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Jul. 31st, 2014 05:09 pm
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I am excite! I just got tickets to a bunch of things at the NYPL this fall, including Neil Gaiman on Halloween! I like this being a Friend of the Library thing.


Last night, I dreamt that Nathan Fillion, Jewel Staite, and Alan Tudyk were starring in a sitcom together. Fillion was a chef and Tudyk was his wacky neighbor/frenemy and Staite was sleeping with both of them, and possibly she was a pastry chef. I don't know for sure. Fillion was a celebrity chef with his own Food Network show. And there were shenanigans I can no longer remember, but which seemed hilarious in the dream.

I would watch that show so hard.


Top 5 Songs – July 2014

5. Magpie to the Morning - Neko Case
4. Level Up - Vienna Teng
3. Goodnight New York - Vienna Teng
2. Drive - Gaslight Anthem
(I freely admit that I couldn't figure out what one line in the chorus was so I was singing "And the only thing we see are the douchebags of the day" but it's really "despairs of the day". Who knew?)
1. I Wanna Get Better - Bleachers


Monthly Writing Roundup – July 2014

Greetings to the New Brunette (at AO3)
Captain America; Steve/Bucky, ensemble; pg; 10,365 words
"You said he should have a hobby. That it would help."

"I meant, like, knitting or coin collecting. Motocross, if he was feeling antsy. A baby's not a hobby. It's lifetime commitment."

I set fire to my maps (at AO3)
Captain America; Bucky/Natasha; adult; 3,575 words
In which Natasha's road trip of self-discovery intersects too frequently with the Winter Soldier's for it to be coincidence.

I am pretty pleased at having finished two stories in a month, especially since one of them is 10k words long! Now if I could just finish the things I'm working on now.



I'm still at work because I just got an email that the 1 train is running with delays. Sigh. I will wait a few more minutes before I head uptown, I guess.

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What I'm reading Wednesday:

What I've just finished

Since last week, I've finished the first three Steerswoman novels by Rosemary Kirstein.

I liked the first one - The Steerswoman - a lot (though the ebook version I had would have been much improved had it included MAPS. MAPS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER). The second one - The Outskirter's Secret - was even better than the first, and is probably one of the best things I've read this year. I loved Rowan learning more about Bel and about the Outskirters, I loved learning stuff that would be obvious to us as readers but inexplicable to Rowan and Bel, I loved that it didn't go where I thought it would on some things and rewarded my suspicions on another. I thought it was a fantastic read all around.

And then there's the third book - The Lost Steersman - which I just finished over lunch today. Everything was going so well! And then the last quarter of the book happened. Ugh, so boring. So repetitive. So many leaps of logic. So much time spent with a single character inside their head.

I liked Steffie and Zenna and I enjoyed everything in the town, but spoilers )

What I'm reading next

I've got the next one - The Language of Power - which hopefully doesn't replicate the things I didn't like about the third one. I guess we'll see. After that, who knows?


Interesting read from the AV Club: Strides and backslides: How to tackle diversity in comics: Our four panelists ask: How far has it come? What still needs to be done?, featuring Janelle Asselin (comics journalist and former DC editor), Karl Bollers (writer of Watson & Holmes and former Marvel editor), and G. Willow Wilson (award-winning novelist and writer of Ms. Marvel).

As always, use caution when reading the comments.


you go wherever you go today

Jul. 29th, 2014 10:07 pm
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recs update!

[personal profile] unfitforsociety has been updated for July 2014 with 40 recs in 5 fandoms:

* 33 Avengers
* 3 DCU (2 Arrow, 1 TDKR)
* 1 Rivers of London, 1 Young Avengers
* 1 Middleman, and 1 Middleman/Captain America crossover


Ugh, I finally decided on a title for this story but now I can't figure out how to get from the pining to the kissing. Everything I write is terrible and has to be deleted! Why did I choose this stupid hobby, anyway? Maybe I'll just go to bed.


hang onto your hopes, my friend

Jul. 29th, 2014 12:04 pm
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Adoring by [ profile] dsudis
This is hot and sweet and the pun is perfect.

