runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Title: Time is the dealer in second chances
Pairing: Bruce/Steph
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tell me something only Robin would know. Time travel.
Notes: *shuffles feet* huh, yeah. (:DDDDD) time period: after Dick stopped being Robin, before Bruce met Jason.

She doesn’t stop wrestling even after he has her in a lock on the ground. )
runespoor: steph as robin, somersaulting joyfully, while cass uses a grapplehook to try and catch up (batgirl&robin | flying)
Title: In Dreams, Every Kiss
Ship: Cass/Steph/Tim
Rating: NC-17
Summary: PWP. Really, that’s it. Wait, I guess there’s a smidgen of identity porn? But yeah, no, idek, 1.5k of Steph/Cass/Tim porn.

Atop a rooftop, because I like my fandom classics. )
runespoor: artemis and m'gann, in civilian clothes, laughing (yj | idiot teenagers with a death wish)
Title: Talking Therapy
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Characters: Superman, Black Canary
Warnings: passing references to rape.
Rating: PG
Summary: The kids weren't the only ones in need of counsel. After Disordered, Clark and Dinah talk.
Notes: self-indulgent, likely to be Jossed, and not meant to be used as an illustration of actual talking therapies.

I wrote this to think over Clark's position, and bashing of any character in the comments will be deleted faster than you can say “you tell him, Dinah!” (contains references to the comics that can be understood without previous knowledge.) (watch how I am unable to keep Bruce out of anything.)

“Did Bruce put you up to this?” )
runespoor: 8-year old bruce kneeling in his parents' blood in Crime Alley (down on your knees)
Title: Grotesque
Characters: Gotham, Alfred, Bruce.
Rating: PG-13
Summary: How Alfred compromised with the thing inside Bruce’s soul, from Gotham’s point of view. Alternatively: This is how to co-opt a soul.

Notes: Inspired by this ficlet by [personal profile] marcelo and The Lesson. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.

Gotham has little use for monuments. )
Title: Made Perfect Sense
Characters: River Tam, Bruce Wayne
Rating: PG
Summary: Space-time anomalies as leads to team-up.
Notes: prompt wanted Batman and River to be in the same room. I went HELL YES, and wrote a crossover. *pinches self* Title from a Mal quote in 1.03, “Safe”, and applicable to all of these things.

When she moves, she reminds him of Cassandra. )
Title: Translation Difficulties
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Characters: Artemis, M’gann
Rating: PG
Summary: Artemis isn’t having the same conversation M’gann is.
Notes: for the prompt “Artemis & M'gann, never leave you”

Artemis shrugs. Her shoulders look thin and pointy; it makes M'gann hurt to look at them. )
Title: Staring Straight
Fandom: X-Men First Class
Characters: Mystique
Rating: PG
Summary: You could call it growing up.
Notes: for the prompt X-Men First Class, Mystique, always only myself. Title from Disney’s Mulan’s “Reflection”.

First she followed Charles' advice. )
Title: Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings
Fandom: Young Justice (cartoon)
Characters: Wally, Artemis, M’gann, Kaldur, Conner
Rating: PG
Summary: for the prompt “Robin and the team, they know Gotham is killing him slowly”
Notes: mwahahaha all the Gotham-eats-her-children prompts all of them.

“He didn't get any sleep last night,“ M'gann says in hushed tones, pulling on her fingers one after the other. )
runespoor: close-ups of naruto and sakura's face as sakura looks up and breathes sasuke-kun's name; the word bubble is empty. (sasuke-kun || narusaku is all about)
Title: And then we’ll make the rules
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura parading as gen
Rating: PG-13
Warning: mention of child abuse and ephebophilia
Summary: Sakura’s parents run a foster home. Guess which orphans they take in. AU.
Notes: two parts. Title from the Nields’ “This Town is Wrong”; I’ve been sitting on this song for five years, knowing it to be Ino/Sakura, and when I ransack it for a title, it’s T7 OT3. Go figure.

It started like this: )

And then, I was asked questions. )
Title: For I have sinned
Pairing: Bruce/Jason
Rating: PG-13
Warning: mention of past Batman/Robin stuff that some readers may find disturbing.
Summary: Emotionally fraught conversations only happen, like love, when Bruce falls into them, unavoidably.
Notes: for [ profile] moetushie’s prompt “DCU, Jason Todd/Bruce Wayne, we are the sons of no one”.

Red Hood's tinny laugh rings in his ear, courtesy of the earpiece Jason made sure to leave behind. )
Title: light to his darkness
Characters: Batman, Robin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: In Gotham City, even Robins raise you.
Notes: Technical Pacifist.

”This sucks, boss,” Robin grouches. )
Title: golden ladder reaching down
Character: Regulus
Rating: PG-13
Summary: happy enough for Patronus.
Notes: title from Johnny Cash’s When the Man Comes Around. I am so sorry.

All of Regulus' memories are tainted somehow. )
Title: Nothing's gonna harm you
Characters: Bruce, Gotham
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It will be a long time before the scene is noticed; in this part of town people know better than to report shots.
Warning: violence, death, mental issues.
Notes: prompt darling, the shadows I live with are numberless . Oh, and the last line is from The Lesson. And the title is from Sweeney Todd. Which should tell you everything you need to know.

For hours the child kneels in his parents' blood. )
Title: here we are together in the middle of the night
Pairing: Cass/Steph
Rating: G
Summary: Cass can't find the words to tell Steph what she feels about her.
Notes: quoting Joker Last Laugh, Batgirl v.1 #27, Batgirl v.1 #28 (huh, I thought these last two were further apart). Title from “Show Me” (My Fair Lady).

Maybe *you* stink. )
Title: When I grow up
Characters: Damian, Dick (gen like canon: I think it subtexts everyone/Dick.)
Rating: PG
Summary: What do you mean you've never gone trick or treating?
Notes: So sweet I need to go brush my teeth.

It's easy to recognise when Damian has been patrolling with Steph; he always comes home grumpier. )
Title: Morale, chum
Character: Tim, Bruce
Rating: G
Summary: You let Barbara choose our costumes.
Notes: for the Halloween comment thing prompt “Batman and Robin dressed at each other”. I produced this.

This was less awkward when we’d switched ages. )
Title: Pathetic Fallacy
Character: Gotham
Rating: G
Summary: Waiting for the storm.
Notes: for the Halloween comment thing prompt “Gotham devours all its children”. I did say it was the best prompt ever.

There’s a whisper in the streets, tonight, and a shiver of unrest among those most concerned. They look at the sky in unease, cops and crooks both. The sickly yellow of the Bat signal flares like a holy symbol on the polluted sky. At various places in the city, some people are breathing a little easier; in Arkham, two of the psychological personnel turn in their resignation letters, and shrieking laughter pursues them out the door.

Nothing’s changed since yesterday, but everything is different. Tonight a Robin will fly through the city for the first time in too long, and everyone can feel it. A couple ushers their child into a darkened street, the street lamp busted while they were at the theatre, hurrying before the rain tears down the clouds, but they can’t silence the child’s laughter, immodest and carefree.

Gotham smiles a bloody smile. She was looking for a proper gift.



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