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I realize that fluid dynamics is a thing, but anyone who has ever baked will agree that somehow cake batter seems to defy the laws of physics in the places it ends up when you are beating it.

All of which is to say I have cupcakes in the oven for tomorrow's bbq, though not cheesecake ones, since my sister was skeptical about their ability to travel well in the heat. And I thought about it, and also how much work they are, and made one-bowl vanilla cupcakes instead. I hope they're good. They're from "One Bowl Baking" by Yvonne Ruperti. I'm planning to frost them with some chocolate ganache.

I was in the kitchen when it happened, but holy crap, Syndergaard getting tossed without a warning is some bullshit. That pitch was behind Utley! I do like that Syndergaard seems to have some of the '86 team's toughness though.

Ugh, fucking Utley with the homer. I hate this guy.

Earlier I watched Steven Universe: Barn Mates
spoilers ) I haven't watched the other episodes that aired in France already, so please don't spoil me.

Orphan Black: The Antisocialism of Sex
spoilers )

I also rewatched the Umbara arc of The Clone Wars, which I hadn't done before because I find it a super depressing story, given the givens, and oh, Rex. And Jesse and Tup and Hardcase (he sure makes an impression for how little time he's actually around) and FIVES. Also, I didn't realize Appo was in this the first time around, or that the other clone squad commander in "Carnage of Krell" was Waxer. It's just... a lot of clone feels, you know. I still think I guess this is a spoiler )

Gosh, every time I think about the possibility of Rex in Rogue One and how that is not happening, I get sad all over again. Sigh.


Story: The Familiar

May. 27th, 2016 11:15 pm
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The Familiar
by Te
May 27, 2016

Disclaimers: Not mine, except for what is.

Spoilers/Timeline: Vague, AU-ized mentions of second season storylines. Nothing major. Story takes place pre-series.

Summary: Jason inhales sharply. "You see it, don't you?"

"See — why did you bring me a *dog*?"

"Amant —"

"Why did you bring me a *magical* dog?"

"Well — you could ask him?"

Ratings Note/Warnings: Sexual content which dovetails neatly with the content some readers may find to be disturbing. More and more spoilery warnings in the tags on AO3.

Author's Note: Houndstar's bunny. :D A certain picture made her think of what might happen if [Character Redacted] was a familiar who'd been turned into a human, and it was just too awesome an idea not to play with.

This story isn't technically set in any particular universe, but the milieu is quite similar to what I set up in the you and I will walk together again series. You may find reading the first two stories of that series before you read this one helpful.

Acknowledgment: I'm still trying to drag myself out of the depression-pit, and my friends and lovers have been amazingly helpful, as always. Much love to Pixie, Melly, Spice, Houndstar, Greyandgold, Sergei, and, of course, my Jack for all the support and advice.

Length: ~30K

Sto-ry! Sto-ry! Sto-ry!
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So I've begun poking at the Rey & Finn's Epic Space Road Trip (feat. Force ghost Anakin Skywalker) wip and it's made me step back and rethink how to write a road trip when there probably isn't a lot of arguing about music/comics/pop culture. I mean, there could be, under other circumstances? But I don't see either Rey or Finn being too up on whatever the TFA-era equivalent of "Would the Hulk beat Wolverine in a fight?" or whatever is (and Anakin's references are very dated, which is, hopefully, as funny in execution as it is in my head). Though I guess they might be familiar with variations on various car games.

There is the plot, such as it is. I mean, at least this story has one? Sort of. There's an end goal in mind anyway, they're not just on a random road trip for vacation, and I have a list of things that I'm hoping to include (if you've ever read a story by me, you can probably guess what some of those are), but it's making me think about what the important parts of a road trip story are, and how some of them might translate (e.g., what is the GFFA equivalent of punchbuggy? are rest stops still liminal spaces in space travel?).

We're heading into a holiday weekend here and technically we start our 'summer Friday' hours today - getting out at 2:30 pm, though whether I will be able to do so depends on whether or not I get some materials I've been waiting for, which I was told I would, but they have not materialized as of yet, so who can say?

eta: and I just sent out the stuff at 3:15, so I can go home now. Whew.

I have a bbq on Sunday, but am otherwise unfettered by plans, so there could definitely be some writing and some answering comments in there, in addition to possibly making some kind of cupcakes to take with me on Sunday.

And it's warm enough now that it feels like summer. Last night, I was defeated and had to turn on the AC instead of holding out for June like I was hoping to. But there comes a certain point when the only person I'm hurting is myself because I'm not sleeping properly and it can be solved as easily as turning on the air conditioning. I mean, I wish all my bouts of insomnia could be so easily solved! So not doing it when I know it will work seems...counterproductive, despite my desire to keep my electric bills manageable.