Almost Home by [ profile] SugarFey
Lovely look at Natasha, learning to make a home for herself.

ampersand by [ profile] kaydeefalls
They've been steveandbucky since they were kids, but that ignores the parts of their lives that don't wrap around each other, that never did. (Bucky needs to figure out who he is, just him, with or without Steve.) Oh Bucky. Oh my heart. *sniffle* This is lovely.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen by [ profile] jacquez
Bucky Barnes and the Great Sexuality Crisis of 1938. Bucky doesn't want to want Steve, but he can't help himself. Oh, Bucky.

the bones of me by [ profile] twistedingenue
Bucky finds himself in a small town. Lovely.

The Bucky Barnes Guide to Household Management by [ profile] CryptoHomoRocker
Domestic adorableness as Bucky learns to cook and Steve takes a long time to clue in. oh heart.

Closing the Circuit by [ profile] AlchemyAlice
After Cap 2, Tony gets the band back together. Nicely done.

Contact Light by [ profile] hollyhawke
Steve and his adorable space geekery. Oh heart.

Cum Laude by [ profile] domarzione
Steve goes back to art school. Aw, Steve.

drop the needle and pray by [ profile] irnan
"Did you guys - I mean, in the war?"

He laughed. "No. Never."

Natasha was fascinated. "How come?"

"You know," he said thoughtfully. "I look back on it, and I don't know? I mean, I love Peggy. I probably always will." He smiled, face tight with well-worn pain. "But I - you know those trick pictures where you focus your eyes different and suddenly you can't unsee...? It was like that." He snapped his fingers, a sharp crack. "I was done. And looking back... I still can't unsee. Not really."

Natasha tapped her book against her chin, smiling. "That's - that's kind of nice. Like - having everything fall into place and... and finally make sense."

"Not quite everything," said Steve. He was watching her and smiling like he knew the secrets of the universe. "But almost."
Really lovely Steve/Bucky/Natasha in which it's Natasha who's slow to clue in. Oh honey, your nonagenarian supersoldier boyfriends just want to love you!

Excelsior by [ profile] damalur
An exclusive interview with Carol Danvers. Oh heart.

Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square by [ profile] Speranza
A lovely Steve/Bucky take on time travel and "The City at the Edge of Forever." Oh Steve. Oh heart.

Hey Cinderella, You Dropped Your Shoe by [ profile] dirtybinary
AU where Steve is Captain America big during daylight hours, but he shrinks back into skinny!Steve at night. He's still trying to find Bucky, though. Aw Steve.

History Painting by [ profile] M_Leigh
They keep moving, straight on by The Persistence of Memory and onto Picasso. "This stuff I remember, too," Steve says, looking over at Bucky. "There's lots of other stuff downstairs that's just—well, you'll see. I never thought Picasso would seem, I dunno. Old and familiar." Gorgeous, melancholy, Steve and Bucky and art through the years. *sobs*

Hollow and Honeycomb by [ profile] antistar_e
Really lovely, moving story of a Sam Wilson who has actual wings.

Kiss the Cook by [ profile] innie
Four times Steve cooks for the people he cares about. Oh Steve. <3

Lay Back, Lay Back by [ profile] Ultrageekatlarge
Bucky can't sleep. Everyone else tries to help him. Oh my heart! So many team feels!

let the girl go by [ profile] dirgewithoutmusic
lovely meditative character study of Melinda May.

like a still life (captured you) by [ profile] biggrstaffbunch
Lovely bit of pre-serum pining. Happy sigh.

like an anchor dream by [ profile] linzeestyle
Really lovely first-time-with-Steve's-new-body Steve/Bucky.

Living in Your Letters by [ profile] biblionerd07
Bucky finds some letters Steve wrote him after he woke up in the future. Lovely.

Maisie Makes a Deal by [ profile] antistar_e
Lovely outsider POV on Steve and Bucky and Sam and Natasha.

My Ghosts are Six Feet Under by [ profile] what_alchemy
Steve visits Becca Barnes. This starts out sort of melancholy, gets hilarious, and then reverts to melancholy before ending with a bittersweet happiness. *happy sigh*

On The Road by [ profile] kilicakes
How Bucky ended up in Tennessee he didn't know. How he ended up befriending a squirt with a potato gun and a fancy workshop, nobody knew. Bucky meets Harley. Aw boys.

Out of the Dead Land by [ profile] emilyenrose
"I was so scared," Steve said.

Bucky tucked his head down and thought about this. "Yeah. So was I."

