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Nov. 26th, 2015 01:44 am
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double-feature (336 words) by havisham
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes
Additional Tags: Ungentlemanly Handjobs, Movie Night, 1939: gr8 year for films terrible year for everything else

Steve and Bucky go see a movie.

The trailer for Falcon 2: You're Making Terrible Choices Because of Your Boyfriend, Steve is bringing back all my Steve/Bucky feelings, expressed thusly. (Equally ugh shit yes he remembers you AND STEVE FACE and also everything about Sam's expression.)

I wanna wallow in it. Wallow, wallow, wallow. It's great! I'm happy! You know, when I first saw TFA, I thought it was a flawed film, but I loved Steve and Bucky already, and I loved Hayley Atwell's beautiful face. I was in. I never really deluded myself into thinking the series would be good or that they would satisfy any intellectual need within me. But they were fun, I had an all-consuming OTP and I kept my nose clean from wanks. And I really have had a great time in this fandom.

I'm excited about Civil War. It no doubt will be a clusterfuck, but I can handle that.

(And Tony! God, I'm not playing the world's small violin for him, more like a child or infant-sized violin. How many Stark men are going to fall victim to Steve's muscular charms?!)

The ghost is a metaphor

Nov. 25th, 2015 06:50 pm
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So in FFA, there's an thread about ghosts and ghost stories, and since (you may know) that is one of my favorite subjects in the world, I shared a story about my dad here.

If you have a ghost story you'd like to share, please drop a comment in this post. I love hearing fresh new ghost stories that I can retell to my family on holidays like Thanksgiving. (And Christmas, and New Years, and the Fourth of July. Or regular Friday nights after dinner. What can I say, we love ghosts!)

(I don't mind if you link to this post in your posts -- my DW circle is small, and I love a bit of activity.)
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I saw on tumblr last night that RDJ and CEvans were making a "surprise" appearance on Kimmel, likely to premiere the Captain America: Civil War trailer (one day I'll talk about the ludicrous notion of premiering a trailer, but not today), so when I woke up to [tumblr.com profile] angelgazing squeeing at me via text, I put a pause in my morning routine to watch. (I wasn't late for work, but only because my commute went as smoothly as it possibly could, likely due to a much lighter than normal commuter load because it's the day before Thanksgiving. I was totally willing to be late if necessary, though.)

Anyway! Age of Ultron really damaged my trust in these movies, so while I am totally squeeful, I'm also very tentative in my enthusiasm. So here's some cautious squeeing. spoilers and rambling )

Interestingly enough, I sent the link to my niece this morning, who is a fan but not fannish about these movies, and because she's not overwhelmed with BUCKY FEELS the way I (and Steve) am(/is), she was uncomfortable with the infighting (which I honestly think we're supposed to be) and skeptical of the premise. So I guess we'll see.

Anyway, work is a bit frantic because I have committee packets to get out before we close early but I don't have the materials yet, so I'll stop there.


(no subject)

Nov. 25th, 2015 03:05 am
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Cold Snap! a f/f porn battle. Prompting is until Wednesday, 25 November 2015, fills can be done until the 30th.

the one you might have missed

Nov. 24th, 2015 07:51 pm
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Work was hectic again so have some quick teevee thoughts:

spoilers ) Also, after marathoning Jessica Jones, it was nice to have a lady superhero show that was sunny and cheerful. It pleases me so much that both exist, and I long for the day when there are enough shows and movies that are about women that we don't have to be excited that one is dark and one is bright and they're on at the same time.

Jane the Virgin
spoilers )

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Wow, rain. It's coming down hard.


Tales of Zestiria has a decently interesting world. It saw fit to explain very little of that world, unless I missed a ton of skits or scenes. Now, I'm not saying this is a bad thing; it told me what I needed to know, and anyway, a world like this, with so many mysteries, is exactly what I would've loved writing fan fiction for. It leaves room for creative speculation.

