one by one and she had A LOT of items. It took FOREVER. Like, the shop isn't big enough for more than one person to be served at the counter at a time, so me and two people behind me were standing out on the doorstep, waiting for this woman to be done.

Then the line at the bus stop was tremendous, but the bus finally came and I got on, but then traffic. It was so slow! And then there was some sort of trouble on the 1 and there was a sick passenger on the 2/3, so the expresses were running on the local track but not stopping, and three of those went by, interspersed with three 1 trains that were too crowded to get onto! Finally I managed to get on the SEVENTH train that came into the station, and of course, stood near the spot that was dripping from the ceiling. Luckily I wasn't directly beneath it, but my hand got splashed a couple times, which, gross. I did get at seat at 59th St, though, so at least one minor thing was okay.

Then I was like, fuck it, I'm already half an hour late, I might as well show up with Starbucks, so I turned into the doorway, and paused to let the lady who was on the way out come out, and she let the door go instead of holding it for me, which, whatever! BUT THEN she had the fucking nerve to be like, "You're welcome" as if she were annoyed that I didn't thank her for being fucking rude. What the fuck, lady. What the actual fuck.

Both bosses are out today, so I thought it would be mellow once I finally got here, but then there were work shenanigans that I won't talk about unlocked, but suffice it to say I roll my eyes forever at them.

At least I don't have to go back outside into the heat until it's time to go home.


that's kind of quirky

Jul. 19th, 2015 07:05 pm
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I wasn't feeling up for cooking or baking on my birthday last week, but today, I made lemon sour cream ice cream (pic), though I made it with limoncello instead of lemon zest this time. It's less lemony than usual but still good, and that tiny amount (2 tsp) of alcohol didn't impede the freezing process any.

I also made Smitten Kitchen's "I want chocolate cake" cake (pic), which smells great, though I haven't tasted it yet. I was afraid the buttermilk had maybe gone bad (how do you even tell?) but it seems to have come out fine.

And remember way back in the winter when I was having bacon sandwiches for every snowstorm? At the tail-end of that, I bought a package of bacon that I didn't end up using, so I threw it in the freezer, and I was going to have bacon for my birthday, but then I went out to dinner instead, so I took it out last night and put it in the fridge to defrost, and I just had a bacon sandwich for dinner, and I'll have them for dinner several days this week.


So it was a very productive Sunday.




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