"That's it?" said Stark, who had come into the room at some point and Bucky, bizarrely, had no idea when. "Give him a hug and you're all good? Wait, does this mean there was a hug test available all along, because if so, I can't believe there was a hug test available and instead we all got stabbed."

Bucky lifted his head and stared at him flatly over Steve's shoulder. "Are you asking for a hug, pal?"

Stark took a step back. "No, no, I'm good."
Long, action-packed, highly satisfying story of the Winter Soldier trying to fake it until he makes it as Bucky, but things don't go quite as well as he hopes. There are killer robots involved. <333

Primary Target by [ profile] Kryptaria
Steve's the Winter Soldier's primary target, so as long as he stays close, Bucky won't try to kill him or anyone else. Lovely.

pro patria mori by [ profile] hitlikehammers
Steve and Bucky learn how to be strong at the broken places. Lovely and hypnotic.

Progress (The One With The Post-It Notes) by [ profile] Paraxdisepink
Bucky's still learning to be a person again. Steve leaves him sticky notes to help. Oh my heart.

The S. Rogers Memorial (it's NOT a shrine) to J. B. Barnes by [ profile] SkyisGray
In an attempt to help Steve acclimate to the 21st c., his teammates put together a memorial for Bucky. Aw, team. Aw, Steve. <3

the truth of how flowers smash through the long winter by [ profile] tigriswolf
Bucky gets work in a diner to help him come back to himself. Lovely outsider POV.

tin soldiers by [ profile] idrilka
Really excellent outsider POV/use of fake media sources/documentation to tell a story about Steve and Bucky and their place in history and also their online fandom.

Two Drums in the Grey by [ profile] Wynn
Natasha and Bucky, history and memory. Oh heart.

untitled 512 (whenever i'm alone with you) by [ profile] traveller
"Listen, Tash. I'm not having a good time if you're not having a good time, okay?"

She snaps her bra into place and looks at him, her head tilted curiously. "What are you talking about?"

Sam shakes his head. "Tell me one thing you like. Just one thing. Right now while you're standing there and I don't have my hands on you and you can't distract me."

Natasha pulls her hair out of the collar of her shirt, and smiles slow and dirty. "Oh, I could distract you from over here."

"That's it, that shit right there," Sam says, exasperated. "That's what makes me wonder if I'm even fucking you when I'm fucking you."

He knows he's fucked up as soon as the words are out his mouth.
Sam and Natasha, negotiating their relationship. Hot and sweet and a little sad.

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The Middleman

The Roommate Transposition Irritation by [ profile] DesertScribe
Fortunately, Sensei Ping was able to sympathize with her about crappy landlords, because even celibate martial artist monks couldn't go around introducing disrespectful lessors to Pain's River without being chastised by their peers for giving their venerable order a bad reputation. Of course, Sensei Ping's version of sympathy came in the form of stepping up the intensity of the practice exercises and extending the session by several hours when world ending dangers continued to not interrupt them. Wendy figured it was a great alternative to going home and punching Pip in the face, because even though she now knew a chokehold that would induce two day amnesia (with much greater reliability than what those luchadores did to Tyler) so Pip would never remember who hit him, she did still have a conscience. The whole 'with great power comes great responsibility' thing meant that she couldn't go around beating up guys just for making her mad anymore, even though she only had awesome hand to hand combat skills instead of actual super powers. Something's weird in Wendy and Lacey's illegal sublet! Wendy's on the case though. This is so perfectly Middleman, I can't even. <333



The Middleman/Captain America

There Must Be a Joke in Here Somewhere by [ profile] gwyneth
Wendy and the Middleman meet Steve and Bucky while fighting snot monsters. While MM fangirls Steve, "sidekick" bonding ensues. <333


i never knew what enough was

Jul. 29th, 2014 11:58 am
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Rivers of London

Birdcage by [ profile] Philomytha
When Nightingale disappears, Peter tries to find out what happened to him. But with the London Olympics opening in a few days and a string of magical crimes across the city, he can't afford to let any more major tourist attractions blow up either. Excellent casefile set after Broken Homes that gets Peter's narration just right.


Young Avengers

But Never Mind The National Anthem by [ profile] heartequals
"You're suggesting we educate America about America?" Billy asks.

"Yes," says Kate.

"This could blow up in our faces very easily," says Teddy.