Anyway, boss2 keeps coming into my cube so I'll wrap this up for now.

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So I normally sleep on my left side, but I also have what is likely bursitis in my left hip and so sometimes it becomes uncomfortable to sleep on that side and I have to roll over and sleep on my right, which I don't like, but whatever. Sleeping shouldn't be so hard. Anyway. Last night I guess I did something in the rolling over or the sleeping or the I don't even know part because my left hip and lower back area hurts and my right shoulder down through to my right elbow hurts. Just. I'm ready for my robot body now. I am just saying.

I did have a good dream where Thor lost his memory and showed up at some either Memorial Day or 4th of July event at the harbor (tall ships? fleet week?) because he knew we were at war and wanted to see the longships row off to battle. And I had to call in Steve Rogers to see if he could jar his memory (apparently in my dream, since Bucky, Steve has been the go-to person for that?) and Natasha was like, "Is he going to punch the memories back into him?" and I was like, "or they could oil up and wrestle..." and she was like, "We can only hope." :D :D :D

Also, smarter people than I said smart things yesterday about Marvel's dumpster fire of a Cap issue, so you can find the stuff I reblogged here.

I know there were other things I meant to say but work has been nonstop and people are just on my nerves and ugh, I am looking forward to the long weekend.


how do they rise up?

May. 25th, 2016 12:54 pm
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So yesterday I dreamt I got up and went to work when I didn't, and today I dream that I woke up late for work (at 7:47 am!) and missed my meeting entirely. Which I didn't. Ugh, anxiety, you are terrible.

And then I had one of those ocular migraine thingies which made trying to do any kind of work super annoying (I mean, more annoying than working is anyway). Two thumbs down, do not recommend, would not like to try again.


The Flash
Well that certainly was an episode of tv. spoilers )

And it's Wednesday so I guess it's books, and also comics, and whoo boy do we have some shit to rant about there, because it wouldn't be comics if everything weren't terrible. And I won't be cutting for spoilers on this one particular thing, either. so. I'm sure if it's relevant to your interests, you're already aware.


What I've just finished
The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh
I enjoyed this, though I'm annoyed that it's not a one-and-done book but a trilogy (or duology?). It's a retelling/remix of One Thousand and One Nights, though Sharzad's nickname being Shazi made me feel like she was Babette from Gilmore Girls' pomeranian or something. I just kept hearing it my head as Sally Struthers saying "Shotzie." *hands* My brain is a scary place sometimes.

Call Her Savage by Marjorie Liu, which reads like some intense fanfiction of a steampunk AU series I haven't read, where the Chinese settled the Pacific coast of North America and teamed up with the Native Americans, and helped the American Revolution succeed against the British and now the British and Chinese are at war. I would have read a whole novel set in this world, tbh.

Grayson #20
Oh, Dick. With the nu52 coming to an end in rebirth, this wrapped up Grayson, which I would definitely recommend if you enjoy spyjinks and Dick Grayson, and really, why wouldn't you? There's a musical issue, Midnighter pops up a lot to flirt, Helena Bertinelli kicks ass and Dick wears a tux. Does the plot make sense? I don't really know, but I also don't really care. *hands* spoilers )

Star Wars #19
spoilers )

Obi-Wan & Anakin
Since the fifth and final issue came out today, I guess I will post about it. It was fine? I didn't love it? The art was decent, though as usual, I often had trouble following fight scenes. Obi-Wan was pretty. Palpatine was creepy. Everybody made choices they thought were good but which turned out poorly in the long-term. So, you know, Star Wars. *hands* I do want the AU where spoiler ) You should totally write that for me.

What I'm reading now
Well, I have been working at The Nameless City but because of technical issues with it only loading in 2-page horizontal mode, it makes it very difficult to read and almost impossible to parse the art, which is a shame. Also, I guess using the Avatar font etc. has made me view it as kind of AtLA fanfic? Which is probably not what the author really wants. *hands*

Wheels Stop: The Tragedies and Triumphs of the Space Shuttle Program, 1986-2011 by Rick Houston, which I didn't realize began in 1986 (that'll teach me not to pay attention) so be warned, it does start with Challenger. I remember it (I was a sophomore in high school; I remember standing outside the lab waiting for double bio when the announcement for the moment of silence came over the PA), though I imagine you don't need to in order to tear up over it the way I did.

It's kind of a haphazard history? I don't know. What I wanted was a book about the transition from Apollo to Skylab to the shuttle and this is not that. This is mostly so far anecdotes from various astronauts about their various shuttle missions. Which is neat, but not what I was actually looking for.

