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the dream of flight persists
Star Wars/Firefly; Anakin/Kaylee, ensemble; AU; pg; 16,740 words
Anakin's never found much serenity himself, despite all the meditation he's been subjected to over the years; maybe working on this ship will do it.

Title from "This Heavy Craft" by PK Page. Thanks to [ profile] silveronthetree for hashing it out with me. More of a fusion than a crossover, I guess, with the Firefly 'verse folded into the GFFA.

Or read it on AO3.

The wax has melted / but the dream of flight / persists )


Feedback is adored.

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FFT: Chapter 20 Part II--How the Sexes Were Separated

The supposedly benevolent Great Mother continues to sit back and do nothing while her favorite race, the humans, gets tortured physically, emotionally and spiritually by the evil Sky Father; LGBTQ people continue to be erased from a story where they appeared; Walker expresses the homophobic rape apologist’s belief that women control men’s dicks and the transphobic belief that genitalia equals identity; we are informed at the end orgasmic sex is the same thing as true love; and I rename this book TERF Fairy Tales.

All of the warnings. ALL OF THEM.

warning: ableism, warning: abuse (emotional), warning: abuse (physical), warning: childbirth, warning: controversial issues, warning: do not want, warning: excessive violence, warning: homophobia, warning: potential triggers, warning: sexism, warning: slavery (mentioned), warning: threats of violence, warning: transphobia, warning: victim-blaming
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Went out to dinner last night with L and her sister and M. A good time was had by all. Even D stopped by the restaurant on her way home from work but she's sick so she didn't want to stay and infect the rest of us.


The Flash: The New Rogues
spoilers )


Wednesday! Books! You know the drill!

What I've just finished
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari, which I liked - there's some interesting information in it - but it probably works best as an audiobook, because the humor doesn't work as well without his delivery, I think? I don't know, I can't listen to audiobooks for more than five minutes without falling asleep, but that's my guess.

The Raven and the Reindeer by T. Kingfisher, which is a very enjoyable retelling of The Snow Queen with spoilers )

Star Wars #24. Ugh, I hate the serial format of comics. GIVE ME THE NEXT ISSUE NOW PLEASE. I also don't love the art in this one? But ♥LEIA♥ And Sana continues to be hilarious and on point. Her interactions with Luke are great.

What I'm reading now
I'm rereading Feet of Clay because sometimes you just need comfort rereading.

What I'm reading next


wrote a thing

Oct. 25th, 2016 09:54 pm
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Iron Ladies (360 words) by havisham
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Morwen & Rían
Characters: Morwen Eledhwen, Rían of the House of Bëor
Additional Tags: Terrifying Tolkien Week, 2 maidens 1 vague allusion to death, Dysfunctional Relationships, Emotional Hurt

They should be close. They aren't.

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Oct. 23rd, 2016 07:05 pm
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[community profile] mini_wrimo -- for anyone who wants to Nano, but wants a smaller one.

i won't sit down, i won't shut up

Oct. 25th, 2016 11:33 am
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Supergirl: Welcome to Earth
spoilers )

Jane the Virgin: Chapter Forty-Six
spoilers are #anezkatized )

In other news, this story I started as a lark is now over 9000 words long and still has stuff to go, plus I keep going back and adding things in to the earlier parts. I don't know how people post works in progress. What if you realize you need to seed something in earlier or scenes have to change order or be cut entirely or new scenes have to be added? I couldn't handle that.

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FFT: Chapter 20 Part I--How the Sexes Were Separated

In which Walker turns Atheist Jack Chick as she re-tells a story by Plato, tosses in a Mother Goddess, removes the canonical male/male and female/female pairings, and blends Zeus with Yahweh so that she can rant about the awful abusiveness of the Judeo-Christian god–while simultaneously demonstrating that her fictional mother goddess, whom she believes all women should imitate, is not even remotely helpful.

I hate this one. I hate it a LOT.

Also, it is begging for spitefics.

#warning: abuse (emotional), #warning: abuse (physical), #warning: do not want, #warning: excessive violence, #warning: homophobia, #warning: nsfw art, #warning: potential triggers, #warning: rape (mentioned), #warning: sexism, #warning: threats of violence
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- Oh course, you've heard the news.