"That's what makes it fun," says Kate.
The team tries to catch America up on Earth-Earth pop culture. Aw, heart.


i never made promises lightly

Jul. 29th, 2014 11:55 am
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With a Bold Heart by [ profile] Frea_O
Team Arrow adopts wee Artemis Crock after her dad ditches her. Adorable. Also, I loved the shoutouts to animated!YJ that cropped up.

Worth It by [ profile] rashaka
Oliver and Felicity have a conversation about feelings while trapped in an elevator. As you do. Oh heart.


The Dark Knight Rises

The Longer You Stay by [ profile] emiv
Batman needs his Robins. Even in the Nolanverse. Long, lovely, heart-clenchy story of Bruce and Selina in the aftermath, collecting orphans to make up their family, with a lovely Selina POV. Oh my heart. Plus, there's a whole set of timestamps to go with it.


They loooooooove each other \0/

Jul. 29th, 2014 11:38 am
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I have been poking on and off at making a long Steve/Bucky recs list since I saw Winter Soldier, because I have shipped them ever since reading the comics after seeing Cap 1, and I thought it would be kind of fun to have a recs list that mixed up between the two groups of fics. And now, however many months later, I think I'm finally going to declare this effort ready to post, because if I poke at it any longer it will never stop growing, and I can ALWAYS make another list later, right? I have made an executive decision that this list is only going to contain Steve/Bucky and not any of the various poly configurations that I also ship that include those two losers, because I needed a cut off point SOMEWHERE. As it is, this list is over 50 fics long, because I fail at anything resembling restraint. /0/ So, like, enjoy! Share it with your friends if they need more Bucky/Steve in their lives! I'm going to ... well, let's be honest, I'm probably going to go read more Steve/Bucky now. *g*

To the end of the line )
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Fifty Shades Freed--Chapter One (Part I)

In which the entire post is a flashback (and sometimes a flashback within a flashback) to the wedding, reception and wedding night, Kate Kavanagh covertly threatens Christian Grey, an American considers "pleased to meet you" gushing enthusiasm, a third Avenger sneaks into Shadesverse, Ana admits that Grey is an alien from another universe, and the chapter ends on a note of implicit violence and fear.

Good news/bad news

Jul. 28th, 2014 11:50 pm
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Bad news: Looks like I got defaulted on Ardor in August. :/

Good news: Thank you, pinch-hitter for taking me on. I'm not a difficult case, I swear... I only want everything! (Yes, yes, my original writer could have defaulted for any/all/no reason. I still feel bad about though.)

Nevermind, I was wrong!

Good news: I posted fic! Well, it's debatable whether this is good news...

Assault to Abjury (1871 words) by zeen
Chapters: 1/3
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Family Relationships, Fingon/Maedhros
Characters: Maedhros, Maglor, Fëanor, Fingolfin, Turgon, Finrod
Additional Tags: Foreshadowing Like A Bag of Hammers, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Work In Progress, Betrayal

Maedhros defied his father only once.

You can also read it on SWG.

Favorite cookbooks!

Jul. 28th, 2014 09:01 pm
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Friends, I love cookbooks, especially the kind that are more than cookbooks. You know -- stuffed with personal anecdotes, or cooking travelogues. Recs would also be welcome! As for the recipes... While I like reading about esoteric recipes that are far from the mundane, I tend to gravitate towards things that I can actually do. I'd consider myself an intermediate level home-cook -- although thanks to a notable business failure of my parents, I do have access to some pretty advanced restaurant equipment. Lemme show you my mixer sometime, it's wild. (This is not a double-entendre ... Unless you want it to be.)

Okay, if you show me yours, I'll show you mine... That is to say, favorite cookbooks. I've narrowed it down to five (which was hard!), and they are as follows:

Under the cut. )

you glow inside my head

Jul. 28th, 2014 09:48 pm
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Yesterday, I got the monthly "heads up your period's due in five days" email. Today, I got my period. THERE WERE NOT FIVE DAYS BETWEEN YESTERDAY AND TODAY. I MUST PROTEST.