What I'm reading next
I guess I'll put the promised rant here. I'm spoiling it because fuck Marvel, that's why.

I'm definitely not reading the new Captain America: Steve Rogers. I don't care what the 'true story' is or how they retcon this or what the fuck they think they're doing (I imagine it will be some cosmic cube fuckery), MAKING CAPTAIN AMERICA (AND HIS MOM WTAF) A NAZI IS JUST WRONG ON EVERY LEVEL AND I WON'T ACCEPT IT OR GIVE THEM MONEY FOR IT AND I SUGGEST YOU DON'T EITHER. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK WERE THEY THINKING? CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS CREATED BY JEWISH ARTISTS TO FIGHT FASCISM, MARVEL. WHY ARE YOU SHITTING ON THAT? COME THE FUCK ON. (sources: x | x | x)


Someone should fire Brevoort and Spencer and anyone else who thought it was a good idea to shit on an iconic character in this way. I get that it's comics and in a year it will have been retconned out of existence but it's just WRONG on so many levels that I don't see why I even need to explain them if this braintrust can't see it. I hope it fails spectacularly, not only financially but critically and Disney boots them all out.


Maybe I'll just reread Night Watch next instead.


awake as a rumor of war

May. 24th, 2016 01:10 pm
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Have a grab bag of thoughts and things:

» This morning I had that dream where you get up and get dressed and go to work but then you wake up and realize that you have done none of that and instead you snoozed it an extra ten minutes and are now running late. Sigh.

» Work continues to be stupidly busy. And irritating. People, why are they?

» I hope to eventually have enough brain to write again, but I've still got a few weeks to go until this event so probably not until mid-June. Sigh.

» Last night was another good sports night for me! Mets beat the Nats 7-1 (and hopefully they will come up with a solution at first base while Duda is out) and the Sharks beat the Blues. I'd never seen anyone score two empty netters before, but it was pleasing to me! Now tonight, I need the Lightning to close out the Pens. I still don't like the Lightning (or, I really don't like their coach), and I still wish Hagelin was on a different team so I could root for him (also, Kessel), and if the Sharks win out, I will be rooting for them all the way, but I would also be pleased for Stralman and Boyle and even Callahan (about whom I have mixed feelings) if they got to the finals and won.

» I enjoyed this discussion of The Raven Cycle (contains spoilers for The Raven King).

» I was thinking this morning about how every fandom has a Casablanca AU, but Star Wars already is kind of a Casablanca AU: Han is Rick (Chewie is Sam), Luke is Ilsa, Leia is Victor Laszlo, Lando is Louis (you know you want to see Billy Dee Williams be "shocked! shocked! to find that gambling is going on here!"), and the Empire is the Nazis. I don't actually ship Han/Luke, so I have no real interest in reading it as fic, but it's a nice thought experiment.

» Have a poem:

Awaking in New York
by Maya Angelou

Curtains forcing their will
against the wind,
children sleep,
exchanging dreams with
seraphim. The city
drags itself awake on
subway straps; and
I, an alarm, awake as a
rumor of war,
lie stretching into dawn,
unasked and unheeded.

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I can tell it finally feels like spring here despite - or perhaps because of - the brief showers we had this evening, because I can smell someone grilling meat somewhere in the vicinity and it smells so good. Or I'm just really hungry for a steak dinner. I guess it can be two things

While I was getting my hair done a couple weeks ago, River by Iyebi played a couple of times and it has stuck with me. I like this live version I'm linking here better than the album version. I've listened to it a lot.

And you can laugh, but I've also been listening to "Call Me Maybe" a lot lately. It's a true pop gem. Very peppy for the morning commute.

And on my commute home this evening, Out of the Woods came on and I still would like a Steve/Bucky vid to it. I am just saying, I think it would work pretty well.

And speaking of vids people should make, it recently occurred to me that I finally found the perfect character for a vid to Afghan Whigs' Debonair: Anakin Skywalker. I am just saying. I suppose it could already exist. I haven't gone looking. But if it doesn't, someone should make that.

Also, I'm still waiting for the Ahsoka vid of my heart to "Fight Song." That I have gone looking for, but nothing I've found is quite what I want. [Too much talky-face for some reason. It seems to be a popular vidding choice these days, to include a lot of dialogue, but it rarely works for me.] Sigh.

And I still haven't found a song that's made my ears perk up and say "Rey!" or "Finn!" but I probably have one somewhere in my collection.

Otoh, I bet you could do a great Rex & clones vid to "Drive" by Gaslight Anthem.