- In other news, no, I haven't started on Yuletide. If I haven't started on Yuletide by next week you have my permission to slap me.

- The most wonderful time of the year is almost here. I speak, of course, of Halloween. I'm going to solicit ghost stories this year, same as the last. It should be great fun.

- The first thing I've ever bought from Lush is this tiny tub of Lust solid perfume. The good news: it seems to work pretty well with my body chemistry, lasts quite a while. Eh news: the jasmine scent reminds me of my mom, grandma, all my aunts. Huh.

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Oct. 22nd, 2016 04:58 pm
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Fe-Gift-Exchange sign ups are on until the end of the month. Also, for anyone who is tumblr-averse, they have twitter options.
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I posted this to tumblr last night but I want it here so I can find it again if I ever want to.

I recently had this conversation with [ profile] devildoll and I have to get it off my chest, so here is my personal sorting of the Batfamily and I will fight you:

Bruce: the apotheosis of Slytherin

Alfred: Hufflepuff. I mean, he’s badass enough to be whatever he wants but he dedicates his life to service and his loyalty to Bruce and his mission, so, Hufflepuff.

Dick: Gryffindor. I mean, you could argue big brother Dick is Hufflepuff, but this is also a guy who started fighting crime in scaly panties and pixie boots at the age of 10, and before that was a renowned trapeze artist. Come on.

Babs: Ravenclaw. Duh.

Jason: pre-death: Gryffindor, post-death: Slytherin

Tim: Ravenclaw. I would entertain arguments for Slytherin, if I had a sense of what Tim’s true ambition was, except to not be Batman and yet turn into him anyway.

Steph: Gryffindor

Cass: Hufflepuff

Damian: Slytherin. Again, I could entertain arguments for Hufflepuff if you bring up his rapidly accumulating menagerie of Bat pets, but this is a kid obsessed with legacy and being better than everyone who came before him

Kate: Gryffindor.


In other news, how is this story 8000 words long and still requiring four more scenes? How did that even happen?

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Firefly is on Netflix now, so I was watching it, since I haven't in a few years, and aside from the known issues with cultural appropriation and lack of Chinese people in the main ensemble, it mostly holds up. Jayne is pretty repugnant so I don't have a real problem watching Adam Baldwin in the role, if that makes sense. Mal's treatment of Inara is still the worst, though, and that is why I can never get behind that as a functional ship. I feel like I say this about a lot of media, but ladies, a piece of advice: if a man calls you a whore, you should walk away. (I mean, even if you are actually a sex worker, there's still no reason to put up with that.)

Then [ profile] angelgazing texted me to ask what it means if someone says the Rangers are Rangering, and I was like, "oh dear, it doesn't mean anything good." So I put the game on and they were losing, but about fifteen seconds later, they scored, and then they won, so clearly my watching was the deciding factor.

So when that was over, I put on the NLCS, and wow, the Cubs! Truly these are the end times! Though I can't really take credit for that, since they were winning 4-0 at the time I turned the game on. Though perhaps I kept a historic collapse from happening. *hands* I'll be rooting for them in the Series, though either team winning would be hilariously apt for this weird, weird year.

I also watched Star Wars Rebels: The Last Battle. spoilers )

I also did some writing yesterday, but why is it so easy when I'm lying in bed thinking about what should happen next, and so hard when I'm sitting with my laptop trying to write? Bah. I do not approve.


here we are now, entertain us

Oct. 21st, 2016 10:22 am
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"We Lost Magic" by Empires came on earlier, and every time I hear that song I think, "Someone should write a story titled 'It Ain't My Heart That's in Your Hands' and it should be context-free handjobs in the backseat of a taxi" as per the lyrics! But I can never figure out who it should be about!

Which makes me think of that meme that was recently resurrected on tumblr, where you give me a potential title and I tell you about the story I would write for it. We can try, anyway. It's a rainy Friday morning and the office is like a sauna. What else have we got to do?

Well, we can also do the wip roundup. Here's what's top of mind right now:

- Thing 1 and Thing 2, which proceed in fits and starts, though I think I finally figured out how to write Thing 1 and that solution also allowed me to figure out how to write around the problem I was having with Thing 2, so they'll be done? Eventually? I hope? I am excited about the potential number of tropes stuffed into Thing 2 at this point. There's already huddling for warmth, drunkenly crawling into the other person's bed, being mistaken for a couple, and pining. SO MUCH PINING. It's good for me, is what I'm saying. Which it has to be, since I think there's like two other people who will read it when it's done.