[ profile] chicklet_girl is visiting our fair city, so we met up for dinner tonight. It was a lot of fun. And now I think I'm ready for bed.


crossposted from tumblr

Jul. 29th, 2014 02:42 am
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Someone on failfandomanon asked for comics recs to learn about Magneto at his morally ambiguous best, and I spent a half an hour typing a huge ass long answer and was late to meet a friend >_>. Anyway, I’ve cleaned it up and clarified some stuff and decided I might as well share it here:

In order of chronology of the character

Magneto - Testament by Greg Pak:  Magneto’s youth during the Shoah. Very good and heartbreaking. Highly Reccomended.
Classic X-Men #12 (A Fire in the Night) by Claremont: After the war Magneto tries to settle in Ukraine with his wife & child. It does not go well. Essential reading.
Uncanny X-Men #161 by Claremont: Magneto meets Charles Xavier in a hospital in Israel. It goes well until it doesn’t. Essential reading.
Classic X-Men #19 (I, Magneto) by Claremont: Magneto goes Nazi hunting for the CIA. It does not go well. Highly recommended.

Uncanny X-Men #150 by Claremont: Magneto tries to stop nuclear proliferation by threatening the world’s governments with his power. The first issue in which Claremont gave Magneto’s depth and recreated him as a Holocaust survivor.

God Loves, Man Kills by Claremont: Somebody is targeting mutants. Magneto seeks the X-Men to help. Highly recommended and fairly standalone.

Secret Wars by Shooter: An overly powerful entity decided to summon a bunch of villains and heroes and have them fight against one another for his entertainment. Magneto was summoned among the heroes, to everybody’s shock. Not absolutely necessary but takes place in the lapse of time when Magneto was getting more nuanced and Xavier was using the chance to try to convince his friend to amend his way. Lots of other cool stuff in it otherwise (Doom is the star of this show tho).

Uncanny X-Men #196 by Claremont: Magneto chats with Rachel, who came from the future in which Magneto’s worst nightmares happened.

Uncanny X-Men #199 by Claremont: Kitty takes Magneto to a Holocaust survivors reunion.
Uncanny X-Men #200 by Claremont: Magneto is put on trial. It does not go well. Both of those are highly recommended.

New Mutants v1 #21-75: Charles left Magneto in charge of the kids at his school. It does not go well. In particular issues #35, 38-40, 50-52 by Claremont are highly recommended. #60-61, 64, 73-75 by Louise Simonson for how it goes to hell, but I don’t much like Simonson’s take on the character.

X-Men vs Avengers by Stern & Shooter: The Avengers question Xavier’s choice of substitute teacher. It does not go well.

X-Men vs the Fantastic Four by Claremont - Magneto tries to save Kitty Pryde’s life.

Uncanny X-Men 274-275 by Claremont - Magneto and Rogue in the Savage Land and old ghosts. Highly recommended.

X-Men 1-3 by Jim Lee and Claremont - Magneto’s descent into heartbreaking crazy villainy again and Claremont’s farewell to the X-Men for a while.


Well, except for:

Legion Quest (Uncanny X-Men #320- X-Men #40- UXM 321 & XM-41) by Nicieza, Lobdell and Waid - Xavier’s crazy and crazy powerful son goes back in the past to Xavier and Magneto’s first meeting in Israel to try to kill Magneto before he becomes a supervillain. It does not go well.

X-Men Unlimited #2 by Nicieza – A story of vengeance and grief.


Excalibur v3 #1-14 by Claremont - Xavier and Magneto hang out in the ruins of Genosha. Not very good but very, very slashy.

House of M (main series) by Bendis - Magneto’s dream has been made true and replaced reality. His family is the stuff of Greek tragedy.

House of M - Civil War by Gage - How Magneto’s dream came true in the House of M alternate reality.

X-Men Legacy #208-210 by Carey - Xavier was shot in the head during the Messiah Complex events. A depowered Magneto helps him finding himself again.

Magneto gets repowered and then joins the X-Men who are living on an artificial island made of the ruins of Asteroid M off the coast of San Francisco and has declared themselves to be their own nation. Because if they’re copying him he might as well join them, ya know.

(This is Uncanny X-Men #516, but I don’t much like how this issue is written so it’s not highly recommended. OTOH I’m pretty fond of UXM #518-522, in which Magneto does his best to show his use to the X-Men).

Nation X #1 (The Ghost of Asteroid M) by Spurrier - Short story about Magneto settling in with the X-Men and especially their students

Uncanny X-Men #534.1 by Gillen - The X-Men ask their PR agent to deal with Magneto’s joining their team. Hilarity ensues.