One thing I would've liked to see explained further, though, is The Five Lords... )

In Zestiria's defense, I did try to finish the game quickly; I might've missed things. I tried not to, because I like completing things, dammit, but I had limited time. :/ I went for the prize, and didn't take the time to do the thing with Edna's brother, or the crucibles, so I dunno, maybe those explain more? (Although the crucibles looked more like gameplay challenges.)

So whatev. Either these are dumb questions, or the game needs a sequel, so I can buy it.
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Fifty Shades Freed--Epilogue (Part I)

In which Christian beats his unborn daughter, Ana repeatedly tells us how happy she is before textually admitting that she fears Christian’s rage, Ket and I discuss teddy girls and Tuckerization, Ket’s retribution brings down a terrible curse not only on Mervin but on the entire world, and there is an incestuous threesome with a fetus.

it always has to come to this

Nov. 23rd, 2015 01:48 pm
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I owe answers to comments, and I'm slowly working on that, so please bear with me.

+ I really enjoyed last night's Brooklyn Nine Nine; it was a completely typical sitcom plot elevated by acting and by two and a half seasons of characterization. I laughed a lot.

+ [personal profile] selenak has a good write-up of Jessica Jones here.

+ Re: the OTW stuff, here's good basic write-up by [personal profile] beatrice_otter, and here's a good post on nonprofit management by [personal profile] sara.

Here's my thing, with the exception of the seven years I worked at Big Evil MegaCorp, I've spent most of my career, such as it is, at nonprofits (of the voluntary health agency variety, e.g., National MS Society), though of course, all the ones I've worked at had long since transitioned to being staff-run (paid staff, I mean), with volunteer board oversight. The organizational structure of the OTW is completely inexplicable to me in some ways (e.g., I find it really strange that the committee chairs aren't automatically board members), but the fact that there is no finance committee, that there is no budget, that funds were being kept in Pay Pal accounts, that there has been no audit, and that one of the board members (the sockpuppeting one) is apparently going to stay on as treasurer despite resigning(!!! do I have that right?!) are like strobing red flags.

Board members of nonprofits have a basic fiduciary responsibility - to be transparent about the organization's finances, to put into place internal controls not just to prevent fraud, but to ensure that there is enough money to carry out the mission and programs of the organization, to pay administrative costs, to make sure that every cent is accounted for to the donor base, the general public, and the IRS (in the US) - that seems like it was completely ignored.

In the wake of all this business, I'd think that there needs to be some kind of professional help engaged - hiring an interim executive director to oversee the building of financial infrastructure, or engaging a fiscal agent to handle getting an accountant and an external auditing firm, setting up bank accounts, producing budgets and financial reports (up to and including the yearly 990 if one is required) in a timely fashion. There are certainly organizations that do this for small nonprofits, though again, it costs money.

I realize nobody wants to donate money to the OTW in order to pay someone's salary, but someone's got to oversee handling the finances, and I'm betting it's probably better all around for it to be a someone who is not actually all that into fandom/not concerned with popularity or perks or whatever it is that so soured relationships between the resigning board members and the volunteers who seem to do all the work, and instead someone who actually does it because it's their paid job and is overseen by the board. I don't think it'd have to be full time and I don't think it'd need to be permanent (though certainly it's the sort of thing that should be considered), but I do think it's time to get some nonprofit management professionals involved in a way that they don't seem to have previously been. (LBR, it was time when the organization was founded, but for whatever reason, those who were involved then don't seem to have stuck around, or if they have, nobody seems to have listened to them, given the shenanigans that have gone on these past few months.)


Spent the weekend listening to Adele.

Nov. 22nd, 2015 10:25 pm
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I hope she keeps putting up albums so I can keep having emotions to those albums. Good job, Adele.

I am well behind on all my writing projects, but what the hey. Let's do that WIP meme where you very briefly describe your WIPs and people can ask you about them.

1. Yuletide stuff. Very much not worked on. Can't really answer questions about this, but I just wanted to not that it is a WIP! I have a sentence written for it and everything! One whole sentence!