- Celestial Navigation, aka, Rey and Finn's epic space road trip! There was a slight snag in terms of canon doing something that made things difficult down the line, but I think I figured out an alternative. Mostly I am just amusing myself and soon there will be cuddling.

- I started a Star Wars/Firefly crossover which I thought was going to be about one thing but which so far seems to be about traumatized baby Jedi River instead. which. should not have been as surprising as it was considering, but. it's been a while since I wrote Firefly and I forgot. At least Mal hasn't tried to take everything over yet? Otoh, Firefly has always been like the easiest fandom for me to write in, voice and style-wise, so that's been kind of nice. And I think I even know how to bring it back around to a slightly revised version of the original idea.

- Yuletide! I have an idea? There will have to be source review, but something is percolating in the back of my mind. I probably won't seriously start thinking about it until mid-November though.

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I put on Arrow last night and didn't recognize a majority of the characters in the Arrow cave, and then it was confirmed that i'm only cutting grudgingly for this spoiler ), so I just ended up watching the Rangers game instead. Fucking Jimmy Howard standing on his head (note: I actually generally root for the Red Wings when they aren't playing the Rangers but come on).

I guess missing the last...five or so episodes really does matter. *hands* Otoh, spoiler ) gives me hope that I'll want to catch up at some point.

In other news, I can usually tell when a story of mine has been linked or recced somewhere, because there's a sudden flurry of kudos, but I can almost never find out where it's happened. Tumblr search is useless. It will show me one current result and then things from 2014 when I put "musesfool" in the search box, even with "recent" appended to the URL, and even trying to find out when someone's atted me (i.e., @cacchieressa) is stupidly hit or miss; again, the recent results disappear after a while and I'm left with things from two or three years ago. And since I only go on tumblr in the evenings after work, I feel like I might miss the occasional time someone is actually trying to talk to me over there? It doesn't happen much (I don't know why; I don't intend to be off-putting! It's just that I literally almost never go on tumblr at work and so won't see it for hours) but it feels rude not to respond the times it does happen, and yet Tumblr thwarts me.

Anyway! Ignoring how terrible Tumblr is for so many reasons for the moment, why is my ability to find out where I've been recced so lousy? Or am I misinterpreting and it's not a rec, just a weird confluence of events? Or is it happening in private/somewhere I don't have access to and therefore not visible to search engins? Inquiring minds want to know!

(This is like the opposite of the very true and cogent advice to not google yourself too often but in these cases I often do want to know if someone is talking about me - I mean, since it appears to have resulted in kudos rather than condemnation I'm going to hope it's saying something mostly positive; I don't need to read about it if people don't like me or my stories.)

Okay work has interrupted me about a million times so I don't even know anymore what I was saying or if it makes sense so I'm just going to hit post.

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FFT: Chapter 19--Little White Riding Hood

In which wolves are fluffy and harmless, men have hair-trigger tempers and are, if developmentally disabled, violent pedophiles, and blood and gore solve everything. Also, there are many pictures of adorable animals. Other than least it’s short?
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Brooklyn Nine Nine: Halloween IV
Okay, best episode ever or BEST EPISODE EVER? ZOMG THAT WAS SO GREAT. spoilers )

The Flash: Magenta
spoilers )

And a spoiler from next week's promo: spoiler )

And since it's Wednesday, that means books:

What I've just finished
Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, which was full of sparkling prose but also full of predictable plot points. I liked the Zoe/Jane+Elizabeth storyline best. The kids were cute, if overly familiar types. The husband's storyline was unfortunately both predictable and tedious and made me downgrade the book quit a bit.

I did like the sense of place it evoked, and the observation that New York City is a palimpsest and to feel like you've really lived here you need to remember three layers back (e.g., the boutique that used to be a toy store that used to be a Mailboxes).

Star Wars: Lost Stars by Claudia Gray
Again, I liked this but it was...I don't want to say rote, because I liked the characters and it did a good job of feeling like it took place within the GFFA and giving faces to the rank and file in the Imperial military, but it was very predictable (as I was reading, I felt like I could see the outline as each event happened and how it would tie in with the OT timeline). Or perhaps I've just read a lot more YA romance than a lot of people on goodreads who read Star Wars tie-ins and seemed surprised? Or I already know that Claudia Gray is a good writer so that didn't surprise me either?