X-Men Legacy #231-259 by Carey - Magneto as a member of Rogue’s team. Not always very Magneto focussed, but Carey writes one of the best Magneto outside of Claremont so… Also the Magneto/Rogue romance, if that rocks your boat.

Uncanny X-Men v2 #1-3 by Gillen – Magneto as a member of Cyclops new Extinction team, which he boasts as the world’s mightiest heroes, vs Sinister. Not essential, but has a couple of great Mags moments and is a great mood setting for that point of time in the X-Men.

Magneto: Not a Hero by Skottie Young - A mini about Magneto’s clone re-appearing and starting to kill people in his name. Highly recommended.

Uncanny X-Men v2 #13, #15-20 by Gillen - the Avengers and the X-Men went to war and a few of X-Men became the host of the Phoenix Force. Oh, also Sinister is attacking. What does Mags do?

Avengers vs X-Men – Consequences by Gillen - The Avengers won and the X-Men are on the run. What does Mags do?

All New X-Men #1-5 + Uncanny X-Men v3 #1-3, #8, #16, 21-22 by Bendis – Cyclops’ group of hunted X-Men try to a be a radical force for good for mutants and train new recruits. Magneto plays a dangerous game with SHIELD trying to uncover who is resurrected the Sentinel program.

Magneto v1 1-on going by Bunn - Magneto left Cyclops to go and hunt the enemies of mutantkind by himself. Very good and very dark.

No More Humans by Carey - Humans have mysteriously disappeared from earth, leaving only mutants. What does Mags do? Carey still writes the best Magneto outside of Claremont.

Outside of continuity:

 X-Men – Mythos: A rewriting of the first mission of X-Men against the mutant terrorist Magneto.

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First, the best request. I need a beta for a short (I mean short, >2K) Silmarillion fic, the first of three chapters. It's based on one of the prompts from Ye Olde Fingon/Maedhros Prompt List of Doom, although it is largely gen and centered on Maedhros. It's an AU, of the canon-divergent variety. Ahem. An offer to help will be greeted by a freshet of grateful tears.

Next, the recipe! Because I invented it fifteen minutes before the last iftar of Ramadan 2014 began, it is naturally a virgin cocktail. The tentative name for it is the East Meets West cocktail, but I know that’s a clunker. I’m open to suggestions!

Recipe is as follows. )

how can i be sure?

Jul. 27th, 2014 07:07 pm
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I ended up staying over at my sister's last night, since the party was still going late into the evening. I guess that's the difference between having little kids and having kids who are in their early 20s - the games all suddenly involve alcohol. (I never played drinking games when I was their age - we just went out and drank - but they seem to have a lot of fun, and none of them were going anywhere so...)

So did Marvel not announce any of the mystery movies on their slate? I was really hoping for a Black Widow &/or Captain Marvel announcement, and a Black Panther movie, and maybe Oded Fehr or Alexander Siddig as Stephen Strange. (I also continue to be unimpressed with everything about Ant-Man - a movie nobody wants about a guy nobody likes. Why not a Wasp movie instead? Ugh.)

We did get a lot of Chris Evans grabbing his male co-stars boobs, though, and a James Spader-RDJ reunion, so that was okay. How are they all so adorable?

Today, I came home, did grocery shopping, spent way too much time on tumblr (see above re: CEvans and the ubiquitous boob grab), and then made lemon lemonies (pic), which are like brownies, except lemon flavored. They're not like regular lemon bars. Luckily, I had white chocolate chips hanging around for some reason, so all I really needed to buy were lemons, which I was going to buy anyway because I've decided that I'm not supplying my coworkers with salad dressing anymore. I don't need it, so I'm just bringing half a lemon with me each day for dressing purposes (my salads are very unexciting - I only put raisins, croutons and fresh mozzarella in them, because I always forget to buy walnuts).

ANYWAY. The glaze calls for 2 cups of powdered sugar. I used 1/2 cup, which I think is probably still too much. Ugh. WHO NEEDS THAT MUCH SUGAR IN ANYTHING? Every time I see a frosting or glaze recipe that requires more than, like, 1/2 cup of sugar, I cross it off the list of things to try. This is also why I can't eat buttercream. So disgustingly sweet, and I say that as someone with a massive sweet tooth.




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