2. Some ridiculous MCU Thor/Loki. I've never written Thor/Loki before, even though I have read ... Let's say a large number of PWPs for them. Ahem. This one though, I can say has a plot or at least something plot-adjacent.

3. Simon/Weston from In the Flesh, which I expect will be read by 1.5 people. Out of 10 people who still remember that show.

4. That Ralph/Bunny story that I'm vaguely embarrassed about. A leftover from RenaultX this year.

5. Maglor is the creep minstrel from The Twa Sisters. You know the one.

6. Sirius/Regulus fic because I seriously make bad decisions, like, all the time.

Also, apparently over the course of me starting this post this afternoon and now, the OTW board resigned? WTF? I have honestly not been keeping up with the election at all -- or OTW news in general, and in fact I barely listen to the behind the scenes shenanigans of the board. I just want AO3 to keep on chugging because it provides me hours of joy, thanks to large volume of written erotica. If AO3 is all right, I don't really care about the rest.

But over the last couple of months, even my head in the sand approach hasn't really been working. OTW doesn't have a budget? It's never had a budget? Even though they've collected more than $150K for the last two years ....??? No need for a budget there ...? And then there was the second PayPal account debacle which I really hope has been cleared up. And today, board voted in someone who apparently came in fifth place in the election, the person in question also voted for herself, and at the first sign of criticism, they all resigned. Am I getting this right?

This is all just wow.

don't let the system get you down

Nov. 22nd, 2015 01:42 am
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So I spent today, as I'm guessing many of you did, mainlining Jessica Jones, and I've just finished it. I would not, perhaps, recommend watching it all in one sitting (in my defense, I also thought it was two episodes shorter than it turned out to be, and honestly it would have probably benefited from being slightly shorter, imo), but I do highly, highly recommend watching it, though it should come with trigger warnings for basically everything: sexual assault, torture, medical experimentation on children, abusive parents, gaslighting, mind control, gore, violence, drug withdrawal, needles, um...I might be forgetting something, but basically if you feel like it would need a warning, consider yourself warned. I think the only thing it didn't have was animal harm - slightly relevant spoiler )

Again without spoilers, I'll say that I think it's miles better than Daredevil, which I liked but didn't think was the transcendent piece of superhero television that a lot of people did. Daredevil's fight scenes were better (which I think may be more a function of how difficult it is to make superpowered fights look good), and despite some of its mature themes, I felt it actually had a much more comic-book superhero tone than Jessica Jones, which leaned really hard into hardboiled detective tropes and also felt a lot darker, tenser, and more dangerous to me. That could be because it deals heavily with PTSD and rape recovery, rather than daddy issues and Catholic guilt. (and also, lbr, Jessica never wears a fugly costume with horns on the helmet.)

Jessica is a fantastic character and the best thing about the show is that it lets her be abrasive and assholish and an utter mess of a human being while also letting her be good at what she does (for the most part), but my favorite thing was Trish. OMG TRISH. OMG THEIR RELATIONSHIP. Bring on the Patsy Walker/Hellcat series now, please. (Also, while I wish for things Marvel will never give me, bring on a Peter Parker old enough to have been a high school contemporary of Jessica, as he is in the comics.)

Luke is also great - Mike Colter is so attractive and so good at being both warm and forbiddingly badass. And Malcolm! Not having read Alias (it's been on my list for years, but I've never gotten to it), I only really know the characters/storyline by osmosis, so I don't know if Malcolm is from the comics, but he's so great!

And I thought Tennant was superb as Kilgrave, though I feel the need to take TEN MILLION showers after watching him. By far the most terrifying villain Marvel has yet produced. Fandom, I know how you are, but I swear to god, Kilgrave apologists will be shunned on sight.