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Orphan Black: The Scandal of Altruism
spoilers )

There was a lot going on here, and I'm not sure it all makes sense, but I feel that way about all of OB, so... here's a good layout of the various players in the various levels of conspiracy. I don't think it's any more coherent than X-Files ever was, but hopefully it will end before it collapses under its own weight, and really, I'm watching for the clones and their various friends and family, not for the plot. *hands*

Speaking of clones, I was discussing The Clone Wars with two entirely different people last night, and in addition to encouraging [profile] silveronthethree to possibly write some AU fic, I still have the same two major questions I have always had, which are:

1. Who in their right minds sends a 14 year old to war? (let alone puts her in command of troops!)


2. Who thinks having a 20 year old with impulse control issues supervise her is a good idea? (I mean, okay, Obi-Wan is there a lot of the time, and he is nominally an adult, but it's not like he's not pulling reckless stunts all the time either. He's just better at talking other people around in the aftermath.)

And [ profile] girlinthetrilby was like, "well, the same sort of people who elect a 14yo as planetary ruler," which is a whole 'nother WTF!

I mean, I love the show and I love Ahsoka and her relationship with Anakin (and I do think it was a good thing for both of them despite how things turned out), but that is a super dodgy way to raise children entrusted to you, especially in a supposedly more enlightened/more advanced society. I am just saying.

Anyway! Here are some other links of interest:

= Living Dead Boy: Jason Todd vs. The Culture That Killed (And Resurrected) Him, an interesting look at the second Robin, why he existed in the first place, why he was killed off, and why he was eventually resurrected (though it doesn't really go into why no one at DC aside from Judd Winick seems to know what to do with him; apparently he's "evil" again in rebirth? Which. The whole thing sounds like a big mess, so I'm gonna wait to see what it does with my faves. At least Wally is no longer written out of existence?).

= Markus & McFeely clarify their statements about Bucky. Apparently they were asked about that interview where they said Bucky should be punished for the things he did while he was brainwashed and had been tortured for 70 years and stripped of agency, and their response was: spoilers for Civil War ) So that seems more in line with what actually happens in the movies and also how the character is portrayed than their original flip response that he shouldn't be eating fruit salads with Steve after all the people he killed as the Winter Soldier.


after he missed his location

May. 21st, 2016 06:01 pm
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I woke up with a headache this morning and it has not subsided all day, no matter what I've thrown at it, so I wonder if it's just the weather, which is one of those things I can't do anything about. Sigh.

I caught up on some TV though.

Jane the Virgin: Chapters 43 and 44
spoilers )

So that was a great finale.

The 100
spoilers through the season finale )

I still have Arrow and Orphan Black to watch. Maybe tomorrow.


And we all know each others secrets

May. 20th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Five things make a post?

= This morning at 7 am, workmen started banging and drilling in the vestibule/at the front door of the apartment building. In case you are unaware, I live in the first floor front apartment, so a lot of that was on my bedroom wall. I was already awake because I had a meeting first thing this morning and had to be in before 9, but if it had been any other day, I'd be really pissed. I mean, I'm still annoyed, because who starts construction work before 8 am? But at least it didn't wake me.

= I didn't love the shellacking the Mets took last night, but I did enjoy seeing the Sharks shut the Blues out again. I mean, I went to bed early in the 3rd, right after the Sharks took the dreaded three-goal lead, but it turned out all right for them. *g*

= Steven Universe: Same Old World
spoilers )

= New Gilmore Girls promo poster! I am excite! Please don't suck!

= I'm so glad tomorrow's Saturday, and also that I'm not going to my cousin's wedding, so I can just stay home and veg out again. It's terrible, but I need it so bad right now.


regardless of what they say

May. 19th, 2016 03:18 pm
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What the weather forecast says: Scattered showers
What the weather forecast means: It will rain only if/when you decide to go outside, especially if you don't bring an umbrella.

Now that I'm back at my desk, it's sunny out. Sigh.


I mentioned this on tumblr, but not here. Tuesday night I dreamt that Blue and Ronan opened a detective agency, and also Ronan dreamed up self-baking pie tins - you just had to put in the crust and the filling and the pie would bake to perfection without an oven.

I guess my unconscious would like a Raven Cycle/Pushing Daisies crossover?

Either way, I would read a million words of Sargent & Lynch, Private Investigators, with or without self-baking pies. You should totally write that.


Is it worth it? // Let me work it

May. 19th, 2016 01:39 pm
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Hi all! How is life? How are you? I'm okay. I haven't been doing anything special lately -- just trying to write my Jukebox story -- and also get a handle of my feelings, re: Civil War. I like it more than the comic event? That's not saying much though -- I hated the comic event, and also I hate that there's going to be a Civil War II. The heck.