Anyway, I like how it's always Wedge who shows up when people want to connect directly to the OT without bringing in the golden trio (though there's a line about RotJ-era Leia that made me cackle with glee) or Vader as a supporting character. Aw, Wedge. And I also liked the characterization of Mon Mothma.

What I'm reading now
Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari. Interesting so far, though I just started it this morning so I'm not very far into it.

What I'm reading next
All of the things I was eagerly anticipating for release have come out and been read (though possibly I will be seeking someone in the UK to get me a copy of "The Hanging Tree" next month if it actually comes out? Idek), so I don't know.


surrounded by your embrace

Oct. 18th, 2016 11:30 am
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As concerning as global climate change is, I actually don't mind that it's supposed to be 80° today despite it being mid-October, because I want warm weather for as long as possible, but I do mind that there's no AC on in the building at work. Ugh, it's so hot in here.

Possibly that's also why I didn't sleep well last night despite being exhausted. I didn't put the AC on, but it was too warm to really stay asleep for long. I can't explain why warm-because-of-the-covers is the best and warm-in-the-room means impossible to sleep, but that's how it is.

Anyway! Teevee!

Supergirl: The Last Children of Krypton
spoilers )

spoiler for an upcoming plot point involving James Olsen )

For real though, where can I get a Supergirl icon?

And then there was the season premiere of Jane the Virgin: Chapter Forty-Five
spoilers )

And funnily enough, each time I turned back to the Rangers game during commercial someone had scored a goal. I can already tell it's going to be an agita-filled season, especially with their trouble-prone defense. Otoh, I have already come to enjoy shouting "Zibanejad!" whenever he does something cool (possibly I will also come to enjoy yelling "Buchnevich!" but it hasn't happened yet), their breakout already seems much improved from last season, and Kreider might finally be fulfilling all that potential we've seen flashes of previously. (I still miss Hagelin though.)

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FFT: Chapter 18--The Gargoyle (Part II)

In which a woman literally worships a gargoyle for saving her life (not knowing he’s her stalker and that he deliberately endangered her); the author inserts an Authorial Rant similar to those of Jack Chick; the premise of the story is invalidated twice over by actual history; and we are both hit by the author’s Sledgehammer of Subtlety.
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Rules: List the first lines of your last 20 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

If your sentence comes from something published on Tumblr, AO3,, etc., link to it! Never pass up an opportunity to shamelessly yourself share.

20. Angaráto, you are a menace, though no one seems to realize.

19. The air was hot, stifling, and the old house seemed to soak in its heat and its resentments.

18. Helga had wandered the marshes by herself for as long as she could remember.

17. Ah, Celebrimbor! Why are you sitting here alone?

16. During the last months of his painful recovery, Maedhros would sometimes stay in bed and just listen...

15. Maedhros had learned much from his long imprisonment in Angband.

14. Darcy had always known that George Wickham would cause his family grief.

13. Fingon | Findekáno's sharp silver cerulean elf eyes were sharp and he was able to tell that Maedhros | Maitimo's heart just wasn't in their usually enthusiastic coupling.

12. As the miles between him and his destination shortened, Findekáno began to be assailed by doubts.

11. Galadriel had a week of dark and disturbing dreams, ones that woke her up long before dawn and left her stomach churning.

10. “At first I thought it some Elvish trick,” Boromir muttered.

9. It was late spring and so not the time for dark imaginings.

8. Maglor had been wandering along the mouth of a river when he saw it.

7. Maedhros came back from Angband without a daemon.

6. Young Loki’s head was full of spiders, snakes and wicked, wicked lies.

5. Almost as soon as Antonio had fished the boy -- gasping, nearly dead and yet still babbling about his dead sister -- out of the sea, he knew he was heading for trouble.

4. Starting was always the most difficult part.

3. Apparently, Steve had a weakness for whip-smart brunettes who knew what they wanted.

2. Rain hit hard against the windowpane of the schoolroom, and Miss Gibbon’s voice, already tremulous and halting, trailed off entirely.

1. Tonight was the night Regulus would speak to Sirius.



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