In more detail here, let's get out of the way the couple of things I didn't like: spoilers )

I pretty much liked or loved nearly everything else: spoilers )

I need to get to bed, but seriously, if you can handle the stuff mentioned above, and you are looking for a superhero/detective show that tackles mature themes well and also has a bunch of women in it, and focuses on their relationships with each other, you should check out Jessica Jones.


Artistically untitled

Nov. 20th, 2015 12:49 pm
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Drabble-making is an art that I have not fully mastered. But damn it, flist, I try.

The Selfsame Song (100 words) by havisham
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Drabble, Transformation, Irony, Self-Doubts About the Irony Tag

Bucky would always be able to recognize Steve.

In other news, I can't seem to be to not embarrass myself in front of my boss. Why, God.

Lost myself again and I feel unsafe

Nov. 20th, 2015 12:33 pm
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Super hectic day today at work - I've been here since about 7:45 am - but tonight there will be sweet, sweet happy hour cosmos, and possibly a steak dinner.

So in the run up to The Force Awakens, there's a lot of Star Wars talk around the internets, and I've seen a couple of essays reconsidering the prequel trilogy, and I noticed that while I still think they were good ideas executed terribly (there's the potential for two good movies in there somewhere, but not as they currently exist, at least not to me, and I say that as someone who would absolutely love a version of The West Wing set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away), I have pretty much replaced them completely in my head with The Clone Wars, so whenever people talk about how Anakin and Obi-Wan's relationship isn't fleshed out, I think, "But that's not true!" and then I realize they're talking strictly the movies, and well. Aside from the racism and the terrible dialogue, the main failure of the prequels is that they don't actually portray believable relationships between Anakin and Obi-Wan, and even more painfully, between Anakin and Padme, and they don't do much to make Anakin likable (they also don't engage at all with why Anakin would so easily fall under Palpatine's sway, and how much the Jedi are culpable in their own demise), so it's really hard to care when he finally does become Darth Vader.

And TCW does a lot to ameliorate those problems:

* Since Anakin and Padme are already married, we don't have to sit through any terrible romantic dialogue, and the show doesn't shy away from showing how dysfunctional their marriage really is - I mean, given that it's secret, that they see each other infrequently and thus never really develop a day-to-day relationship including flaws and petty disagreements, it's still kind of a fairy tale romance for them (or him, mostly.) It also shows how much Padme enables him (it's hard not to think about how she either ignored or didn't understand what happened on Tattooine) and can't leave him when he turns violent (I admit to being surprised TCW even went there, though they didn't go as far as they might have, given that they still have to be together for RotS). Generally speaking, I like my fictional dead married parents of heroes to have had happy loving marriages (e.g., James and Lily Potter), but when you look at Anakin and Padme, it's kind of like, holy dysfunctional family, Batman! even before he's Darth Vader.

* We never get to see Anakin being trained, but we do get to see his partnership with Obi-Wan in the field, so you can actually believe it when he tells Luke that Anakin was his best friend (and then hands over the lightsaber with which Anakin killed 30 kids. Sorry. I just. can't not make that association now.). In addition to seeing a strong partnership with Obi-Wan, we actually get to see Anakin as a mentor/big brother figure to Ahsoka, and as a leader to his troops, and get to understand why he's such a force to be reckoned with (no pun intended) militarily later on. And while the show never really delves into it as deeply as it could, it does engage with Anakin's past as a slave, and how that influenced him going forward (and how the Jedi disregard for that past is both inexplicable and galling). I've said this before, but I didn't ask to be inundated with feelings about Darth Vader, but watching TCW totally did it (and reading the current Darth Vader comic has continued the trend. I shake my fist at both Dave Filoni and Kieron Gillen.)

Ugh, I have to pack up to leave for a meeting uptown, but in conclusion, I get that you can't just tell people, "watch five seasons of a tv show that came out years later to get the characterization you were hoping for in the movies!" but uh, I do sometimes feel like telling people to do that.


just keep it on the down low

Nov. 19th, 2015 12:04 pm
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My period showed up yesterday evening, two weeks late, which might explain some of the blahs and disconnectedness I've been feeling lately. I mean, there's other, more concrete stuff, too, but two extra weeks of waiting for my period probably made it worse. At least this way, I shouldn't still have it for Thanksgiving or get it over Christmas, which is an upside.


