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if one were to cosplay a villain, what character would you recommend?

Criteria include:
- easy/cheap realization of costume (I don't have a sewing machine),
- needs to look kinda like me (short, curvy, white-skinned woman with longish wavish dark hair),
- female,
- recognizable costume,
- comfortable costume (no fanservicey outfit showing a lot of skin or bare midriffs; I'm not comfortable in pants),
- cool character I love from a canon I know,
- anti-villain?
- not defined through being in love with her boss or the narrative making correlations between her being a villain and her sexuality (ie no Poison Ivy)

My final choice should fit as many of these criteria as possible, but the only real deal-breaker is how easy+cheap to put together it would be, given it's for the 23th. Also wings are a no-no, so while I'd be okay with cheating on some hair length/color, I'll have to pass on pink-haired villains.

My ideas so far, and why I'm not convinced by any:
- Vriska (normal: ...it's not very fun+jeans+robo-arm; god-tier: fucking wings on top of horns)
- Mindfang (coat. so. much. sewing.)
- Azula (wears pants and I would like ridiculous. also I'm not enamored with her the way I am with Vriska)
- Marianne from Code Geass (not iconic, fucking orange dress)
- Oktavia von Seckendorff from PMMM (not iconic, also wtf costume, also we all know that's not the version of the character I really really love)
- Anthy from Utena (I'm white-skinned. Also, chubby, ie not fitting the Utena stylization.)
- Kendappa from RG Veda (dat hair. her outfit is very white. also her musical instrument.)
- Maleficent (so many kilometers of hemlines. Also, the neckline wouldn't fit me at all; I prefer more cleavage)

On the "fuck this gender criteria I'll go with portraying a male bad guy even though that means I'm failing at representing cool female characters and also pants and also I'll look nothing like how I imagine the character hahahahahasob"
- Jason Todd (is not even someone I'd be okay with labelling a villain)
- Lelouch from Code Geass (yeah at that stage I had pretty much given up on anything resembling any of the criteria above beyond "well I like them")

So. Ideas?
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