Bu mostly -- BUCKY. 😭😭😭

Anyway, so someone on FFA wants to insert Edmund Pevensie into The Charioteer and I cannot disagree.
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I enjoyed both the Mets' and the Sharks' shutouts last night. Those results were most pleasing to me.


The Flash: Invincible
spoilers )


What I'm reading Wednesday:

What I've just finished
Star Wars: Bloodline by Claudia Gray, which I enjoyed immensely. It's set a few years before The Force Awakens (I'm not really sure how that timeline works, given some of the things presented in the movie) and it's Leia-centric, so I was predisposed to be generous towards it anyway. spoilers )

Alpha by Greg Rucka, which is, as advertised, "Die Hard" at faux!Disney World. It's fun, but I didn't love that the establishing scene for the 40yo main character involved him sleeping with a ~20 year old barista. Let's just say it doesn't predispose me to liking him as a person.

Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher, whom you may also know as Ursula Vernon. I enjoyed this a lot, too. It's a very sensible retelling of "Beauty and the Beast." Bryony definitely gave me a Tiffany Aching sort of vibe, which you know I love, and also, spoiler ) I just wish we'd gotten a little more denouement. I wanted to see how Lostfarthing reacted to spoiler )

What I'm reading now
The Wrath and the Dawn by Renee Ahdieh, which is inspired by (a retelling of?) A Thousand and One Nights for a YA audience. (No, seriously, I am definitely thinking about that The Iliad-as-YA-dystopia idea again now.) I picked it up on the strength of the title, which is GREAT. I mean, I wish I had come up with a title that evocative, but it's also gotten some stellar reviews. I'm enjoying it so far, though I'm already kind of dreading the idea of it being a trilogy. I guess it has to cover all 1,001 nights? I don't know. I'm only about a quarter of the way in.

What I'm reading next
I have The Nameless City by Faith Erin Hicks, and actually planned to start it this morning, but for some reason, it will only show up in the Kindle app in horizontal mode (even though I have mine forever locked in vertical mode), and that makes it really hard to read (it's a graphic novel). I wish it had been available via Comixology, because their app for reading comics is so much better than the Kindle app is. I guess I will suck it up and try again when I'm done with The Wrath and the Dawn.


In other news, I posted a story yesterday, huzzah!

A Thousand Words for Water (at AO3)
Star Wars; Rey, Finn, Poe, Luke, Leia, Jessika, Chewbacca, Artoo; g; 2,925 words
Chewie howls something that translates to, "Just throw her in and hope she floats," and Artoo trills in disapproval of that strategy. "She's a Jedi," Chewie replies. "She'll be fine."

I'm not sure it gets across everything I was thinking about re: water/love/the Force in relation to Rey, but I do like how it turned out, even if it didn't end up being as OT3-shippy as I'd hoped. I wanted there to be kissing at the end, but alas, I seem to be firmly entrenched in gen territory in this fandom, at least at the moment. *hands* I did get to put in a dick joke I've had in my back pocket for a while, reworked slightly for a more appropriate use than originally intended.

It was kind of weird walking a line between hinting but never having anyone come out and say anything in the story about whether or not Rey is a Skywalker, because I obviously want her to be! But there are reasons nobody brings it up in the story! But there are also hints that she is, or I meant there to be anyway. I think it's obvious I think that in everything I write about her, but it's interesting to have Luke play it coy for a variety of reasons that probably only make sense in my head. I dunno.

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A Thousand Words for Water
Star Wars; Rey, Finn, Poe, Luke, Leia, Jessika, Chewbacca, Artoo; g; 2,925 words
Chewie howls something that translates to, "Just throw her in and hope she floats," and Artoo trills in disapproval of that strategy. "She's a Jedi," Chewie replies. "She'll be fine."

Thanks to condiemint and assassinregrets on tumblr for answering my questions about Skellig Michael.

Or read it at AO3.

A Thousand Words for Water )


Feedback is adored.

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Last night when I washed my hair, the water ran red with dye for such a long time I was a little concerned that it was washing out altogether, but whew, the gray is still covered, so I guess that's fine. Now if only the dye smell would fade away. Sigh.


Caught up on some teevee yesterday:

Orphan Black: 4.04 and 4.05
spoilers )

I feel like I maybe had more to say but I can't recall what it was now.

I also watched The Flash: The Runaway Dinosaur
spoilers )

Again, I feel like I probably had more to say but work keeps interrupting. Arrgh. Why am I not independently wealthy? I would make a great rich person. I am just saying.


Everywoman 2016 Letter

May. 16th, 2016 02:43 am
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Placeholder for Everywoman 2016 letter.



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