Star Wars Rebels Blood Sisters
and in conclusion: spoilers )

Arrow: Brotherhood
spoilers )


In other news, why do people insist on phone calls when email exists? I mean for work purposes? The phone is good when someone isn't answering your emails repeatedly or you don't want to have something in writing, but generally speaking, I much prefer email because then I can answer at my leisure and also have a record of the conversation! And also it doesn't interrupt me when I'm doing other things the way the phone does. I don't think it's just my loathing of the phone at work here. I think it's genuinely less good for work communication than email, like, 96% of the time.

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I think I've hit my Hamilton saturation point (where my feelings swung over from tolerant dislike to outright hatred -- I had left cautious like behind weeks ago) yesterday when it was mentioned, of all places, in You Must Remember This, comparing David O. Selznick to Alexander Hamilton for reasons unknown. (Something, something, young and hungry, immigrants -- Selznick was second generation, man! It's a different narrative!)

The podcast itself was all right. Needed more memos.

Oh God, Yuletide. I haven't started. I don't know where to start. My assignment is really great, but it's also very challenging. I also want to write treats, but I'm also too lazy to go out and hunt down potential letters. And the only canon I was really desperate to write for hasn't got a letter. Sigh, back to the salt mines. I mean brainstorming.

I see the skull beneath the skin

Nov. 18th, 2015 11:23 am
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Tuesday night TV:

The Flash: Gorilla Warfare
spoilers )

iZombie: Abra Cadaver
spoilers )

And Wednesday reading:

What I've just finished
The Longest Winter: The Battle of the Bulge and the Epic Story of World War II's Most Decorated Platoon by Alex Kershaw, which was interesting, but I didn't realize it was going to spend so much time on the men's time as POWs and that's not really my area of interest so it was kind of a slog.

Star Wars #12 wrapped up the current story arc. spoilers )

Vader Down #1. In which Vader spoilers )

And now I am going to rant a little about Batman and Robin Eternal (with spoilers through this week's issue). spoilers )

What I'm reading now
My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante. I understand why there are so many raves, but the whole thing just fills me with terrible foreboding. spoiler ) I imagine this must have been a really interesting translation job, given the baroque nature of Ferrante's sentences. The language is pretty spare, but the sentences are frequently structured in very interesting ways, which I'm guessing is from the original. Anyway, unless the ending is a little more upbeat than what's gone on so far (I'm about 2/3 of the way through), I don't think I'm going to rush out to read the next one(s), though I may put them on my for-later list at the library.

What I'm reading next
I should probably get started on yuletide source review. Sigh. I know what I want to write, but there is rereading and research involved first. And then we'll see what's on my iPad that strikes my interest. *hands*


(no subject)

Nov. 18th, 2015 01:57 am
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RPGmaker games Secret Santa: http://horrorrpgartmastersupplier.tumblr.com/post/133452286659/rpg-maker-games-secret-santa-2015

You can apply until November 19 a las 23:59 GMT+1

You’ll receive your person by November 20-21 more or less.

Santas will have until December 21 to send their gifts.

Gifts will be posted by December 25.
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Someone must have recced a couple of my older Steve/Bucky stories, because the past couple of days they've gotten way more kudos than 2-3 year old stories usually do. Sadly, I haven't been able to figure out where they came from.


Supergirl: Livewire
The writing on this show still needs to improve, but hot damn if I didn't enjoy all the ladies in this episode, especially Brit Morgan (aka, Lacey from The Middleman) as Livewire. I maybe kind of ship her with Kara now? spoilers )

Jane the Virgin: Chapter Twenty-Eight
spoilers )

I also watched Sunday's Brooklyn Nine Nine, which I enjoyed. spoilers )




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