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Dear Ino,

I love you and whoreship worship you quite a lot. Now if you please could get off your ass and tell me how you want to be written. You've got no freakin' reason to complain, you're one of the main characters in FOUR of my WIPs, there's bound to be at least ONE you wouldn't be against letting me write. Just bloody well pick one already.

Dear Kiba and Iruka,

You shouldn't be in that fic. I have no idea how you got there and I know your scenes are the reason I haven't been able to write past those in the past two months. Now be good boys and give me the courage to CUT YOU OFF.

Dear InoIta and platonic-InoSaku,

I am aware you have the same ambiance. It's not on. Are you trying to tell me this is the reason I am stuck?

Dear Hinata and Neji,

Please stop being so OOC and come back.

Dear Naruto and Sakura,

Pretend just for one minute you're not together because you both want to jump Sasuke's bones more than is healthy. The ship of the 1sentence is YOU TWO TOGETHER. I am already cheating enough as it without having more than half the sentences being 'NaruSaku is ALL ABOUT SASUKE', thx.

Dear Axel and Roxas,

Welcome to my brains. So you have sneaked in and decided to wreak havoc and take over my conscious mind. I am not incredibly surprised, and, indeed, have more or less offered you the invitation. However, you'll only be welcome so long as you come with your own words attached. I cannot write you otherwise.

Dear fics,

Please one of you gets written.

PS: tell the AUs to stop growing or get written.

Dear me,

Stop sucking.

Very little love and a headache,
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